There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I am always pleased when I see characters growing and changing. I think people who stay in the exact same place as they were before aren’t very compelling. I am not a huge fan of constant backsliding either, which is something they do with Harvey and Louis constantly, so I keep being concerned that’s where this is headed eventually for those two characters. But at least they are attempting to push those two into better places, before inevitably rocking the boat. At least it feels like they’re going somewhere. Previously on Suits, Harvey’s been having panic attacks and he went to a Dr. Agard to help him. She told him that her worst choice was letting a patient’s son out of rehab for his mother’s funeral, and he OD’ed afterward. She tried to get him to talk about his mother and Harvey was Harvey, so he stormed out. Rachel and Mike are getting married, and Louis is trying his best to be honest and open now, instead of falling on his scheming ways. Having the support of others, especially Donna, has helped that.

This episode gave all the other characters a little more to do instead of just focusing on Harvey, which was nice. I like Harvey okay, but I do get tired when it feels like he’s the primary protagonist and the others get the shaft. He agrees to defend Sam (JR Bourne, my love), who we saw in season 1 and he was accusing an innocent woman of a crime she didn’t commit. Now it’s him in the hot seat, and Harvey agrees to. He’s angered when it turns out that Dr. Agard was Sam’s therapist, and she’s being forced to testify about him. I wasn’t entirely certain this was legal, although I think it is if a crime has been committed, but still. She tells the truth, that he said he felt guilty for a deal going badly, but that’s hardly a crime. Harvey uses the story she told him about her OD patient to make them distrust her, which was one of the uglier things he’s done in recent memory. Afterward he admits that it made him sick and he’s sorry, but he’d do it again to protect an innocent man, and he wants her to help imply that other traders have been blamed the way he has. We don’t see what happens on the case, but it’s implied Harvey won and it’s fine. The important part is he comes to her, apologizes, and says he’s ready to talk about his mother. I do like that she flat out calls him on his BS and she is not impressed with his posturing. I am still concerned she’s going to end up his love interest; I really hope that she isn’t. I like their relationship as it is. I’m not sure if I was her I’d agree to keep him as a patient, considering his complete lack of boundaries, but it has to be that way for TV.

suits_612x380In the B plot, Mike and Louis pair up to help the CEO McKernan Motors, who Mike helped last season, and Louis promises to keep his petty part at bay. Of course he ruins that pretty quickly by getting angry that the CEO contacted Mike instead of him, and then he offends the client. Oops. He immediately feels bad for it and even agrees to go to Jack and beg him for help. If Jack can help him get one of his other clients, it’ll help the firm. Jack agrees but only if he gets all the rewards. It looks like it’s going well, with Louis seeming like he’ll offend their clients with his cultural appropriation, but they end up liking it. Unfortunately, Jack’s a schemer and he uses this to land a competitor of McKernan Motors instead. It puts Jessica in the position where she has to make him drop his client, despite how much more lucrative a client they’d be than McKernan Motors. Mike assures her Louis was on his best behavior, so she decides to protect their current client. Jack is very petty about it and tries to imply he’ll use that against her for the other partners, and Jessica isn’t having it. They mention Hardman which means he’s coming back. Ewwwww.

In the C plot, Donna agrees to get Rachel and Mike the Plaza for their wedding, a dream of Rachel’s for her birthday. She interacts with Gretchen for the first time since Harvey hired her and while they’re testy at first, they end up getting along just fine. She blackmails the man who is getting married on that day with his affair, so he backs out of the Plaza and they have their wedding date. Aw? I don’t know if Aw, honestly. There’s been zero Mike and Rachel drama, outside of that tiff about her father, so I’m sure it’s coming. I like them right now though, it’s adorable. As usual I wish Jessica had more to do than just appear once and awhile to fix everything for them, or to facepalm when they’re doing things wrong. She’s such a fantastic character and I love whenever she gets scenes, but they’re not as frequent as everyone else. I’d like to see her interact with Harvey about his panic attacks at some point; I feel like their relationship is very strong when the show writes them together. And she would be a good help to him. Either way, I am pleased to see Harvey and Louis backslide a little but then firmly stay on their path to change. Here’s hoping it doesn’t unravel completely. I am looking forward to seeing Harvey directly deal with his mother. I wonder if we’ll see her in flashbacks? I’ve always been curious!



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