There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Back to Powers! I will catch up on this eventually, I swear. I thought about just doing a full season review, but there’s just too much that happened week to week. And I’m a completionist. I have at this point finished season one so I’m going to try to write this based on what I thought each episode and not what I’m thinking from hindsight. I really loved this show, and it got renewed for a second season, huzzah! Previously on Powers, we were introduced to main character Christian Walker who used to be a superpowered person. This is a world where super powered people are part of the culture and often become celebrities. Christian lost his powers in an epic battle against a villain named Wolf, who was his former mentor. He now works for the police in their Powers division. His partner is Deena Pilgrim who is awesome and really takes none of his nonsense. We also met young Power-wannabe Calista and Christian’s skeezy old friend Johnny Walker who has the ability to teleport. There’s a lot of history between them. Calista’s hanging out with Johnny now; the police (and Walker) are after her because she was with a Power when he died. There’s a drug named Sway that’s mysteriously causing trouble for people.

At the prison for Powers, where Wolf is under lock and key, two people (TripHammer and Captain Cross) are attempting to learn how to “cure” someone of their powers. Or really just take it away. That would certainly make it easier to deal with super villains, especially someone like Wolf who is out of control with his power. So far it only gets the powers killed. TripHammer is a hero who only used technology to fight, and it’s clear he probably has some background resentment of people with actual powers. He wants to quit trying to cure them however, but Captain Cross is adamant they keep trying. I wonder if taking away powers could also lead to giving people powers. Food for thought. If it’s one way, the technology could be there to send it the other way too. It’s unclear how it even works. Same with Sway, which Christian and Deena are following up on, after it causes the death of a low powered boy. People take the drug and temporarily seem to have advanced versions of their powers, but it’s clearly out of control. At the club, Johnny is giving away Sway, although at this point we’re not ultimately certain what his end goal is. But it’s how people are getting their hands on it; it’s not being sold as a drug, it’s being given.

sxhca5uv19lxCalista is basically being controlled every which way at this point. She goes back to Retro Girl to apologize for fleeing, and they talk more. Retro Girl is still her hero. She agrees to go to Johnny’s club, and Christian breaks in too. She’s forced to look between all three adults who want her cooperation, and chooses to go with Johnny instead. Probably not the smartest move, but he has ultimately been the kindest person to her. And the one most likely to help her get Powers. Up until now it was sort of iffy what Wolf’s powers are. It’s consuming bio-kinetic energy, apparently, and he gets more powerful from it. Until the end of the episode when we see him quite literally eating people, it felt like it might be he could absorb energy. The visual of him tearing people apart is much more terrifying, so kudos to them for that. If he ate a hundred people before they stopped him … wow what a blood bath that must have been. But how did this happen? How did he go from being mentor and thoughtful figure to insane serial killer? I’m curious for answers on this. But it seems that Wolf has escaped and he was eating his captors. Johnny shows up and Wolf’s creepily like ‘let’s go home.’

I really love this show. The world they’re in feels real and yet completely unusual at the same time. They did a great job of setting the stage here, so that you believe you’re in a world where super powered people are everywhere. And that there’s a rising tension between those with powers and those without. This feels more like a realistic version of a comic book world: the superheroes become celebrities, but they have to deal with celebrity in an obvious way. Cameras, saying the right thing, doing the right thing, they need marketing and management. With Sway in the mix, enhancing abilities, it’s a recipe for disaster. Christian wants his powers badly; maybe sway is the answer. How did Wolf take his powers anyway? He ate everyone else, but Christian didn’t get eaten, just somehow power sucked. Hmmm. In any case, the show continues to be fascinating and have great characters. Calista is on the whole the least interesting of the group, but I think the actress plays her with enough vulnerability that you at least don’t want her to fall off a building. I want to know more about the past honestly. There’s so much in the past worth seeing. So on with the show.



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