There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I’m late, I know. Luckily this is only really for my own fun so it doesn’t really matter. Anyway, I was curious how this show was going to go after it jumped a few years, and the answer is brilliantly! I am very pleased with the first episode following the Red Dragon storyline. It got them back to the best parts of the first two seasons of the show, when there was intrigue and crime solving. They mixed their artistry with real acting and storylines. Please keep this up, show. If you have to end, end in a good place. Previously on Hannibal, Hannibal turned himself over mostly as a cruel jab at Will, who wanted to stop knowing he existed. A lot of previously on this show isn’t fully necessary, but Alana did help her girlfriend Margot kill her brother Mason, which Hannibal encouraged them to do. And Chilton was just excitedly hoping to get Hannibal under his thumb, which he did finally now.

So it’s been three years, and in that time, Will’s retired and gotten married to a nice woman named Molly. We don’t know much about her so far, but she has a son named Walter, and Will seems genuinely content in his peaceful life. Of course that means it needs to be destroyed. Chilton’s written a book about Hannibal that was a great success, and he and Alana lied in the case so Hannibal would be declared insane. See it made a lot more sense that they would prosecute him and give him the death penalty, so they would need a lot of people claiming he’s flat out crazy for the insanity plea to work. Alana visits Hannibal in prison, where he’s imagining himself sipping wine and being his elegant self as usual, but he’s really not. Chilton’s planning on writing a new book and taunts Hannibal with it, hoping that if he brings up the new serial killer the Tooth Fairy, Hannibal might give him some insight. Hannibal doesn’t bite for this one. Meanwhile Jack goes up to see Will and asks him to help them with the case. Will tells Molly he’s concerned that if he goes, he won’t come back the same. He knows how dark these places take him. Molly encourages him to because the Tooth Fairy will keep murdering families, like the one they made together. So he goes.

60591143The Tooth Fairy by the way is the nickname of Francis Dolarhyde, played here marvelously by Richard Armitage. Francis is obsessed with The Great Red Dragon painting, and he’s tattooed it on his back as showed above. He believes through his killings he will become the actual dragon. They’ll get into that more in time. His MO is he breaks into a family’s home right around the full moon. He massacres them and puts glass in their eyes. There’s been two already, and probably another to come. Will does “this is my design” and I squealed when he said it. Oh welcome back, show I really love. While Hannibal is not insane (at least by the standard the insanity plea asks for), this guy most certainly is. We’ll see plenty more about him in the next few weeks, and I don’t want to get into it in too much detail. But this is a very interesting storyline. Will mentions to Jack that he knows he’ll have to go to Hannibal for help, so they might as well just do it now rather than later. The show ends with him approaching Hannibal in his cell for the first time.

I was uncertain how I was going to feel about the jump in time, but it works perfectly. I feel like it probably should have taken more than three years for Will to get his mind together and get married. I hope we get to know Molly better too, because for now she doesn’t quite sync up with the rest of the show. There’s a lot of potential there. I was pleased as punch to see Alana. I am alarmed that Hannibal and her keep bringing up that he promised her death, and he keeps his promises. Because I worry about her safety, and the safety of at least one other woman on the show, who I don’t want to mention yet as it’s a spoiler. Anyway. Please don’t kill off all your ladies, Hannibal. I love how Alana’s keeping pace with Hannibal now in his dark world and she has a lot of power to her that she’s grown into. What’s going on with Margot? Are we going to see her again? I’m excited that we got back to the basics here, because while it could be seen as taking steps backward, it’s not. The characters have all changed from their experiences, but it’s getting to the formula that worked so well in the beginning. Just now with the added twist of all the ugliness that happened since. This was my favorite episode of the season so far, although not much will compare to Jack beating Hannibal up.



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