There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

As someone who knew the book of Hannibal well, I was interested to see how the show was going to make it different. Obviously some of the players in this show are not in the book, so there’s already tons of small changes, and overall I appreciate it more this way. It suits the show. This is the halfway point in the show so the major story arc is now complete, to a point. They’re about to start Red Dragon, which I’m curious about, since how in the world would Will Graham go immediately back to crime solving after this? How are Crawford and Alana going to do the same? Are they? It’ll be interesting. If nothing else Hannibal Lecter proved yet again what a complete bastard he is, but that mental manipulation will always be his favorite game to play. Previously on Hannibal, Hannibal was about to crack Will’s skull open when he and Will were kidnapped by Mason Verger’s people. Verger plans on eating him in retaliation for what happened to his face. Alana’s been working with Verger and she is now with Margot, who may get promised the baby she wanted in the first place. Everyone’s converged on one spot now that Hannibal’s been done with his merry murdering through Europe. I miss Bedelia, I bet she’s being fantastic somewhere.

Hannibal and Will are trussed up and told their fates. Hannibal will be eaten slowly, which honestly I’m sure he kind of respects considering he’s done it before himself. At least the fellow chef working for Mason has an appreciation for cooking human meat! Verger is going to transplant Will’s face onto his own. The two of them are helpless for this episode, so it’s up to other people in it to get them out of it and to cause other things to happen. First off, they think Crawford’s dead, but he’s rescued by Chiyoh. She’s off to the US after the others in order to confront Hannibal. Meanwhile Verger keeps telling his sister he can give her the baby, and that she didn’t destroy her uterus, he saved it and he can help her have a baby. We all know that is going to go horribly for her, and I think she knows it too. Her brother is a sadist and he enjoys hurting her, he’ll never give her anything. Hannibal says that exact same thing to her when she confronts him, and he plays the therapist even while tied up and helpless. He encourages her to kill Mason herself so she can regain her power and that he’d never give her anything. And she knows it.

The real MVP of this episode (and in my heart) is Alana Bloom. We’ve seen her go a darker path this season, but even in her darkest place, she is still a better person than anyone else on this show. She’s confronted with Hannibal, the man who manipulated her, broke her heart, left her for dead, nearly killed all her friends, and she’s certainly traumatized by it all soon. But she seems perfectly calm when she leans in and tells him to save Will. Her conversation with Will is heartbreaking before that, and it’s important to remember that the two of them were the first to have a bond in the show. Alana and Will were bonded from early on, partly because of his attraction to her, but also she always cared deeply for him. She wants Hannibal destroyed, but she wants Will saved more, so she lets the demon free and her revenge go. She asks if she could ever understood him, and he says no. It’s nice to have that moment for them, and well acted. He does save Will obviously, and Mason’s friend’s face is on him before he is then murdered by Margot and Alana. They see his last torment of his sister; putting her baby into a pig. That’s just awful. They hold him down as his eel goes through his throat. It’s justice, and they have his sperm so that’s all they need. A Verger baby. Where are Margot and Alana going from here? Will they still have a place on the show? I don’t think so. I know they cast Will’s wife and the Tooth Fairy’s love interest Reba, so maybe they’ll be the only women in the show. I hope not? It’d be a shame if the only women are love interests at that point. Maybe I’m just grumpy and want to keep my Alana and Bedelia!

In the end Will tells Hannibal that he doesn’t want to know where Hannibal is anymore, and he doesn’t want to know where he can find him. He wants to forget him and move on. So of course Hannibal does the worst possible thing: he hands himself over. Why? So Will can always know where he is and always know where to find him. Whaaaaat a dick. In the books he was caught by Will, and here he’s voluntarily turning himself in. That’s interesting. He did seem to despair while he was free, getting bored and making mistakes, and he kept wanting them to come to him. Maybe this is all his design. He definitely needed to be nearby for when Red Dragon starts. They’ve confirmed that many years will flash forward and that Will has a wife. He’ll be more settled and happily removed from the situation. And then they’ll drag him back. I am extremely excited for Richard Armitage’s Francis Dolarhyde, the Tooth Fairy serial killer who is the center of Red Dragon. If this is Hannibal’s last season, they’ll go out of it with a bang, and it makes sense that this is the arc they would end it on if they had to.


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