There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

You had me at Amy Acker. If I didn’t love this show already, I was delighted to see that they cast one of my favorite actresses as Louis’ younger sister Esther. I wonder if she and Gina Torres had a moment to reminisce, since they were in Angel together. They shared no scenes in this, but surely they had a ‘hey Joss Whedon fandom sister, how you doing?’ greeting. She was a delightful breath of fresh air to this episode, and it was in the sense that she brought a certain type of balance with her. Through her story they were able to shake Harvey out of his self-absorbed rage spiral, and he saw clearly for the first time since the season opener. He made bridges to Louis and Donna, and it was heartfelt. I love when this show is heartfelt. Anyway, previously on Suits,  Donna left to become Louis’ assistant because … I’m still not ultimately certain. I think it’s because she wanted to have her own life and not just be Harvey’s sidekick forever. Harvey hasn’t been handling it well, and he and Louis are warring because Louis stupidly gave out his personal financial info to the firm. Goooood job. Mike started working on a case with Robert Zane and wants to impress him, as he is his future father-in-law, but he’s having trouble getting the respect he wants.

I’m going to start with Mike’s case since it’s slightly easier. He’s a brilliant young man and he cares a great deal, but sometimes he can get on his high horse. He is irritated because he doesn’t think Zane got the best deal for their clients, and Zane went behind his back (over his head) to get Jessica to sign off on it. Mike’s angry and flailing about at everyone, including the return of beloved Katrina, and he accuses Zane of insider trading of some kind when he saw that one of Zane’s other clients is involved with the same insurance company. While he’s ranting about Zane possibly being a liar and a cheat, which is silly, Rachel rightly puts him in his place and reminds him who he is talking about. He thinks it over and realizes her father wouldn’t do that. I’m glad he didn’t too, I kept being afraid they were going to reveal he did. But Jessica used that to levy a real deal, getting all of their clients more money. I love Jessica. I love whenever they give her some things to do, especially these days when she’s the supportive but firm maternal figure. I do want her to get her own storylines, but it is lovely to see her step in when she needs to and get things done. More Jessica! I keep forgetting that Zane is still married to Rachel’s mother, or maybe I intentionally forget that because I’m thinking Jessica and him would be an OTP. Eh, it probably wouldn’t work, they’re too much alike!


Esther is a delight, as Rachel puts it, and she asks Louis for Harvey’s help. She knows that Louis takes everything too personally, and she’s divorcing her husband. Harvey had no idea that he was flirting with Louis’ sister at the beginning of the hour, but their connection was sweet and genuine. Harvey and Rachel at first were trying to fight her husband, who wanted more of her company than they originally agreed. He cheated on her however, which of course sets Harvey off, who we all know has issues with infidelity in marriages. In the end he manages to remind her that there’s more at stake than money, her kids for example, and she should consider settling at 25% and just move on with her life. This does actually get her some clarity and closure, and she does that. She also sleeps with Harvey, and who wouldn’t at that point? The girl deserves a little something something. Louis blows up at Harvey at first, claiming he was only trying to use her to get at Louis, but he reveals later that it reminded him of high school. Popular people would suck up to him for his sister, and then they’d abandon him, and he thought his temporary peace with Harvey was over once she was gone. But it isn’t. Harvey asks him sincerely to fix the problem he made with the finances, and Louis doesn’t blow up and destroy everything, being sincere in return. Aw.

But the relationship with Donna obviously is where the heart really lies.

“I spent 12 years putting you first and the day I finally decided to do something for myself, you didn’t just stop treating like family. You started treating me like a stranger. And for your information, that’s a thousand times worse than you treating me like your enemy.”

Ouuuuuch. It’s here that Harvey stops seeing everything from his hurt perspective and spins it around. Maybe it’s not a perfect parallel, Esther’s cheating husband and Donna, but he does recognize that she made sacrifices and he didn’t appreciate them. And that he’s been punishing her for choosing herself for once. He thanks her for the last twelve years, and they have a sweet moment that ends the episode. Obviously it’s too early for everyone to get things fixed, but I’m glad that they did decide to have Harvey and Louis grow. I said I hate when they keep reverting, and this showed growth and maturity. Of course it won’t last long, probably, but for now, it’s nice. I liked Mike’s story too. I would love it if Jessica, Rachel, and Donna had storylines that didn’t entirely revolve around the men in their life though. They really do all feel like sidekicks or supporting cast members, whereas the men arguably get more meat and focus. I think they have three strong women here and I’m not sure how they would get control over their own plots, but I’d love to see it. All in all though this was the best episode of the season so far, and I may be biased because AMY ACKER.


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