Hannibal - Season 3

There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Now that we had the stupendous scene of Jack beating the crap out of Hannibal, the show seems to have taken off. This was a much more interesting episode than any of the ones before, although it did make me go ‘you’re an idiot’ a few times at the screen. Plus yet another of their extremely bizarre sex scenes. I get that Bryan Fuller purposely didn’t want sexual violence (although gendered violence he does, although he refuses to admit that, so whatever), and that seems to mean sex in general is not seen much on the show. And when it is, it’s odd and artistic, just like the rest. Anyway this show is deliberately doing the story of Hannibal, the book and the film, probably because they can’t get the rights to Clarice so screw it, do it now. They might have known their days were numbered too, so they’d rather go out on this story. Good idea! Previously on Hannibal, everyone’s catching up with him, and he didn’t bother to run. Jack beat him to a pulp and it was magnificent and I watched it again. Alana’s working with Mason Verger, or so it seems, because she wants revenge on Hannibal. Will was hanging out with Chiyoh, one of Hannibal’s pupils/manipulation objects, and she pushed him out of a moving train. And yet somehow he made it to the city after being battered on a train track. Ooookay.

I say that because he shows up in Florence right after Jack’s beat down. He and Jack hang out and he wants to know why Jack didn’t finish him off. Because the show needs him to stay alive, dude. Jack says maybe he wants Will to do it. Bedelia helps Hannibal heal from his attack, but obviously this show has no interest in being realistic, because he recovered from it remarkably quickly. She admits she already has a plan for protecting herself, and he leaves her alive. Hannibal probably let her go because he rather admires her, and who wouldn’t? Bedelia’s the best. Plus I think she has some impressive manipulation tactics of her own. When Will and Jack get there, she pretends to be heavily drugged and brainwashed by Hannibal. He’s been known to do that before, so it isn’t far off the mark, and it gives her an alibi she can use in a court. The two of them know she’s lying. Jack says he’s impressed. I’m with Jack. Will is more curious why she’s still alive. Because she’s awesome, Will. But she gives a few hints about where Hannibal is. The police come into the situation, although they’re clearly bought by Verger, and that’s why no one’s actually arrested Hannibal yet. They interrogate Bedelia and she handles that with her aura of perfection too. Seriously give me a show of her. I will watch Gillian Anderson do anything, and I really hope she survives this show. She also has a face off with Chiyoh when she considers if Chiyoh is Hannibal’s true mistake. Hmmm.

Will-Hannibal-Muskrat-Farms-3x06-Dolce.bmpHannibal and Will finally meet up, because the show is pretentious and it’s set in an art exhibit. They have their usual brand of conversation where they’re practically having sex with their words, and it doesn’t really all make sense nor does it need to. They’re playing a game, and agree to leave together, mostly because they know one of them is going to die so it’s still up in the air who. When Will uses a knife to try and kill him in public, Chiyoh shoots him from afar. We were led to think she might shoot Hannibal, but alas, no. Hannibal then has captured Will, drugs him, dresses his wound, and feeds him because he likely plans on eating him eventually. As he said he would. Jack shows up and has none of his previous awesomeness, because he easily gets captured by Hannibal. Sigh. Way to get stupid again when you were being so great before. Hannibal makes him watch as he starts to cut Will’s skull open. He’s always wanted to get into Will’s mind.

But everything changes when apparently Verger’s people close in on them, and Will and Hannibal are hanging upside down, strung up like meat. How Will is even partly alive at this point, from being shot and his head cut open, I have no idea. No idea where Jack is either. Meanwhile Alana and Margot have become lovers, and they have a plan of sorts to take care of Verger once Hannibal is found. I think the indication is Alana will hand Verger over to the authorities after Hannibal is dead. Or she wants to be a part of the death herself. Margot and Mason finally talk about what he did to her – you know, the horrific choice of taking away her ability to have babies that Bryan Fuller doesn’t believe is sexual violence –  and says they can still have a baby. Or rather they can use his sperm to do it. So Alana might help Margot grab the sperm from him and then they can … live happily ever after? Hard to say. I did enjoy Alana, Margot, Chiyoh, and Bedelia all having good plots this episode. Honestly I’d love to see them get even more screen time, considering I get weary of the whiny male leads at times, but this was heavy with the four of them and that was delightful.

I have no idea if this will follow the pattern of what happened in the book Hannibal, and how they’re going to get out of the mess Verger has them in. The show is canceled and it doesn’t look likely to get renewed anywhere, so they might want to figure out a fair ending. Although with this show I wouldn’t be surprised if they made it ambiguous and kept everyone wondering forever. I do like the show, but I can see how this season in particular is harder for audiences to swallow and for NBC to keep going with. It’s gone just a little too far into pure artistry, to the point where scenes like the sex scene with Margot and Alana had me going “that’s pretty. Boring, but pretty.” If this is the last season, I’m okay with it, but they did have a solid five year plan so I’m curious to know what the full arc they planned was. We may never know.



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