There are spoilers in this review. Duh!

I joked on twitter that this is basically a season of “Harvey being a dick is coming back to haunt him.” It’s not that we haven’t seen Harvey struggle because his attitude has angered someone, no that happens basically every season. It’s more that he is clearly running off the rails all on his own. It’s not Harvey trying to creatively get around his mistakes or rising the ante. He’s barely managing to get the bare minimum of sanity done right now, and I find that remarkably appealing as a storyline. We see here that his panic attacks aren’t close to ending, and that it’s not just Donna leaving that’s thrown him in a spiral. Harvey’s always prided himself at keeping people at a distance, for being a lone wolf. But everyone’s slowly snuck up on him as mattering, so now¬†he’s realizing that caring for them also means losing them. And he really, really, really needs to not take people for granted. Arrogant tosser. Anyway, previously on Suits, Donna quit working for Harvey and started working for Louis. Harvey started having panic attacks shortly thereafter, and he hired a new secretary who I am just going to call Laverne from Scrubs. Mike and Rachel are engaged, and Rachel chose not to sign a pre-nup even though her father wanted her to. Mike and her father Robert are now working on a case for the poor and downtrodden, and Jessica didn’t want to do it because of potential money loss. Also senior partner Jack is coming after Harvey and Louis helped him give out Harvey’s private finances information. Yikes.

First of all, I am so happy that Jessica and Rachel are getting storylines together. Last week it was about the pre-nup, this week it was them bonding over a speech Jessica wanted Rachel to edit. Their respect for each other is a wonderful thing, and Rachel blossoming as a power house in her own right is a great character arc. I am always glad to see strong ladies supporting one another. It gives Jessica at least a little bit of her own storyline, and I dig that. Otherwise she’s doing her normal role in this show of telling Harvey to make peace, covering for him when he destroys things instead, and telling Mike not to do something and then covering for him too when he does it anyway. Like seriously, poor Jessica. Those two always do whatever they want. One of these days she really has to stop covering for Harvey. Like I said above, he has to learn not to take people for granted, and I think he takes Jessica in particular for granted. She’s always had his back, which is good in a way, but it also means he’s a weak spot for her in many ways. And he rarely if ever shows real gratitude for it. I hope this storyline leads Harvey to be somewhat humbled, in the sense that he realizes being more human with the people who love him is a good thing.

76a2a2be55f42f2e672635aefbb2But let’s get to Harvey, since he’s been the center point the past few episodes. I hope this entire season isn’t only about him and all the storylines in relation to him, because everyone else has taken a real back seat. But Harvey tries to play nice with Jack only to get insulted and do his normal Harvey thing which is burn everything down in a temper tantrum. He steals Jack’s clients by using Charles Barkley. Jack puts Louis in the position of having to keep betraying Harvey because now he has proof Louis purposely let Harvey’s info out there. Louis is an idiot who also reacts emotionally to everything, so he now wants to just stay out of things, but he can’t. Donna gets very, very angry when she finds out that Harvey said he’d just take her away from Louis, like she’s a toy or an object that he can take. I am so glad that she ripped into him about this, because that line was gross last time. Harvey has a session with his therapist again – showing up at her house inappropriately – and she roleplays with him. He fights with “Donna” and it is pointedly said that Harvey doesn’t treat people extremely well. He’s loyal and he’s rough, and there’s affection in that, but he also requires complete loyalty on the other side and doesn’t allow for nuanced relationships. It’s great to see him called on that. I love character development.

This all comes about because Harvey has another panic attack, and this time Mike witnesses it. He’s understandably very concerned for his best friend. Harvey’s panic attack comes partly because he’s nervous Mike will leave and work for Robert Zane, which is paranoid, but in his state of mind everything makes sense. Robert and Mike spend the episode sort of power struggling; Jessica tells Robert to treat Mike like a partner. But Robert has no time for cute little lawyer puppy Mike. Mike hates the lack of respect there, but they do end up bonding. Mike talks to a client about where he came from as an orphan and why he became a lawyer, and then uses his brilliant eidetic memory to call up all the cases against their opponent from pure memory. Robert is impressed by his future son-in-law, both as a lawyer and because he genuinely seems to care. This has to go wrong somehow eventually, so I’m guessing he finds out about Mike being a fake. Anyone getting that sense?

It was a good solid episode. Loved the Jessica and Rachel stuff. Loved Harvey getting called out on his BS. I’m interested in where this is headed, and how they are going to resolve the Donna situation and this new guy Jack. I’m not even sure if I disagree with him; if I was a partner in that law firm and Harvey made a bajillion dollars in comparison to me, I’d probably be irritated too. Then again, if they are in the firm and know that the bigger closers get paid more, they can suck it up. It’s a little unfortunate that so much in-fighting happens in this law firm though. They need to get it together. Next week: Louis’ sister shows up. And it’s Amy Acker!



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