SUITS -- "Compensation" Episode 502 -- Pictured: Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/USA Network)

There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Why doesn’t Jessica get more major storylines? I ask this because the moments she is on screen in this episode, she is so fantastic. While she is consistently wonderful every season, I feel like she’s always relegated to that character who is beyond the others. Which makes sense considering she’s the boss, but I’d love to see her actively be a lawyer, or to have the nuanced portrayal the others get. In any case, this episode continues the Donna drama, and it shows that Louis always goes two steps forward, ten steps back. Harvey at least has come around a little on him, but it’s frustrating, caring about someone who you can’t trust to grow and change. Previously on Suits, Donna quit as Harvey’s assistant and she’s now working for Louis. I’m still iffy on why, if she’s doing it because she wants more from Harvey, or maybe she was feeling like the power shift was not in her favor. I can’t tell what her end goal is here. Mike and Rachel are engaged, and he asked her father for permission first, which I feel is a really outdated tradition, but it’s important since they like to keep him around as a character.

So Harvey’s still struggling with Donna being gone, but he’s hired a new secretary. An older black woman named Gretchen played by Aloma Wright, who got famous for being Laverne on Scrubs. I was excited to see her. She’s proving to be a great assistant, so huzzah to that. The new senior partner they introduced as the bad guy this season, I assume he’s going to be since he’s only now showing up, tries to get Louis to turn on Harvey. His name is Jack and he wants to change the way the staff is compensated, leaning toward billable hours making more, which would benefit Louis. He has great billable hours. It would also take money away from Harvey, who we all know is paid better because he’s a closer, not necessarily because he works as hard as the others after hours. Louis agrees just so he can back up Harvey and get his loyalty, but as usual he has no idea how to approach Harvey or win his trust. Because Harvey hates being manipulated! Donna does warn him, but it doesn’t matter, because Louis does what Louis wants.

NUP_168471_0067-suits-Compensation-macht-adams-iliketowatchtvblogspot-590x393Louis also finds out that Harvey paid Donna a great deal more than any other assistant in the building, out of his own paycheck. He can’t afford to give her the same, or at least he doesn’t want to, but he wants to keep her. He changes his mind about Jack’s idea since giving him more billable hours would help his finances. Harvey’s like NOPE at him, so he decides to leak the confidential information about how much more Harvey is paid, which will piss off the other senior partners. Harvey comes to him and admits he’s struggling, but it’s too late since Louis has already leaked the info. This leads them to angrily butt heads again, and Louis says now they’ll be on the same level, rather than Harvey always having the upper hand and more influence in the company. Harvey confronts Donna and is like WHY DIDN’T YOU STOP HIM, and she’s like siiiiigh. But she’s startled to find out it’s about her salary. Harvey says he’s going to take Donna way from Louis, which is a gross way to admit he’s going there. It should be because he misses her, although that still isn’t respecting her choices. But doing it just to hurt Louis is only going to hurt everyone. Harvey shoots himself in the foot about as often as Louis does, I swear.

Rachel and Mike have a side story here where her father wants her to do a prenup. He’s particularly worried about the money she is going to inherit from him, saying he’s earned that money for her, not for the potential of her new husband to take in a divorce. She’s upset and thinks he’s trying to control her, but after talking to him, Mike starts to think her father has a point. In the end she asks advice from Jessica, who tells her not to do it, or at least advises her to listen to her gut. Because Jessica’s the best. Mike has a side story about trying to help a friend with a lawsuit, but it’s not going to earn any money for the company so Jessica says no. He takes it to Rachel’s father in the end because he’ll understand where the the people are coming from. I love Mike and his soft heart toward lost causes, but it does feel like it’s consistently his biggest character trait. It isn’t a bad character trait! I guess I just feel like he’s in a constant loop. This season has been great about showing Harvey more vulnerable and human, more so than any season beforehand. Since he’s always had the power and arrogance, I like seeing him taken down a few pegs and seeming more real than before. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes, and what Jack’s going to be doing as the new antagonist.



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