SUITS -- "Denial" Episode 501 -- Pictured: (l-r) Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter, Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt, Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen -- (Photo by: Shane Mahood/USA Network)

There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Suits is back! Yay! This is one of my favorite shows on television, so I was breathlessly awaiting it. And then I got busy in life and needed to catch up fast. Therefore I’m only writing about the premiere now, and soon will have the second episode done. It always makes me sad how little known this show is. It has a decent audience for USA, but most people have no idea it exists. It’s tragic, because the actors are so exceptional, and the characters have grown over the years and brought new dynamics in. It’s based on lawyers, how interesting could it be? Very! And tense! Gotta love it. Previously on Suits, everyone knows now that Mike is a fraud, and they’ve all made peace with it. Louis got his name on the door as blackmail for it. Mike asked Rachel to marry him, and it’s lovely because they went through a really rough patch but realistically moved past it. Donna nearly got arrested, and Harvey managed to save her, and he told her he loved her. That her opinion matters over all others. This seemed to unsettle her and while he retreated emotionally afterward, she decided to quit and become Louis’ administrative assistant instead. We’re about to get the immediate aftermath of that decision.

I’ll admit I’m not 100% sure where Donna’s mindset is. Does she want to make a relationship with Harvey? Is she attempted to push him in that direction, and therefore working under him will not be a good idea? I think it’s that, and also that she tried to get closer and he took ten steps backward. They’re in a murky place. Whatever reason she’s doing this for, she’s doing it for her mental health. But Harvey’s mental health is severely suffering for it. He goes to a shrink for help with his panic attacks, and those are brand new. He pretends to have bad nightmares to help with the anxiety. She correctly diagnoses the real problem and tells him that he can only move on when he accepts Donna is gone. It’s a little too easy for her to see right through him, but whatever, it moves the plot. We see Harvey spend the whole episode in Denial, which is the name of the episode. He’s always been bad with emotions, so he fights back and gets immature and aggressive with everyone. This is Harvey. That’s what he does. He refuses to look at the list of possible secretaries that Donna sets out for him.

b0f00404f22851257d8344d9d1bbMeanwhile Louis doesn’t believe that Donna’s really going. He remembers when Mike agreed to work with him, and then Harvey swooped in and stole him back. He’s convinced he’ll do the same with Donna, which is a completely legitimate fear since she’s even more closer with Harvey. But if they’re moving Donna and Harvey into a potential relationship, it’s important that she has boundaries, so maybe she’ll be with Louis for awhile. He’s delighted when she says yes, but he gets paranoid when he sees the list of secretaries that says they’re for him, not Harvey. He’s rude at first, because this is Louis, but they work it out. They make up and she creates a new ritual for them to do, to establish their new relationship. Harvey’s clearly not okay with it in any way, but he’s accepted the reality. Let’s see how long that lasts. I think he’s not sure what to even say to her to make her satisfied, and I honestly don’t know what she wants to hear either. So that part is confusing.

Rachel and Mike agree to keep their engagement private, and they’re adorable. But of course they immediately tell Donna and Harvey, only to get thrown off by their whole drama. Harvey is throwing himself into a new case, but he nearly screws it up because he won’t hire a new secretary. After six weeks, he agrees to do it. Jessica is around to do the bare minimum, and that makes me sad because they should do more with Gina Torres. I still think Jessica could do with better storylines; she’s always there to be tough as nails or occasionally soft and kind. She had her romance last season that was nice, but she deserves even more than that. Harvey seems to be doubting himself a great deal without his compass around to lean on. My question is how long it will take before they resolve this. Definitely by the mid-season break, probably. I think my only complaint is that I feel some characters are growing (Mike, Donna, Rachel) while others are staying the same (Louis, Harvey). It makes sense that Louis and Harvey have trouble moving on, because they’re both stubborn. And they’re set in their ways. I do think they’ve both changed over time, and that’s great, but it’s difficult not to be frustrated when they backslide into the worst aspect of themselves. I hope whatever resolution happens to this story, it’s more than just “okay let’s make out” for Donna and Harvey.



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