There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Finally! Finally! This season just crossed the line into being active and not passive in its storytelling. There were aspects of the story I liked okay in the past few weeks, although I feel they could have only spent one or two eps on the aftermath at most. It taking until episode five, halfway through the season, to feel like they were getting anywhere is kind of bad storytelling. And this had limited artistry, the kind that works for the show while real things are also going on. It also has the most satisfying three minutes of television I’ve seen in a long time. I’ll get to that in visual detail very soon. Previously on Hannibal, he injured the main cast and then fled to Italy with Bedelia. But he’s been slowly but surely leading all of his former friends to him, something Bedelia picked up on and pointed out to him. Now he plans on killing Will and eating him as a form of forgiveness, because he’s a psychopath. Will is partnering with another manipulation victim of Hannibal named Chiyoh. Alana’s teamed up with Verger to find Hannibal and get good old fashioned revenge, and therefore has become a bigger bamf than ever. Jack’s wife Bella died and Hannibal sent him a note, which only pissed him off.

I’ll start with the Will stuff since it was actually the B or C plot in this at most. He and Chiyoh are on a train to Florence. They talk about Hannibal more. She already knew where he was, but she says his manipulations are still in charge of her in a lot of ways. She figures out that Will wants to kill him, because he’s afraid if he doesn’t, he’ll turn into him. At the very least, Will is aware that as long as Hannibal is free, he’ll have power over Will and he won’t be able to move on. In an unexpected twist, Chiyoh pushes Will off the train. Nice. From the preview for next week it implies she plans on killing Hannibal, so maybe she didn’t want to take the chance Will would get in the way. Or this was revenge for him forcing her to kill that guy. Either way, it surprised me, and I thought their scenes were sort of boring before that. So it was a nice change. He’s now limping along and has to find a new way to get to Italy.

And now for the real event. Some things happen and it leads to Jack Crawford beating the shit out of Hannibal Lecter. I’m going to share gifs of this spectacular event. The fight between them in the last season was one of the coolest moments of the show, but this? This was satisfying. This was gratifying. This had me cheering. Hannibal is human after all, although they often make him into this all knowing all powerful boogey man. Well now Jack wiped with floor with him.

Let me just enjoy this.

Yes, yes, more , more.

Jack Crawford you sexy mofo.

Okay I’m giving myself one more.

That was amazing. I could watch it a bunch of times.

How does this glorious scene happen? Well Inspector Rinaldo calls Verger to try to collect on the reward. Alana’s helped Verger figure out the general area Hannibal might be, because of Bedelia buying his snotty perfect food he needs. Ha! That’s a great way to track him. Alana warns Verger that Hannibal will just kill Rinaldo long before he can help them, and that’s what happens. He snatched the guy and strings him up, getting a few answers from him before disemboweling him in public. Jack so happens to go looking for Rinaldo, and they meet up for Hannibal vs. Jack round 2. This time Hannibal is unprepared and as we can see, Jack just destroys him. Unfortunately he fails at killing him, because he tosses him out of the window that Rinaldo’s body was hung. So Hannibal catches himself on the body and gets down. How he manages to walk away at all from this fight is beyond me, and why Jack doesn’t immediately run after him when he’s barely walking is also weird. But it’s really just because Will has to be the one, obviously.

Where Hannibal goes from here is anyone’s guess. Is he going to flee with Bedelia? Are they all just going to wait for Will to get there to move the plot along? Chiyoh plans on killing Hannibal from the preview, and go her. But we know he’s not going to die. He is likely to get caught, since that is what happens in the story, and they haven’t gotten to Red Dragon era. I love Alana’s character right now. She has a brief conversation with Hannibal when she realizes that he has Rinaldo, and oh boy was there fire in her eyes. Hannibal’s turned his former friends into these dark and brutal people, or maybe he’s just brought out that side in them that already existed. Either way, it’s interesting to watch. I’ve been iffy on how much I like Will this season, he seems a little whiny and I miss the stronger and more aggressive Will from last season. But Alana and Jack are making up for it by being fantastic. There’s five more episodes left, and if they are all as tense and interesting as this one, it’ll be a decent swan song for the show. Or maybe a good incentive for someone to pick it up.


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