There are spoilers in this review. Duh!

That was a solid finale! This season has been iffy, as I’ve mentioned before, but I was pleased at the end of the season. It wrapped up a lot of storylines while adding just enough to keep us going for next season. It was feel good in a lot of ways, outside of the horribly sad moment I’ll get to in a bit. I love how the seestras have evolved over the course of the show, and where they are at now as a family. This show has been all about family, and this season in particular has been about mothers and daughters. I noted in my head that Sarah has gone from calling her surrogate mother Mrs S only to Mum. It was a small detail, but it feels very deserved. Sarah was a loner before, she acted like she needed no one. Now she’s surrounded by family and she’s embraced them. It’s satisfying storytelling.  Previously on Orphan Black, the sisters spent the season trying to fight Dyad’s control over them and find the original clone to fix the medical error in their DNA. Both the Ledas and Castors can be cured with this. The Castors have been infecting women purposefully, which is disgusting, as the start of a biological weapon. They did find the original who turned out to be Mrs. S’ mother Kendall. She’s a chimera and had both strands of DNA that Professor Duncan used. Rachel was let loose after switching places with bubbly Krystal. Kira was sent away with her father earlier on to keep her safe from Dyad. Delphine went a little too far threatening Cosima’s new girlfriend. Alison was running for school trustee, and she and Donnie finally got out of the drug business last week.

First off, Alison does end up winning the election. This isn’t surprising in the least! In the episode she spends most of the time on the road doing that, but she doesn’t hesitate from helping the sisters set up Rudy who is stalking her. Rudy gets into a brutal fight with Helena, who proves yet again that being soft with her seestras or as a mother hasn’t stopped her from being who she is too. She’s the most dangerous person on the show. As he lies dying, she lies down with him, and while he tries to connect with her and say the same, she firmly tells him he is a rapist and they are not the same. But it’s still oddly touching that she shows sympathy toward people now, even as she kills them. She also is reunited with her “boyfriend” Jessie, which was a cute little thing. They confront Gracie and Mark, and while they berate Gracie for turning against them, they also offer an olive branch that if Mark helps them trap “Mother,” they’ll help cure him. Since he is the only Castor who has any redeeming qualities, I was okay with that. He did tell them about Rudy and helped set up “Mother” to be in the right place at the right time for them to swoop up.


At first Mrs. S is very combative with her mother Kendall, and they don’t particularly treat her well. Cosima shows herself to yet again be the heart of this show, being kind and gentle to Kendall and letting her know she appreciates what is being done. That seems to warm the woman up, and she willingly gives her blood. She also opens up to her daughter as they are about to hand her over as a deal with Ferdinand (James Frain). He realizes now that Sarah posed as Rachel before, but he’s okay with working with them to get what he wants. Kendall reveals that Duncan told her about Sarah, the only clone unaccounted for at the time, and she purposely sent her to Siobhan to raise. It’s very sweet. Delphine helps them realize that the Neolutionists were behind everything currently, and warning them about it puts a death sentence on her head. She has an emotional farewell to Shay and then to Cosima. Cosima doesn’t realize it’s a farewell, although it is very good for them to have closure before it’s over. Delphine ends the episode shot by an unseen assailant. I suppose it’s possibly she lives, but it seemed pretty final, and it did feel like her story came to a natural end. I think she’s dead, but who knows. Rachel meanwhile is being kept, and she sees little new clone Charlotte. She finds out her mother, the other Professor Duncan, is alive and most likely behind so many things as a Neolutionist. Oooo. I knew fairly early on in the episode that this was going to happen, especially with this season being so much about mothers and daughters.

In the end they manage to have Ferdinand change sides once he realizes he’s been played by the Neolutionists, and he’ll be an unstable but present ally. Which is good, I love James Frain. It looks like Kendall will be sticking with them, although perhaps out in the middle of no where that Kira’s been. She gets to see her mother again, and the clones all had a very sweet Thanksgiving meal together. It was a somewhat positive ending, outside of Delphine’s tragic death. It felt like excellent closure on several plot points. On the whole it looks like the Castors are done, and I am glad. They really didn’t amount to a good storyline in the end, but I’m glad they tried something new. Next season we’ll probably deal with the Neolutionists, Professor Duncan, and find out Shay’s story, because I still don’t think she’s innocent. While I struggled with this season, at the end of it, I felt good. The clones were back together, Alison and Donnie are no longer the comedy routine on the side, and everyone feels like they’ve had a natural progression. This show is still one of the best ones on television, and I hope it has a strong enough following it’ll continue on.


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