There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

This has been an uneven season so far. I do think it’s gotten more interesting now that the clones are working together more actively, and it was fun to see some Mrs. S backstory. I do feel like this episode tried to set up for a “GOTCHA” or “WHAT A TWIST” moment, and in the end I’m not sure I feel like it was a big reveal?  It feels more like flash than substance, but it’s early. I am interested to see more about it, and this new character who matters so much to the overall plot. It does make me wonder what this is all leading up to. Do they plan on actually curing the Castors and Ledas at the end? I almost think that would be a good idea. For the first three seasons they were all trying to cure this illness, so what if they do? What’s next? That’s a story I could be very interested in. I don’t want season four to just be a rehash of the same thing, so I think it would do well for them to surprise us with a resolution and go ‘so now what.’ Hmm. Previously on Orphan Black, the seestras are all back together. Gracie has joined up with them, and she and Helena are living with Alison and Donnie. Alison and Donnie were drug dealers, which was funny, but also really off tonal wise. Mrs S, Felix, and Sarah head off to London because they think they might have a lead on the original Castor. Delphine thinks Cosima’s new girlfriend is the leak who gave Duncan’s notes away.

So Helena’s story first, because they are usually always the most fun or heartbreaking or both at once. She’s getting along well with Alison’s family and looking forward to being a mother, agreeing that her murdering days are over now. Except we must remember that mama bears are the most dangerous kind. When Donnie’s being shaken down by one of the drug dealers, Helena’s eggs are stolen and brought to Pouchy. She and Donnie go down there, with Helena posing as Alison, and the Hendrixes are out of the drug business. Ish. I love that Helena is so terrible at being the other clones. Her accent is impossible to lose. Helena snaps when they threaten Donnie and Alison’s children, and she murders the whole drug gang. Now they have all that money. I am glad if this is the end of their storyline and they’ll be focused on getting Clone Club back together full time. Plus Donnie and Helena’s friendship is really charming, and I hope they continue with it. And that it never becomes romantic infatuation on her side. I worried about that a little in the last episode.

BN-IW981_0613or_G_20150612123337Gracie clearly is saying goodbye to everyone this episode, and I wasn’t sure what to make of that. But then it turns out she was the one who stole the journal in order to save Mark’s life. Ehhh, okay. I kind of liked her with the group, but it makes sense, she does love him and it is a matter of life or death. Especially with Rudy already showing signs of glitching. It’s only a matter of time. This means Shay was not behind it, so Delphine’s creepy threatening of her was for nothing. I would love it if Shay remained not part of any conspiracy. That would be awesome, but I still am skeptical. Meanwhile Sarah and Felix get to know Mrs. S a little better. I continue to suspect she’s going to die. Maybe not right away, but her days are numbered more than everyone else, I think. She’s such a stable point for the characters, and people tend to knock stable points off the map in order to throw all the characters off balance. But Maria Doyle Kennedy is such a class act, and it was delightful to see her at her finest here. She sings with her former rock band and shows off her cold and badass ways.

This show is all about mothers and daughters, and I loooove that, because we always see plenty of fathers and sons. So it isn’t that surprising the mother of Mrs. S, Kendall, is actually the original line for the Castors and Ledas. Mostly I wasn’t surprised that she was connected, and as soon as she showed up I assumed that’s where it was headed. Kendall is a chimera, she absorbed her twin brother in the womb and it gives her two DNA lines, her personal one and her brother’s. It made her a perfect candidate for Duncan. So they now have the cure. Mrs. S wanted to shoot her mother, and her mother’s clearly a hardened criminal, so there has to be plenty of backstory there for us to delve into. I’m sure it’ll all go wrong somehow. Or will it? I do love seeing Felix and Sarah bond with their mother, and that’s exactly who she is to them. They might always call her Mrs. S, but she raised them, and she loves them like her own. I’m curious about the finale, but I really hope next season will be a little more stable. And maybe that the Castors will either fade into the black or just be much less important going forward.



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