There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Yesssss, I’m so glad the sisters are back together! I know I’ve been complaining the past few reviews that I miss Alison being a part of the main storyline. So this delighted me. I also enjoyed seeing her relationship with her mother, because it explains so much about her personality. I want to know about the others too! It does feel like we’re right back where we started with Cosima, so what are they going to do differently this time? I suppose we’ll see. I admit Alison is my favorite clone, so any story revolving around her makes me happy. Previously on Orphan Black, Sarah finally found Helena and they escaped. Paul killed himself in order to destroy all the science at the base. Helena was sold out by Mrs. S. Gracie came and hung out with Mrs. S and Felix. Alison and Donnie became drug dealers. Cosima met a hot new woman who is most probably going to be evil, and she’s getting sick again.

The main storyline is that Alison is finally getting to do speeches at her campaign, and she’s trying to keep together her drug dealing too. Donnie agrees to help Jason bring their money to the drug lord so Alison can focus on her politics, and also she needs to find a way to convince her mother to give up the shop. Her mother is clearly very disapproving of Donnie, and in general doesn’t like her daughter much. She’s exactly what you’d expect. Felix is there to help Alison, and Cosima shows up because she needs Alison’s pee. No doubt to give to Delphine, who is worried about Cosima’s health, and also not happy about the new girlfriend. It definitely makes you go Cosimaaaa honey, you have to stop being in denial. She has to pretend to be Alison a few times, which is funny, since Cosima isn’t the one who has to pretend as much as the other two. It’s always a delight to see the other clones interact, since generally Sarah is the one who hangs out with all the others. Alison panics because Donnie swiped the wrong envelope and the drug lord is holding him hostage, but she manages to get the money to them in time to protect him. And then she gives a great speech about family and the importance of it, and she clearly means her sisters. She tells Cosima to not take her pee and get to the bottom of what’s happening with her, and tries to show her mother Cosima, but her mother thinks that’s just her half sister.

AI’ve always been a fan of Felix’s relationships with the other clones, but it’s especially nice to see him with Alison again, since they’re besties. She tells him about the drugs too, so there’s that. I don’t know where this is headed, but I hope she continues to interact with her clones. And I hope Cosima takes her advice, especially since after telling Shay she’s sick, she bleeds into the bath water. YUCK. This is serious, Cosima! Meanwhile in major plotline #2, Sarah is coping with Paul’s death. She genuinely is mourning, and Helena tries to show her some sympathy about it. They’re hanging out in a Mexican bar, and Mrs. S shows up. She and Helena have a confrontation while Sarah goes to get cleaned. Mrs. S does manage to win Helena over by hugging her and apologizing sincerely, begging her for forgiveness. Is this a little too easy? Definitely, but I think Helena could just use people who care about her. And she doesn’t want to upset Sarah. I’d rather see Helena actively be with the group and try to make peace with them. However, it doesn’t mean she’s forgotten, so that might not be the end of it.

I worry a little that Mrs. S is about to get killed. She’s just too helpful and her closure and relationship with Sarah is very grounding. I feel like that’s when people get killed sometimes, because they’re helping too much and it challenges the characters. It would be a shame since I love her character. Scott and Cosima are still trying to make sense of Duncan’s formula, and it looks like Rachel is able to understand his scribbles. It was their secret language. If so, he must have known Rachel could read it? Is that why he left it? But I thought he left it to Kira? Maybe he wanted them all to work together. In any case, that’ll get them closer to finding a cure. I’m glad this episode was mostly free of Castors. I don’t think I realized how tired of them I am until they weren’t around and it seemed awesome. Sorry, guys, I just don’t think you’re going to make (fetch) the Castors happen. It’s okay. It’s good to try out new things. It’s also good to let it go when it isn’t working. This was a really solid episode of Orphan Black, and I hope it continues.



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