There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I’d like to get angry at this episode for having such a random scene with Alison and Donnie considering they are so completely outside of the main storyline at this point. But nope.  There is no way to hate on the thing of beauty that was them twerking in their underwear in slow motion. I could’ve watched an episode of that. Yes, it took me out of the tension and provided random comedy relief, but look at the image below and tell me that shouldn’t be in every episode. They may not have much to add to the plot right now, but they are having a fun time, and it’s magnificent. Previously on Orphan Black, Alison and Donnie became ridiculous drug dealers. Delphine broke up with Cosima, and Cosima met a hot new woman Shay (Ksenia Solo). Sarah was taken to the compound and she helped Helena escape, and Helena ditched her as revenge for selling her out. Or so she thought. Grace ended up with Felix and Mrs. S and they realized something was wrong with her. Paul started to put together pieces that indicated the Castors can sexually transmit a disease to their sex partners. That’s quite the nightmare fuel for women; being raped and sexually assaulted leading to a disease that can murder you? It has to be an intentional metaphor.

Just quickly because there really is nothing important here: Donnie and Alison are doing well. They have to get a fake business as a front, and she decides to take over her mother’s business. That’s basically it (for now). Delphine is back and she has a confrontation with Cosima; seeing these two with so much angst is hard. She has figured out all about the Castor clones and found the brain they took from Seth, and it’s Delphine who connects his brain to the thing that is infecting Grace. It’s basically that the disease that hurts the male clones infects women and destroys their ovaries. Ooookay. That’s f’ed up. Felix is freaking out because Sarah is missing, so he confronts Rachel while everyone else is distracted. He’s very aggressive with her due to desperation, and it’s alarming to see Felix like this. But great character development for him, always feeling so helpless compared to the others. And great acting. Rachel can’t help him, but she is painting those strange symbols that her dad Duncan used in his experimental work. Could this be the key to fixing the clones?


It’s the swan song for one of our original cast mates tonight. I’ll be honest, I never cared about Paul, and this episode did a decent job of making me care a little about him. Enough that I went “good for you” when he chose to die for the right reasons, or what he perceived to be the right reasons. He spent all this time wanting to do his duty and protect the Castors, but he was horrified at what Dr. Coady was doing. She knew the Castors were infecting women on purpose, and she wants to use it as a biological weapon possibly. Sarah is infected by it, but because she’s a Special Snowflake, she appears to get out of it. She has a delirium dream about Beth which was odd, but it was fun to see Tatiana do yet another clone. She almost never got to do Beth since she died so quickly, and yet again I’m amazed at how different she seems as each clone. Beth says everyone does things for love, the question isn’t what, it’s who. Dum dum duuuuum. Paul manages to get Sarah out of the way and admits he loved her, and then he kills himself with all of Coady’s research. He lets off a grenade. Too bad Rudy and Coady seemed to get out in time.

I’m a little disappointed they don’t seem interested at all in making the Castors more layered. Do I feel they take a lot of time away from the Ledas, yes, but I was still going into this season hoping we’d get another interesting array of characters. They all feel the same, outside of Mark, who is questionably the same. I suppose if they wrap up this storyline at the end of the season I won’t mind though. I’m not begging for more of the Castors. I’d like to see the sisters working together again. Alison’s hilarious, but I’ve been complaining for weeks she’s not in the main plot. And I love seeing Cosima do science stuff again, and I don’t have much interest in her love triangle. Although I assume Shay is evil or her new monitor. Or a new person in the mix? I HOPE SO. I love Ksenia Solo.

Helena came back for Sarah! Good, those two are always more interesting together. This was a good send off for Dylan Bruce; he is now going to a different show apparently. While I find my attention wandering at times this season, and I feel it lacks the same razor sharp focus as the last two seasons, I’m still drawn in by the characters and interested to see what’s coming.


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