There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I’m a little behind so going to catch up with this fast. At the end of the last episode, Sarah was captured by Mark and Rudy. She’s been trying to get to Helena for weeks now, so this just wasn’t the way she expected it to happen. Sarah’s not what we’d call the best at planning. Helena nearly did escape, but she was captured when she mercy killed one of the Castor clones who was being experimented on. Cosima’s decided to get back into the dating world with Felix’s encouragement, since she was dumped by Delphine in episode one. Alison and Donnie are becoming drug kingpins in suburbia, but they are not really in this episode. Grace was brought back to her home, but she lost the baby, leading her to be kicked to the curb by her mother. Ouch. Someone might want to get that girl to a doctor. Mostly everyone’s disjointed and the Castors are creepy but not ultimately that interesting, so far.

Sarah is reunited with Helena, but Helena believes she sold her out so she wants none of her sestra now. It’s weird to hear her so firmly believe that now, since the last few times it came up by her prisoners, she said she didn’t believe them. The scorpion indicates she thinks Sarah did betray her, but also that surviving and getting her baby to safety is more important. Sarah does try to reason with her twin, and it seems like she breaks through at one point. She explains why she gave Kira to Mrs. S all that time ago, because she was selfish and not a good mother, and how she’s changed. Helena does let her help with an escape attempt, which was pretty badass. She has been loosening the bars to the front of her cell and manages to use the butter she’s been mumbling about to slide through the door slow and out. She abandons Sarah behind as revenge. Yiiiiikes. No good deed goes unpunished, Sarah. I’m sympathetic with Helena though; considering her background and how she’s been constantly suffering, it’s not a surprise she’s regressing to her untrusting and vicious side. Hopefully it won’t be forever, since it’s always better to see the clones reunited. But now Helena’s broken out (where is she going? It’s a desert!) and Sarah’s stuck there.


Cosima meets a girl named Shay from her dating app. It’s Ksenia Solo from Lost Girl! I knew she was on the show because I follow her on Twitter, so I was excited. I think there’s no doubt in my mind she’s some kind of sneaky character and will be feeding into the mythos in some way. They have cute chemistry and I feel bad for Cosima, because there’s really only one direction their love lives can go in this show. I hope she turns into a mega badass, even if it’s an evil badass. Also in this episode, Grace finds Art thanks to Sarah giving his card. She asks for help, and he brings her to Felix and Mrs. S. Felix has very little sympathy for her, although Mrs. S seems to have much more. She’s used to taking in lost souls, after all. She tries to rebel against her super strict background by wearing Sarah’s punk clothes. However, as she’s dancing at home with Mrs. S and Felix, she doubles over in horrible pain. And at the end of the episode, Paul does some private research and realizes that the Castor clones are infected with something. They spread it through sex. That’s why they make a note and take hair from all their lovers. They’re creepy rapists and spreading disease. So there definitely isn’t anything redeemable about them so far.

It was a good episode. Great acting as always. Glad to see the twins back, if only briefly. I don’t know what they’ll be doing now that Sarah’s with the group. They wanted Helena and her baby, but they could use Sarah for other reasons. I still maintain that since I don’t care at all about the Castors, I find myself wanting their arc to be over sooner rather than later. This added bonus of them being STD (possibly deadly?) spreaders makes me particularly sickened by them and over it. I wonder if Mark knew that sleeping with Grace could lead to this. He’s the only one they’ve tried to make somewhat redeemable, but this would definitely put him over to “nope fuck that guy” level. It seems that they really don’t know what to do with Cosima or with Alison this season, which is why they’re mostly shunted to the side.


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