Dee Discusses: Scandal 4×22

Posted: May 16, 2015 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, scandal
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Dear Scandal,

It took me an embarrassingly long time to quit you, and now I’m doing so with a clear conscience. I held on too long. The sad thing was, you were a really good show in the first two seasons. I genuinely enjoyed you. I liked that Olivia Pope and her group were morally ambiguous but gladiators, and they kicked ass. I thought the acting was great, and I still do think that, but it’s not enough anymore. The show started to degrade when it became all about Fitz, who I hated more than any character on TV, and Olivia’s entire purpose became the men around her. Fitz, her father, Jake, it always was about one of them and Olivia’s relationship with them. Her team wasn’t her sole focus anymore. Justice wasn’t either, outside of a few random cases. This show was a soap opera mess to the point where I started to hope characters would die so we could all move on.

Your finale was a joke. B613 is over … maybe? Why did they kill a whole thing of jurors? Why didn’t that cause an uproar? That doesn’t exactly scream innocence. There’s no way that would just be brushed under the rug, what the hell. And Huck did it? Are we supposed to care whether he lives or dies next season? Why would he live? Kill him. Make him the new Harrison where he’s dead off screen and no one cares. Whatever. And seriously there’s no way in hell Papa Pope will be staying behind bars for long, and that wasn’t a real “win” for Olivia. What an anti-climatic moment. Oh and despite everything, Jake just meekly went off into the night, because even though Olivia and Fitz didn’t talk for half this season and are terrible for each other, they are still in love. Yuck. I hate them always. Also did Pope really need Mellie’s help to kill all those jurors? He asked for names, but he had Huck in his pocket. Huck didn’t need the names, he knew where the jurors would be and how to kill them. Also David Rosen really turned over fast, didn’t he? Then again he also¬†gave in to Jake a few times when he was threatened, so this is basically consistent.

Also ha ha ha Fitz, seriously you think you have any room to talk about bad decisions. Let’s count how many deaths are on your hands. You murdered a woman with your own hands. You shot down a plane of innocent people. You started a war for your girlfriend that killed innocent Americans. You’ve been manipulated cruelly by Rowan Pope too, but no, what your wife did was much, much worse. Instead of going ‘oh he’s messed with me too’ or telling her who he was, or reflecting on your own terrible mistakes and how keeping her in the dark led to this manipulation, you kick her out of the White House. You fire Cyrus now, when he’s been doing so many awful things for years, but you overlooked it before. He’s a monster you enabled, and now he’ll probably bite the hand that feeds him, and he should, because you deserve it too. You are a weak man, a cowardly man, and the show has to keep telling us you’re good and a good president, because no one watching this show should believe that. We have to be sold it. Showing not telling? Shows he’s awful and I would never want him in the White House. The fact Olivia would go back to him out of the blue, when she had legitimately good reasons not to want to be with him anymore, was also anti-climatic.

I’m no longer hate-watching this show, because it’s only gotten worse over the past two seasons, and there’s no reason to keep watching it. Kudos to those who still find something in it to love, because I don’t. Just like Grey’s Anatomy, it’s time to let go. Here’s hoping How To Get Away With Murder lasts a little longer in quality before degrading like the others. I will give Shonda Rhimes credit: she creates good ideas. She creates good characters. She picks good actors. She goes out of her way to cast women and POC in her shows, when not a lot of them do. She is a powerful female show runner and outspoken about important things. But her shows all follow the same trajectory: great first few seasons with interesting concepts, which eventually lead into ridiculous soap operas where love triangles are the only thing that matters, and “twists” that are sensationalism at best. I respect her as a professional, but that doesn’t mean I will enjoy her material when it starts getting ridiculous.

Goodbye Scandal. Here’s hoping you don’t last ten years like Grey’s Anatomy, but at least I won’t be there for it any more. I won’t miss you.


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