There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Oh man. I love this show, but I am having some real problems with this season, and I feel awful about it. Because it’s still so fantastic, and it’s so much better than most TV that’s on the air. But I feel like my problems with each episode this season have been the same. I hope it sorts itself out. Also has anyone noticed it’s getting so much more gruesome this season? There have been a lot of cringe moments. Are they trying to be more shocking? Hmmmm. Well previously on Orphan Black, there’s a male version of the clones called the Castors. Former prothean Mark is one of them. They were raised by the military. They’re all super creeps. They realized genetically the Ledas and the Castors are siblings. Since both sets of clones seem to genuinely care about the concept of family, this matters. Cosima is trying to figure out the science of the clones still. Alison and Donnie have become drug dealers. Last episode Sarah faced off against Mark, and he was supposedly shot to death out of sight.

Except he’s not dead! I’m not sure the deal there. He was definitely shot badly. Sarah goes and saves him. They actually have some great back and forth this episode, I enjoyed that. He seems like the sanest of the clones right now. He genuinely cares about Grace, who now knows he’s a clone and hates him. She’s gone back to her creepy family. She loses the baby and her mom says it’s her fault for being a sinner. Ouch. I’m fine with that because that baby storyline was creepy; she was implanted with Helena’s egg fertilized by her father. That is messed up. I wonder where her storyline is going. Mark and Sarah manage to uncover a buried box that might give them some information about the original clones. It has to do with Hank having a son and the fetus … might have answers? I don’t think I understood that well. Rudy shows up though and holds a gun to Sarah. Mark is passed out so he can’t help her. She manages to knock him with a shovel and run. I was like Sarah. Why are you running. He was knocked to the side. Take the gun and get the upper hand. Why are you hiding? I don’t know, I felt this was contrived so that Mark could save her. Sarah’s usually more badass than this. Mark does save her however, and manages to stare Rudy down by trying to pull military rank. It works, and they both look at Sarah. I think they’re just going to take her with them, which means she’ll get to see Helena like she wants to.

Orphan-BlackHelena manages to nearly escape, but she comes across a Castor pictured above. He’s being tested on. He probably has the brain defect and they’re looking closer at his brain to try and figure it out. But horrific. He begs Helena to put him out of his misery. She knows if she does that she’ll be caught again, but she shows compassion and stabs him in the brain. I actually like this. It’s a credit to her character development. She’s killing, but not for the reasons she used to. Cosima and Felix go out drinking to try and help her get over Delphine, but she says she really doesn’t need a new love interest. Alison and Donnie get scared because the original drug dealing/supplier wants to meet with them. The dealer is Alison’s ex boyfriend Jason, which was pretty hilarious. Donnie you better watch out, their chemistry was instantaneous. He agrees to make a deal with them, so that’s going along. One of the big disconnects for me this season has been how much less the sisters really interact. Cosima and Alison speak briefly on the phone, but their storylines are not even tied together. I miss when they all worked together every week.

And that’s the thing. I’m liking this season less because I don’t like the Castors, and I miss the Ledas all working together. I wonder if everyone’s going to come back together by the end of the season, I expect so, and that all these storylines will intersect at some point. I hope so at least. Orphan Black is usually pretty good about making everything count. I still wish Ari was given a character outside of his typical creepy weirdo guy. Mark is getting more layers, but he also had the most layers last season. I’m willing to give them credit for Mark, because I genuinely found myself interested in him this episode. His loyalties definitely are divided and I think he’s aware of how messed up the project is. He wanted to flee. He explains a little about how they were raised and how messed up it was. So I like Mark, I just wish Ari had more layered characters. Right now I don’t really care if the Castors live or die, as opposed to the Ledas, who I would bawl if they did. I hope Sarah getting back with Helena will rustle up some good sister bonding. I assume they’re taking Sarah there, since they’re not going to kill her. She did say she wanted to find her, so Mark is technically giving her what she wants. I hope this all evens out soon.



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