SCANDAL - "A Few Good Women" - Vice President Ross continues to defy the Grant administration when she hires Olivia Pope to defend a woman in the Navy. Meanwhile, Quinn and Huck must do what they do best to get answers about B613 and Mellie's campaign for Senate continues to be a struggle, on "Scandal," THURSDAY, APRIL 30 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Nicole Wilder) KERRY WASHINGTON, SCOTT FOLEY

There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Last week and this week weren’t that terrible. That isn’t to say they were good, but more ‘eh,’ and I was entertained enough while watching. I do have some questions though, which I’ll get to soon. I always get a little iffy when the show takes on serious subjects, like the Ferguson one earlier, but rape in the military is one pretty much every procedural apparently has done. I like that this show has complex female characters, and characters who on the whole care about other women. I also think that Vice President Susan Ross is the best, and I really want her to be the next President. Or just make sure to have her on my screen longer, because she’s a delight. I wish she was in more of the episode after the initial storyline started, but whatever. Previously on Scandal, They tried to take on B-613 but then Jake almost got murdered by Olivia’s fake boyfriend Russell, and they all decided to back down. Rowan mentioned something called “Foxtail” which is important for this episode. Mellie is running for Senate and hopes to some day be President. Hilariously she believes she can do this by the end of Fitz’s term. If this actually happens, I don’t even know what I’m going to do, outside of pour myself a bottle of wine. An entire bottle.

Jake is now safely staying with Olivia. I say safely because it doesn’t seem like that would be a place he’d be safe at all, and yet he is. Because the plot says so. I don’t understand why Rowan doesn’t just send someone to murder him right now. He’ll always be a threat otherwise. Olivia, Quinn, and Huck have Russell in the apartment across the hall and they plan on torturing him a lot to find out what Foxtail is and what Rowan wants. Olivia’s freaked out when she helps Huck hold him down while he pulls a tooth out of Russell’s mouth, when he tries to trigger poison to kill himself. Messed up. She talks to Jake about when she was kidnapped, and I like that, she hasn’t really opened up to anyone about it so far. He points out that this is what Rowan does, train a man to seduce her, and that Russell is just like him, except Russell doesn’t love her. Jake then has a calm conversation with Russell where he explains that Rowan does all of it to control Olivia and let her know she can’t win. It’s weird because I can remember when her father was first introduced on the show, and it didn’t seem that way at all. Did he only start this game because she now knows who he is? Remember when he would bribe her to have dinner with him? He seems very inconsistent, like now he’s the big bad I can’t really figure out what his motivations are. Power, I guess?

BN-II040_0508sc_G_20150508090635On the main plotline, VP Ross meets a group of navy soldiers and notices a woman with a bad bruise. She recognizes it from a friend of hers who had been abused, so she finds a reason to talk to her privately. She “rescues” the woman and takes her off the ship, but Cyrus and Fitz tell her to put her back. Fitz can’t make a statement either way on this, mostly because he claims that the military only can try these sorts of situations. Which is ridiculous because we point out very quickly in this case that the military is doing everything they can to cover it up. And this happens in real life, so yay one more reason for me to despite Fitz more than anything in the world. I do appreciate that Mellie doesn’t need to remind him or the audience that she was raped by his father; her expression of horror says it all. Olivia persuades him to help her see the file about where the accused rapist was. He gives in and uses his power to help her. I like them still not being friends or lovers though. If only that could be real forever.

Olivia and co. have to deal with this innocent appearing young soldier played by Dan Byrd, so I knew instantly he was B-613. I’m not kidding. Obviously he was going to be, because we were meant to think he was weak and oblivious. They do manage to prosecute the rapist and win the case, huzzah, and Mellie has the strength to speak at the place where her son died in front of her. She’s not okay with it for awhile, but it’s necessary to her campaign trail. Instead she talks about the rape case and how she respects the military, but she doesn’t think it’s acceptable to cover up the rape of female soldiers. She flat out accuses her husband of being soft on the issue, so good for her. Politically it’s smart too, but it helps you know she believes in everything she’s saying. They realize too late that the kid is B-613, and he’s already gotten Russell back. Huck is naive and doesn’t even think about the fact this guy says Olivia was supposed to give him a key. COME ON. And why didn’t he kill Huck? It makes zero sense.

See that’s the thing. It’s hard to take Rowan seriously when he could easily kill everyone but he doesn’t bother. Like Jake and Huck could easily be dead. If this was Game of Thrones, they would be, because they’re in situations where it would be simple to take them out. There was no reason for Dan Byrd’s character to just knock Huck out instead of kill him. Huck and Jake are threats to Rowan. KILL THEM. I mean, don’t kill Jake, because I really like him, but the point is, why are they still alive? The episode wasn’t too bad overall. I enjoyed the acting as I usually do, but I’m really ready for this season to be over. It’s so soon. What big cliffhanger are we waiting for? I guess we’ll see.



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