There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

If I was hard on last week’s episode for being too obvious, I was pleased as punch to find out I was actually very wrong. Jake isn’t dead! I completely bought into the fact that Jake was dead, and I was ready to say goodbye to the show. Although I do believe Scott Foley is leaving, but possibly not in a body bag. That means he could always pop up again, I suppose, which I would be fine with. This episode is about saving his life. Previously on Scandal, they all want to take down B-613, and Jake was the smoking gun, so of course Rowan sent his dangerous sidekick Russell to seduce his daughter and kill his former protege. Mellie’s running for office, which I still don’t mind except they keep indicating she could actually win the President position after one term. Hilarious. Sally whatsherface has a hateful Fox News (it’s not called that but it’s obviously that channel) show. That’s about it.

Jake’s been left bleeding to death at the office, and Quinn panics as soon as she sees him. Huck however springs into life and does emergency assistance to save him. However they can’t take him to a hospital since Rowan will definitely get to him there. They have to get a temporary doctor to help him. The doctor they call is this Russian fellow who insists they help his KGB pal in order to get his help. They meet the woman named Black Sable, who has now settled down and has a semi-normal life as a grandmother. She seems pretty ordinary, but obviously she’s not in the least. She was given an instruction to kill again, after years of retirement. Meanwhile Papa Pope has figured out immediately that Jake isn’t dead. Otherwise he knew that his daughter would be on a revenge path against him, but she hasn’t said anything. Rowan decides to shoot Russell so he’ll seem helpless and Olivia will try to protect him. She thinks this means her father will go after everyone, and she lets Russell into their circle, without giving him all the details. It puts him in the position to terrify and nearly kill Jake a few times, but he doesn’t succeed.

scandal-first-lady-sings-the-bluesOlivia talks with Black Sable’s former boss, and he agrees to let her go, but then she walks in on the woman and her children dead execution style. Papa Pope helped the mob boss find her. Daaaaaaaamn. The team decide to wave the white flag for now so Jake can be safe and go to a hospital. Ouch. That’s a crushing blow, but it feels like they’re outmatched at this point. How are they ever going to defeat Rowan? Someone just needs to shoot the guy in the head. Someone get on that. Huck maybe? Just get it done. He tells Russell the job has changed though and something about Foxtail, I guess that’s a new plan, who knows. Maybe killing all of them anyway. But Russell has quite the surprise when making out with Olivia leads to her threatening him. She’s figured out that he’s a weapon sent by her father and her patience is nil. Oooo. This show is getting quite dark and I’m all about dark. Go Olivia go!

Mellie runs into some trouble when people question whether she can be First Lady and a Senator. Sally is the one spearheading that. There’s a lot of misogyny discussed here, and almost humorously pointed out by David that there’s no law against her having both jobs because no one ever thought a First Lady would have a political career of her own. Ouch. But not at all shocking. Cyrus goes on TV to combat Sally and he does do a credible job of defending Mellie and calling Sally out on some things, but she also calls him out for wanting to run for office himself. It seems she’s very right, judging by the defensive way he gets and almost hesitates before he rips her apart verbally. They decide maybe acting like Mellie and Fitz aren’t getting along will help, but Olivia gives them momentary advice to the opposite. Mellie should use her influence with Fitz to make the voters think she’ll advocate for them with the President. Olivia’s able to be this smart even in the middle of angst, so good on her. This was overall an okay episode. I’m glad Jake’s not dead, and the dark twist of Black Sable’s whole family being executed took me by surprise. How are they going to stop Rowan? Maybe let out Mama Pope and have her destroy him. That would totally be worth watching. Does this signal that Cyrus might be running on his own at some point? Not too bad.



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