There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

There are very few times when I start getting critical of Orphan Black, because on the whole it has always been a fantastic show. It’s worlds above most shows on TV, and the fact it isn’t very successful constantly pains me. The ratings seem to have slipped even lower, but it was renewed for season four, so at least that’s happening. To be honest, I’m not entirely digging the Castors plot line. I dig the concept, since it actually does make sense that they would want to create different sexed clones. But I wonder now if that was always their intention, and I’m leaning toward no. I remember a conversation between Mark and Paul in season two where they acted like they’d never met before. If they were around other people when they did it, it’d make sense for them to act like they were strangers. But they were alone at the time. Ari Millen is a decent actor, but all the clones feel a little similar. I mentioned last week I’d like to see a more normal clone or one that doesn’t seem perpetually creepy. I understand they’re all raised in the same place so it’d be difficult, but I don’t see a lot of range out of him. This story was always convoluted but we’re veering off from last year’s unity. Cosima, Sarah, and Alison all have separate storylines, and I miss them more actively being together. Ah well. Previously on Orphan Black, Helena’s kidnapped (again), Sarah’s desperately looking for her, one of the Castor clones Seth had a “glitch” and was shot by his brother Rudy, and Alison and Donnie became drug dealers.

First off I’ll just get Alison out of the way. She’s often the comic relief of this show, and she is hilarious. I do enjoy seeing her and Donnie become drug dealers. This is basically Weeds with a very high strung soccer mom. The problem is this seems so disjointed from the rest of the storyline. I miss her interacting with the other clones. She doesn’t even seem to be aware of what they’re doing. Shouldn’t she know more about the Castors? Isn’t she potentially a target? Maybe this will all connect later, and I hope it does. Likewise Cosima is slightly out of the A plot. She does give an autopsy of Seth in Felix’s bathtub – I would never use that bathtub again after witnessing this. Scott seems less comfortable with this and cringes a lot. The audio department must have had a blast with the sound effects here. It sounds icky. Cosima ponder metaphysically if this is all human are, the physical form. I like seeing her question these things more now with her brush of death. She eventually discovers that biologically, the Castors and Ledas are siblings. That seems obvious to me now, although I hadn’t thought about it before. Does this mean eventually Sarah will count them as family and try to help them? I hope not. Sometimes family isn’t enough when crazy/evil is also involved.

ORPHAN-BLACK-3x03-Formalized-Complex-and-CostlyHelena’s in a cell. She meets Rudy and they taunt each other a bit. I hope she stabs him in the face later. Helena gets tortured and messed with a lot, I’m kind of sick of it. I’d love her to rescue herself. It feels like she isn’t getting treated that safely, considering she’s pregnant.┬áDr. Coady confronts Rudy and he calls her mother. He cries about Seth in her arms and sucks his thumb. Very Oedipal, show. She asks Paul to help her get more time, because they might want to shut down the project. I really don’t know when they chose to do the Castor clone storyline, because Paul’s story has been all over the place for a real time. We see Mark and Gracie again, and he needs her help to get information from her father’s stuff. Apparently that’s why he was sent to the Protheans in the first place. They go to a friend of her father’s, and she actually does a pretty badass job of getting the materials she needs. It doesn’t help Mark though, who is furious.

Meanwhile Art and Sarah go on a road trip. He reveals he was in love with Beth, or rather Sarah figures it out, and I’m actually sad about that. I liked that his connection was due to his partnership with Beth and that there didn’t feel like any romantic vibe to his reasons for that loyalty. It seems too easy that his motivation was from romantic love. I hope this doesn’t mean he has feelings for Sarah the same way, because I like their friendship. They meet with the same guy as Gracie, but he gives away little.┬áMark secretly sneaks in to torture the guy for information, but he dies of a heart attack. There’s a confrontation between Sarah and Mark, and that’s when she says they’re brother and sister. Normally I don’t think this would really stop someone who is already a killer, but since the clones are so strongly encouraged to have family connections, it means he seems to hesitate from killing her. And then he gets hunted and shot by Gracie’s mother. It seems like she murders him, but we don’t actually see it, so I think he’s probably alive. It’s not that I mind the storylines, but they don’t all seem to gel together that well. Our three main Ledas are separated somewhat now, and I think that’s sad. I’m not a huge fan of the Castors so sometimes I’m a little tired of them getting more screen time this season. I’m obviously still really invested. Anyone else wish Felix was getting more to do? He’s great as comic relief but that’s all he has right now. He should go hang with Alison.



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