There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

What is with TV these days? Is it me? Because this is yet another show that I am considering taking off my DVR, and I feel like my list is dwindling with each season. It took me awhile to write about this episode, because I was so angry when I watched it that all I could do was rant. I’m still upset about it even now. They have to pull off a miracle in the finale for me to continue, honestly. I don’t think they’re aware of how problematic and inappropriate their Zelena storyline is, and that worries me. Beware that this review by the end will be taking on triggering subjects. But first! Previously on Once Upon a Time, Maleficent found out her daughter was still alive and in this world. We know that she’s Lily, the childhood friend of Emma. Emma’s furious at her parents for removing all the potential of evil from her and putting it on Maleficent’s daughter. Last week she killed Cruella when she threatened Henry’s life, because she was unaware that Cruella couldn’t kill anyone. Rumple revealed that he is dying. Good. My one hope is that you’re gone by the end of the season. That would give me a reason to remain, possibly. Regina found out that her sister Zelena has been Marian all this time and she is hanging out with Robin, cackling.

So this episode has really strong elements to it. Maleficent comes to the Charming family and asks them to find her daughter. She’s sick of dealing with Rumple and thinks they’re the better bet on helping her. Smart gal. Everyone at least isn’t hard on Regina for killing Cruella; I was concerned they would be, but like the audience they agree she thought she was protecting Henry and it wasn’t malicious. But she’s still teetering on the dark side, despite the fact that we know she’s not supposed to have darkness at all? Eh. Regina figures out that Maleficent’s daughter is Lily and panics. She agrees to go with Regina into the real world to help her with Robin, and also to find Lily and try to make amends. We see in a flashback that Lily came back to Emma when she finally found an adopted family and begged her to run away with her. She says that everything she does seems to end up dark, and Emma just wants her new life. But she helps Lily, and doing that ends up with her being unwelcome by her new adopted family. The show seems to imply that she was wrong for pushing Lily away, but she really should have. That girl was clearly not a good influence on her, and it’s not like Emma knew that Lily was cursed. She didn’t owe her anything. I get Emma feels differently though. In a side story Rumple sends Will Scarlet to get Belle’s heart back from Maleficent, they get it back, Belle looks like she might want to forgive Rumple after hearing he’s dying. Whatever. That is a terrible and borderline abusive relationship, but okay, him making occasional gestures is enough to win back her love. Yuck.

Once-Upon-a-Time-Lily-Image-04272015Emma thinks Lily’s dead, but she’s really just killed her identity and been hiding as a waitress. They reunite and Lily says she has a fine life and doesn’t need Emma’s help. But she’s pretending that she’s married with a kid. Emma finds out that Lily isn’t innocent: she actually knows about Storybrooke! She just didn’t know where it was. Hmmmm. In the flashback we learn that the sorcerer’s apprentice (the old man, apparently he’s just the apprentice) found Lily in the real world (HOW?) and told her everything. That long ago? Why didn’t she go looking for Emma again? Why has she been quiet all this time? Ughhh this show just creates plot holes where there doesn’t need to be. Lily steals Emma’s car and drives toward Storybrooke with the scroll that will get her in, insistent that she deserves her revenge over Charming and Snow. Emma’s bordering back on evil territory but chasing her, and then pointing a gun at her. It’s Regina who saves the day by talking Emma down, and using her own struggle with darkness to connect with her friend. I love their friendship and the show has done a great job of developing it over the years. This whole storyline was actually decent, and it was extremely well acted by the three ladies. Emma chooses to bring Lily to Storybrooke to meet her mother and gives her a chance to not choose vengeance.

Now the thing that made me see red. Regina and Emma find Robin and try to tell him about Zelena. He doesn’t believe them at first, ruining my theory that he already know. I keep giving characters the benefit of the doubt and thinking they’re smarter than they are. Zelena shows herself though and then Robin says he can’t leave her … because she’s pregnant. sdkfjsldfjsdfisorjweiorjksdfj Trigger warning for talk about rape here, but that is rape, people. The show seems to not recognize that men can be raped, because this was a thing that happened with Graham too. Regina essentially forced him to have sex with her by controlling his heart and life. His consent was not in play, and this is dubious consent with Robin. He would never have consented to have sex with Zelena. But the writers do not seem to understand how problematic and unacceptable this is. It’s also fairly disgusting to imply that he has to stay with Zelena, his rapist, because of his “honor.” Don’t get me wrong, I understand that he would still want to take part in his child’s life regardless. But do not indicate that he needs to STAY with Zelena. Hopefully they won’t, but it still made me feel sick to my stomach. There is no way this storyline can go anywhere good. It’s been a mess from day one and it’s so ugly to remember that Marian has been victimized before and after her death. I wish this storyline didn’t exist. I am interested in seeing what happens with Lily in Storybrooke. Does she have her mother’s magic? Magic doesn’t exist in the other world, although Emma seemed to put out a car, and Zelena’s necklace does. This show just makes up its own rules whenever it feels like, I swear. I am very disappointed in this season and I’m not ultimately certain I will be continuing with it after the finale.


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