There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

The extraordinary thing about Orphan Black is that after every episode, it feels like an entire season has gone by. In fifty minutes they manage to accomplish so much, and I get exhausted afterward. It’s tense. It’s stressful. It’s a monument of fantastic acting that for some reason never gets appreciated enough by the rest of the world. I lament the lack of Orphan Black love there is  in the world. I commented on my Facebook that I sometimes forget Tatiana Maslany plays all the clones, which is ridiculous because of course I know that’s the basis for the show. At the same time, they’re such distinct and separate people. It’s interesting seeing Ari Millen come in with his clones and have a different take. See, the Castor clones were raised by the army, so they don’t have the nature vs nurture thing that the sisters get. They were all raised by different people, and it’s part of what makes them such fascinating characters. The Castor clones share a very similar background and code, and it’s made them all unbearably creepy. So I don’t think Ari will be able to push his acting chops in quite the same way until we see a really charming and friendly Castor. Previously on Orphan Black, too much is happening, I can’t summarize it. The Castors are the male line of clones and they were taken by the army. Paul is part of them. Mrs. S let them take Helena, who was impregnated with the Protheans, and that’s still so gross. Cosima is doing better because of Kira’s super special everything, and the baby daddy Cal is this lumberjack type guy who wants to be in their life now.

Seriously how do I summarize this show. Anyway, the Castor clones are given two specific names, Rudy and Seth. Rudy is the strong and intense one who talked to Sarah last week, and Seth is the weird little one with the mustache. That appears to be their actual personalities, and they’re very close. Close enough that Rudy would seduce a woman and then let Seth join them, whether she liked it or not (definitely did not). So right off the bat these guys are creepy murdering rapists, that’s great. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to feel sympathy for them? I don’t think so, not precisely. They’re not good guys. But they care about each other. Seth is showing signs of glitching, which must be the male version of the lung problem. Rudy wants to save his brother and thinks that if they can get their hands on the original strain of the Castor clones, they can come up with a cure. Duncan supposedly had both original strains but destroyed them. I don’t think that will end up being true; Cosima already knows that Duncan left his notes behind at least. He might have the strains somewhere too. Still, Rudy is determined to get answers, so he sneaks into Felix’s place and traps Kira. In an incredibly creepy way he draws those red exes over his eyes and holds a gun on her, demanding the info from Duncan he thinks Sarah might have. He hears Seth glitching below when he’s trying to keep Cal at bay, and he mercy assassinates his brother since he’s clearly in pain. And then he leaves. I’m not sure why he didn’t kill Cal? Seems like that would have been the smart thing to do, since he was a witness to their weakness. The plot didn’t want him to die, basically. He has some interaction with Paul about how they should all get out of town, and Cal apparently has some war profiteer stuff in his background. It’s weird they think Sarah would care about that? She was a grifter and druggie before, guys, she’s not that big of a judger.

safe_imageIn the end, Sarah decides to send Kira and Cal away. She reunites with Mrs. S although she’s still furious at her, but Mrs. S said when things got bad before, she took her children (Sarah and Felix) and fled. But Sarah can’t flee with Kira this time, she needs to find Helena. This is the way to keep Kira safe while focusing on the real problem. I’m fine with this because at this point the kid is more of a deus ex machina and only used for kidnappings and the like. Although without her, what will happen with Cosima? She’s gone though. Helena was being tortured and waterboarded, but then the “Mother” of the Castors showed up and went hey she’s pregnant, stoooop. I guess I suspected they were doing it regardless. Yikes. There is a pretty hilarious scene where they’re trying to give Helena these cognitive tests that shows the flaw in the Castors. And she’s completely not interested and still talking to her scorpion friend instead. Helena talks with the Mother for a bit, and she says that her sisters gave up on her. Helena’s not going to believe you, lady, she believed in Sarah even when she shouldn’t have, and now that Sarah does actually love her, their bond is unbreakable. It’s wonderful, in an odd way.

Cosima and Scott are talking to Dyad about the original strains and the science side of things. Alison and Donnie have decided to become drug dealers. I loooove Alison and Donnie, they’re always great comedy relief, but I really would like them to integrate into the rest of the plot more this season. Although Alison basically becoming Nancy Botwin from Weeds is completely perfect. Felix is supportive this episode by taking care of Mrs. S but also taking her to task. I hope he gets a storyline of his own one day too. Art comes back this episode, and it was a delight to see him again. Although mostly he just is there to tell her about the creepy clone rape, and be like Sarah leave me out of things. Art, I mostly want you to stay safe, so maybe you should go be a cop instead. I’m looking forward to seeing where they go from here. How are they going to find Helena? I really hope Helena basically saves herself, or at least to a point, because she’s damned dangerous. I’d really like to see Ari getting to play more than what seems to be the only type of Castor clone, although we see Mark. He’s burning off his tattoo, possibly so he can keep protecting Grace? I guess he’s an example of a nice version of the character, but even then he was always a little stark and creepy. I want more range out of him, I guess. I really have no idea where this show is going, but as usual, I’m along for the ride.



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