There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

First I want to mention that I disapprove of the Bobbi and Hunter spin-off they apparently are planning. What in the world are they thinking? Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (AoS from now on) is barely getting decent ratings as it is, and they should be renewing Agent Carter instead. We do not need yet another SHIELD show. It’s becoming overkill. I like the characters okay, but I don’t like them a lot, and I think it’s a terrible idea. I won’t be watching it. Since Ward is a character I wish died a long time ago, I rolled my eyes at having him come back now, but it was a decent episode otherwise, so I’ll forgive it. I really do hope he’s not long for this world, and I have no interest in a redemptive arc for him. He was always better as a bad guy. Previously on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Bobbi and Mack are a part of the “real” SHIELD, who think that Fury and Coulson are both untrustworthy. I’ve mentioned before I actually sympathize with that group, so it’s weird seeing them set up as almost villains in a way. Coulson escaped and left May behind with Simmons, but May’s starting to get suspicious of Coulson now. Skye met her mother and she is hanging out with the Inhumans now in their secret getaway.

I have to point out that Kyle MacLachlan is one of the most charismatic actors I’ve ever seen. He’s a character actor, so he’s been in so much, and he’s always excellent. He brings something so interesting to Cal, who is clearly very, very unstable, and yet somewhat sympathetic. I can believe that Skye genuinely is starting to feel something for her father, even if it’s just pity at this point. He was clearly a good person at some point, and whatever happened to him (Mr. Hyde!) changed him. That doesn’t stop him from being scary and dangerous now, but a little humanizing is good for the character. Skye asks her mother for permission to take Cal home. He thinks he’s just picking up a few things, but they never intend to bring him back. Skye’s concerned he’ll lose his temper and hurt people once he realizes they’ve abandoned him, so she wants to go cushion the blow. She calls in SHIELD to tell them, and this leads to both versions of SHIELD separately going to the same location. It’s all converging on Skye and Cal. In the end they manage to escape back to the Inhumans, although Skye’s new friend is now in HYDRA’s clasps. NOT GOOD. He went to try and protect Skye, and got lost in the cross-fire.

vlcsnap-2015-04-21-23h20m53s172The two teams end up searching for the same thing. Coulson has tracked down Ward and Kara, and they want help infiltrating HYDRA. Coulson offers to give Ward a fresh start by mind wiping him. Uhhhh what. That’s an odd thing to offer. They use HYDRA brainwashed agent Bakshi to try and connect with the bigger group, and learn that they’re able to track Gordon’s teleporting. Uh oh. Fitz figures it out now that he’s with the group and they have Fury’s black box at hand. Coulson allows them to temporarily have custody of Mike Peterson, which is an absolutely terrible idea. When Mike and Skye’s friend both end up in HYDRA’s hands during the fight, I went ‘well of course. Jeez.’ Ward seemed surprised when he heard that Skye was the thing they were after, although maybe some time with Kara has eased off his obsession. He was interested but not nearly as SKYE GASP OMG ILU as I expected. Which is good, because I already want to punch the guy. Coulson got to very temporarily see Skye before she was taken again . I’m wondering if his intentions are just to get Skye because he cares about her, or if he’s also looking at the big picture re: her and her powers. Hmmmm. There’s so much he’s still hiding.

We know that because May starts to realize that too. Simmons stays loyal and insists she trusts Coulson, but May is concerned about the things he’d holding back from her. Since I generally agree with the other SHIELD that his lies are a worry, and so were Fury’s. It’s a spy organization, they don’t need to agree on every single thing or share all the details, no. But a little more transparency with their own agents would be nice, considering they’re floundering and full of distrust right now. They need to stick together, not find reasons to push apart. Coulson voluntarily turns himself over at the end, but I’m accepting that they probably will have Edward James Olmos’ character be evil/hiding things too. They’ll want to justify everything that Coulson has been hiding, but I wouldn’t mind him learning a lesson from this. So Mike and Lincoln are captured by HYDRA. Skye and Cal are back with the Inhumans. Coulson’s arrested by the other SHIELD. But Fitz probably still has the box with Hunter. They are teasing that there will be a scene where the original team are back together: May, Coulson, Skye, Ward, Simmons, and Fitz. I can hardly be nostalgic about that considering we all know Ward is a murderous sociopath. This was a good solid episode all around though.



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