Dee Discusses: Scandal 4×19

Posted: April 18, 2015 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, scandal, Television
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There are MAJOR spoilers in this review. Duh.

I saw this coming from a mile away, because Scandal is not very subtle. I understand that it wouldn’t really be a show about scandals if it was subtle, but it used to manage to be a mix of thoughtful and badass. Once upon a time, so long ago. I could say I was in denial during this episode, but I wasn’t, because as soon as everyone said “well as long as we have Jake willing to talk we’re safe,” I went, goodbye Jake. I’m generally a fan of Jake, but I understand the reasons why this was decided. He was a loose end for Papa Pope, a serious one, and the triangle for the time being is sort of pointless. I really wish they’d drop Huck instead, since I’ve long since gotten bored with that character, but who knows, the season isn’t over yet. But they hinged this episode on the fact that Jake was their saving grace, and that he was always there for Olivia and loved her when she needed it. So he’s the one that needed to go. I don’t blame Scott Foley for wanting to flee while he could. I will admit I think it’s coming to the end of me hate-watching this show. It’s not necessarily due to Jake, but it does that mean the Olitz thing will come back worse than ever, and it’s my least favorite thing ever. I’ll give it to the end of the season, but I might be free. I could be free. Previously on Scandal, they all decided to take down B-613, and I basically already spoiled the end result of that. Olivia started sleeping with a new guy, and can that woman ever cut a break with love interests? She met this guy Marcus who was a part of a Ferguson-like storyline, and I was surprised to see him again. Mellie wants to run for President and they hired this oddball woman to be VP, and I’m kind of in love with her.

Let’s start with her, because she makes me smile. I think it’s fun to see Cyrus, Mellie, and Fitz so unraveled by one person. It’s hilarious what a bad judgment call they made with her, because probably a few extra minutes in her presence would’ve taught them she’s a sincere idealist. She’s said over and over that she wants to do right, but they’re so sucked into politics by now they can’t even understand that. I love that she has a spine. A lot of people would have bowed to pressure, and she’s like ha ha ha nope, I’m going to call you all out. There’s a bill that passes about the police being better with racial screening a la the Ferguson situation. Finally everyone’s agreed, but she needs to vote it in, and she refuses until she’s read the whole thing. She points out all the bad logic in it, and that nothing is actually enforceable. It’s funny (except really tragic) that they’re showing how pointless some bills passed are. Everyone’s playing along saying things are changing, but they’re not, and she’s pointing it out. She’s also smart as a whip and knows exactly what Mellie’s intentions are, and she inspires Fitz to try and sit down and work out the plan with her. They might be wrong about her potential for a bigger position. At the very least, she’s a breath of fresh air in that White House, so I’m for VP Ross. They announce Mellie running for Ross’ position, but no one has mentioned how completely ridic it is that Mellie thinks she can run for President. Whatever. Let it go, self.

scan12With that out of the way, the real storyline is of course about Olivia and her father. Papa Pope is back with all his pontificating. Sometimes it gets a little tiring, but in general, this man can read a monologue like no one else. He could probably be reading something pointless and make it sound epic. He points out taking down B-613 would harm everyone she cares about, and does she care more about doing what’s right than that? This ties in with her storyline with Marcus, the outspoken guy from the Ferguson episode who whipped the crowds into a frenzy. He’s running for Mayor, but had an affair with the Mayor’s wife. The Mayor found out and had her murdered, planning on pinning it on Marcus. Olivia does her usual fix it thing where everyone agrees to let Marcus win in exchange for the Mayor not getting in trouble, but Marcus surprises everyone when he says the truth instead. Even if it means the death of his political career. Olivia’s inspired by this into telling her father that she will do what is right no matter who it hurts, because she actually wants to care about justice.

He loves it! I enjoyed this back and forth, to be honest. I enjoy Papa Pope’s strange sort of pride in her here. He’s a strange character, but I completely understand what he’s saying here. He was sick of seeing her scrape around for Fitz and for everyone else, and the idea that she’s actually stepping up to him and willing to put it out there makes him proud of her. Of course she’s completely out classed because he’s willing to murder everyone around her to win the game, and it’ll be interesting to see how Olivia can even compete here. She can’t be as cutthroat as her father, because it definitely brings down her righteous fury, but how do you stop a psychopath without using similar means? While they’re arguing, Jake is murdered by her new beau, one of Rowan’s agents. He did die rather quickly and without much of a peep, but I almost like that. In brutal fights like between spies, sometimes all it takes is one mistake or one surprise to get dead. RIP Jake. I liked you, despite all the awfulness. I’m not sure where they’ll take the case against B-613, but probably no where good, since Rowan will just keep killing people until it’s over. Huck next, please? In any case, someone needs to take out her father. Dare I dream it will be Olivia herself? Will she be able to come back from that? Maybe her mother! Yes, let her mother out and that would be amazing. Next season her mother can be the main bad guy. I want more of her.

It wasn’t a terrible episode all things considered, but I’m weary and since most of the chars I like are gone or dead, I’m nearing the end. All it takes it one more Olitz kiss/reconciliation and I’m gone, and since it’s Scandal, that’s coming soon. Maybe I’ll get to see the end of Papa Pope beforehand! And more Abbie? She’s had great stuff this season but always seems on the outskirts too much.



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