De Discusses: Agents of SHIELD 2×16

Posted: April 15, 2015 by Dee in Comics, Dee, General Media, Marvel, Recaps, SHIELD, Television


There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

This was a fairly basic episode so it took awhile for me to get around to writing it. It’s not a bad episode. The acting is good, the story is good, everything goes the way it should, but it sort of fits into that “meh” section I feel like most of this show is. I hate saying that, because every time I sit down to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (AoS from now on), I enjoy watching it. But I’m not excited or chomping at the bit to watch. I’m not spending my time wondering where it’s headed. If it’s tying into Avengers 2, that I’m interested in. I can’t really explain why this show doesn’t give me the oomf I want, but it’s good enough to keep watching, so that will have to be how it goes. Previously on AoS, there’s a second SHIELD team who think that Coulson’s too secretive and like Fury. They’re angry the two of them lied too often, and that the new SHIELD should be more honest with each other. I completely agree with them, so I’m not sure why I’m supposed to dislike them. Edward James Olmos is their leader, Gonzales, and May helps Coulson escape. He runs off with Hunter to plan on …another coup? Is that necessary? I can’t tell what’s at stake here. They don’t want to hurt Coulson, as far as I can tell, just get answers from him. They have the little black box Fury gave him full of all his secrets. At this point, I can’t blame people for questioning who Fury trusts. Skye was “rescued” by the eyeless teleporter and she is now with them. Raina and her father are also there.

I guess I’ll start with Skye. She meets a sexy fellow Inhuman named Lincoln who is supposed to help her transition. They haven’t called themselves Inhumans yet or referred to who they actually are. He does say it’s an old community and they’re far away from civilization where it’s safe. There are many people there, some who already have super powers, and some who haven’t done the mist yet but plan on it. Usually it takes a long time for people to prepare for the powers, and Skye is unique for being forced into it. So people are envious and also suspicious of her. Skye is angry when she sees Raina there and has no sympathy for the pain she’s going through now, saying she’s a killer and should leave. She is persuaded to stay temporarily by Jiaying, the leader of the group who we all know is her real mother. Jiaying doesn’t reveal her true identity to Skye, but if she wants people not to be suspicious of Skye, she’s not really helping by trying to spend time with her. She’s clearly the leader and everyone’s going to go ‘what’s up with her hanging with the new kid.’ Looking forward to learning a lot more about this too! So far Lincoln seems to be an original character, but the comic fan in me wonders if he’s equivalent to Hellfire? He did say he nearly burned through Afterlife.



Back to the storyline I’m not that interested in. Coulson and Hunter are out and about. They nearly get caught but survive and meet up with Mike Peterson, the metahuman from all the way in the pilot. He’s apparently been working secretly with Coulson all this time. He helps them out. Coulson says they need to find Grant Ward. The only thing that would make me angrier is bringing back Ward, so congrats, you managed it. The other SHIELD people try to persuade Simmons, Fitz, and May to join them. Simmons and May appear to do so, with Fitz intentionally leaving. It was given away that Fitz saw something about Simmons looking into the box which made him leave quickly. It’s because she snuck it to him. May may or may not be agreeing to join with them temporarily, in exchange for being on the new board and protecting Coulson that way.

I’ve said it before but I mostly agree with this group of SHIELD. I would suspect Coulson too. He might be a good guy, but I can’t even say I think he’s a great leader. He lied and kept things back from his people all of the time. And I agree with them that the people should be more loyal to SHIELD than to Coulson, because what if he was compromised? But the show seems to be telling me that I’m wrong and that they’re the bad SHIELD. I don’t agree. Of course I assume they will make the leader a secret H.Y.D.R.A person, thus confirming we were never supposed to like that side in the first place. “What a twist,” no one will say.


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