Spoiler alert: I'm still the worst.

Spoiler alert: I’m still the worst.

There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I’m trying to decide what it is about this show that doesn’t quite work for me. I enjoy watching it, but I don’t have any interest in watching it live. It takes awhile for me to get around to pulling it up on the DVR. It has great characters and the story is legitimately interesting this season, so why do I have such lukewarm feelings toward it? Who knows. In any case, they are introducing a storyline that I find fascinating, so I’m intrigued now. I could have done without Ward and Agent 33 in this episode. I could do without him in general, and seeing him lie and manipulate yet another person is exhausting. I suppose people could argue he was “helping” her, but Ward doesn’t do anything unless it benefits him in some way. And yes, benefiting Skye occasionally benefits him too, because he wants something out of her. So I’ll just say here that the two of them are in this episode and they try to fix Agent 33’s face. They manage to and “cure” her of her brainwashing, giving her back her identity as Kara. Now the two continue on as a Bonnie and Clyde in this universe; no doubt eventually their paths will be leading back to the main cast eventually. Who will hopefully kill him. Don’t get me wrong, Ward is so much better as a bad guy, but I like bad guys to eventually have an end point.

Previously on Agents of SHIELD, Skye is now an Inhuman and the team is aware. Simmons is showing alarmingly prejudiced responses to superhumans, and she and Fitz aren’t on good terms. Hunter was kidnapped by Mack and taken to “the real SHIELD.” And that’s really what I’m into. So there is a faction of SHIELD that thinks Fury seriously dropped the ball. And he did. He wasn’t the only one who dropped the ball, but you can’t deny bad things happened under his watch, and he barely even dismantled SHIELD and HYDRA. Cap had to insist. It seems perfectly natural that there are agents who resent where Fury took them, and that means they’re not particularly happy with his choice in Coulson. Bobbi has been spying on them, and her analysis is that Coulson has been unreliable and also a big secret keeper. He was infected with alien blood and doesn’t have control of his own unit. She’s not wrong about that. Edward James Olmos guest stars as Agent Robert Gonzalez, and he seems like the leader of this other faction. He knew Coulson and the others and respects them, but basically respectfully disagrees with their choices. So what does this mean?

Agents-of-SHIELD-Love-in-the-Time-of-Hydra-4-1024x592It means that there’s about to be a real civil war in SHIELD, long before there’s one with the Avengers. Hunter escaped from their ship, which is impressive, and that means Bobbi will be going back. I feel like this is a situation that could go better if they just talked to each other? But I find that unlikely. Like any classic comic superhero fight, they’re going to fight first and talk later. The real problem is going to surround Skye and what they want to do with her. Coulson seems to sense that things are closing in, because he moved her to a secure location. They’ll find her eventually though because she’s at a Fury safehouse, and the rest of SHIELD could have access to it. This feels like an early glimpse at the registration war that will be coming in Captain America: Civil War. Do they lock up or control Skye because of her powers? Bobbi and Mack were fairly clear that they weren’t comfortable about the secret, and their lives were at risk because of Skye’s lack of control. I like situations where both sides have valid points.

Outside of that, this was a really simple episode. Ward and Agent 33’s little adventure took up half of it, and Hunter learning about this other SHIELD took up the rest. This felt more like a building block episode than anything else. It’s leading to the next one, where it looks like the “real” SHIELD will be infiltrating Coulson’s SHIELD. I wonder what Maria Hill would say about all of this. It’s interesting she went to work for Stark instead of helped Coulson rebuild. Of course that’s because they want Cobie in the movies and not on the show. I do hope she might show up again though, because I feel like Maria and Fury are the ones who could help in this situation. Or just talking! Come on. I hope Edward James Olsmos’ character is not evil.  I find him infinitely more interesting as a person who genuinely thinks Coulson/Fury dropped the ball and need to be replaced. Making him a villain would just undercut the legit concerns that this group has for the way Coulson’s been running things. I know he’s our hero and we want to support him, but he hasn’t had the best track record. Having people who question him can be important at times for checks and balances. But we’ll see how it goes.

  1. Daatalaughing says:

    I’m not so sure that Hunter did leave the ship. In fact, as this episode progressed I felt more and more sure that all was not as it seemed. I made a big long post about it in the Marvel TV thread, but what it boils down to it, I’m convinced that this other SHIELD could not possibly have kept themselves a secret, particularly not from Coulson (they’re sailing around on their own personal aircraft carrier for crying out loud, hard not to get noticed), and if Coulson knows about them, then it brings into question everything that we think is happening in this episode, including what Hunter is up to. Could he be the one putting one over on Bobbi for once in their relationship?


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