Dee Discusses: Arrow 3×16

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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

It’s just strange to see how quickly I am losing love for this show that used to be top of my favorite list. How did they go so wrong? Since coming back from the break it has been a very weak few episodes, and I’m starting to wonder if they know what they’re doing anymore. Previously on the Arrow, Thea turned in Malcolm to the League of Assassins, and Oliver decided to go and rescue him, because this show is really stupid now. Anyway, Ra’s let him live because he wanted to offer Oliver the chance to take his place. Ooookay. Also Felicity and Ray are a thing and it’s really irritating. Ray’s suit is working but we haven’t seen it in action. Laurel and her father have a falling out, and Nyssa’s captured by the Arrow team. Or she was. At the end of the episode, Thea let Nyssa out of the cage and told her she was responsible for Sara’s death.

This is handled quickly, and I appreciate that again it’s people going no Thea, it wasn’t your fault, jeez. Nyssa firmly believes that Malcolm’s responsible, because he is, so she’s not going to hurt Thea. The Arrow people capture Nyssa again, although they’re aware Thea’s acting a little strangely. Or suicidally, at this point. Meanwhile Ra’s explains to Oliver about the Lazarus Pit, which is this is like healing waters, but it’s stopped working on him as well because it’s his time to die. Or something. Malcolm said there’s a prophecy about the person who survives the blade will be Ra’s successor. Seriously we have prophecies? Sigh. This show has always been science fiction more than fantasy. Oliver considers it, but he says no, and as a gesture of good faith Ra’s lets him take Malcolm and Diggle away. But obviously you don’t say no to Ra’s al Ghul. He knows that Oliver cares about his city and that appealing to his obsession for “justice” is the way to get to him. Oliver was very strict about not wanting assassinations, and Ra’s said he could figure out for himself how to run the guild. And tempted him with all these possible connections he could have to change the world.

Arrow-316-1I think  we’re just supposed to accept that Oliver would believe this? Or consider it? I mean everyone in the episode clearly think he’s insane and he shouldn’t be considering it. Good, because I agree, that’s insane. Yes Oliver has always had his questionable immoral moments, but on the whole he’s been very clear about when he knows someone is legit bad. Remember this is the guy who chose not to murder Slade last season and instead imprison him, to show he’s changed. How he’s regressed this far is stupid to me. He’s frustrated that he’s not changing the city, and now Quentin is mad at him about Sara, and Felicity’s dating Ray so he’s alone. Wah wah wah wah manpain. After saving the police from a gang of bad guys, Oliver remembers that he became a hero because he wanted to save lives, not take them. Apparently he needed to be reminded? I do appreciate that Felicity mentioned they all needed to find their reasons to keep fighting, so he needed to. Narratively it’s not a bad choice, it just wasn’t executed very well.

Thea’s trying to deal with Malcolm and what he’s made of her. There’s a theme of fathers and daughters here since Nyssa is horrified that her father’s offered Oliver her rightful position as his heir. She’s decided to stay with Laurel for now and hold onto a piece of Sara. Laurel and her father aren’t speaking either and he said it’s basically done for them. While I agree him being angry, he really might want to think whether he’s okay with burying both daughters and knowing he intentionally stayed away from Laurel first. I can’t believe Oliver would make Thea let Malcolm stay in their apartment. For crying out loud the guy drugged her, brainwashed her, and made her murder her friend. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? She ends up going to Roy and they rekindle their relationship, if only temporarily. Basically my patience is wearing on this season. It feels all over the place thematically. The writing is weak. The characters seem OOC or not well written. I know they can do better than this, and I hope they do. At the end of the episode Ra’s kills people dressed as Oliver, indicating he’ll be bloodying up the Arrow’s name again.



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