Dee Discusses: Scandal 4×16

Posted: March 23, 2015 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, scandal, Television
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I’m not really sure how to approach this episode. There were things I genuinely liked about it. And things that made me side eye so hard it might as well have been shade throwing. First off though, I actually had no idea that was Lena Dunham. I don’t watch her show, and I haven’t really seen her on anything. I could tell fairly quickly that this was a character that a well known actress should play, however, and I think she did well with the material. I don’t have a lot of opinions on Lena, but I know she’s a tense subject for some people. She’s either hailed as a feminist icon, or more part of the problem than the solution. So there was a lot of undercurrent going on here that I was completely oblivious to until after I looked up her name. Previously on Scandal, Olivia was kidnapped and sold to control Fitz, he started a war for her, and now they’re over. Olivia has serious PTSD and she is struggling to find herself again. Abby’s been dating Leo, who I really don’t like and isn’t good enough for her, and she is the press secretary at the White House, which she rocks. Huck and David Rosen are going after B-613 so Huck can get his family back. Mellie wants to run for President.

First I’m just dealing with Mellie because that’s easy. Mellie announces she’s running for senator of Virginia. That’s where the new VP was from, so she wants her spot. I’m glad she doesn’t think she can go straight to President, but if she thinks she can be Senator for like three years and then President, that’s insane. But also unsurprising for this show. Portia de Rossi’s character offers to run her campaign so she can feel like she’s accomplishing something other than being controlled by Cyrus. Good, Mellie could use a BAMF lady at her side. The episode is really about Lena Dunham’s character Sue, who had sex with a bunch of influential men in DC. Kinky sex. Including Leo, Abby’s boyfriend, and eventually it was revealed David is one of the names too. Whoops. We’re not told really what their kinks were, and that’s fine by me. They’re not exactly swoon worthy. Sue wrote a tell-all book about her experience. Olivia goes to threaten her and shut the book down, but then Sue turned around and demanded three million. This is followed by a pretty hilarious verbal smack down from Sue where she calls Olivia out for slut shaming her and not being a champion like she used to be. I feel like Olivia could use people actually being directly nice to her and listening to her problems rather than telling her she sucks all the time. But I do like that Sue pointed out how ridiculous it is that Olivia was slut shaming. Olivia’s been a champion for women’s rights in the past in a lot of ways, and she really should be behind women owning their bodies. However, Sue’s not owning her sexuality so much as extorting and blackmailing men, which kind of darkens her point. Like it’s one thing to enjoy your sex life, and another to know you’re hurting people by revealing the kinks that society in general has made them think is too shameful to be public. But these are also powerful men who probably cheated on spouses and thought they got away with it. I don’t know. This is murky ground.

JEFF PERRY, KERRY WASHINGTONAnyway at first they decide to just pay her the money, but David’s like oh hell no. He’d rather admit to the shame and lose his position than be extorted. This means a few things. First of all, if it goes public, Abby has to resign because the shame will go on her and not on Leo. She says a much more interesting and truthful feminist rant about how her reputation is damaged by everything he does, but it’s not a two way street. As a woman in a position of power she’s held to a different standard. I’d love to have Sue hear this and then decide if blackmailing them was a good idea. Also David prepares to lose his job, and he tells Huck he can’t have his immunity for B-613 if that happens. Huck insisted on it if they were going to go after the organization. Right now Jake, David, and Quinn are aware of this plan. Why hasn’t Jake mentioned anything to anyone? They’re all in a lot of trouble, just saying. After thinking it through, Olivia realizes that Sue’s angry because of something in her own life. Her boss found out about her kinky private life and sexually harassed her. He then fired her for saying no, and kept her from getting hired anywhere else. I felt like this was a fairly too easy way to wrap up her storyline. She did a pretty quick turn there, but it made sense that she was a smart woman and she felt relegated to her sexual wants only. And so she made it only about her sexual wants. It was okay, but also left me feeling a little murky on it.

It doesn’t matter though because Huck murdered her. Yeah. I actually saw this one coming. As soon as it was made clear that her book would keep David from prosecuting B-613, I’m like well she’s dead. Quinn and Huck go there to help her, an ex was threatening her, but he kills her very quickly. He says it’s because eventually she would’ve talked anyway, and he couldn’t take the chance. Quinn covered it up, and Olivia was told to also cover it up. Getting to the bottom of Sue’s death would “hurt her family.” She had a conversation with Cyrus on their park bench, and he wanted his hands on the book too, to use against people later on. Olivia gets sad about how damaged and corrupt the town is and walks away. I actually like Olivia’s struggle now to find herself again. I want to see her get badass again, like she was in season one, but I’m fine with seeing her grow and change as a character and find a middle ground. She’s not the same person she was then. She isn’t really a gladiator anymore. I’m not sure at this point what can snap her out of it. As for Huck, I feel like his character arc is wrapping up? Like I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets taken out by the end of the season. I’m fine with that, he does feel like he’s run his course. It’s amazing he’s stayed alive this long all things considered. I’ve always felt like he was the character that deserved to die the most. Yes he was turned this way, sort of, but he really loves torture and murder. That feels a little more like it was always there to be brought out, honestly.

This was an okay episode. There were moments I really enjoyed, like Abby’s rant and even parts of Sue’s rant. I liked Olivia still trying to get work and feeling like she can make a difference. I mean, she can’t, she keeps running into bad corners, but I do like that she’s trying. I feel like there were problematic elements to this episode, but that’s just Scandal for you these days.



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