Snapshot 1 (22-03-2015 5-57 p.m.)

There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

So I got a little lazy in my last review and didn’t go into detail about Anne and Rochefort. Mea culpa. I’ll do it now. We knew that Rochefort’s violence and mental instability was escalating. He believes himself to be in love with Anne, although it’s more of an obsession. He confronted her about giving his gift – the cross – to Aramis. She tried to back away from him, but he tearfully said if she loved him all could be forgiven, and then tried to rape her. It was a very unnerving scene and thankfully brief. Constance got in the way and Anne stabbed him in the eye. YOU GO ANNE. I also didn’t do a good job on commenting that Constance decided to say to hell with mourning and get together with D’Artagnan, although the sweet doctor proposed to her first. Fail, self. So Anne is in a bad place. Rochefort knows about her and Aramis, he’s crazy, and he’s taken over the palace and the King entirely. Noooooot good.

The Musketeers go to the Queen to help protect her, but when she tries to confront the King and Rochefort, Rochefort’s handed over her letter to her brother from a few episodes back. Of course that was coming back to bite you! The King is furious, although he plans on forgiving her eventually. Aramis tells the Musketeers the truth about Anne and the dauphin, and their reactions are to be expected. A lot of facepalms. Porthos points out that the best thing Aramis can do for both of them is forget it happened. Milady is brought in on the team because she told Athos she had proof Rochefort’s a Spanish spy, and she agrees to get Athos into the palace. His former sister in law Catherine shows up and nearly hangs her, but Athos saves her. They address their issues directly in a very emotional and tense way, and Milady maintains that his brother attempted to rape her. I think we are now supposed to believe that’s the truth, although they’ve tried in the past to make it somewhat questionable. Athos and Milady look through his papers for proof and they’re almost caught by Rochefort, and then they make out a lot. It’s a very destructive relationship, but a hot one. They have scorching chemistry.

18952aThey decide to yoink Anne right out of there, and Constance stays behind to take care of the Dauphin. While this happens, Louis is poisoned by Rochefort, although he only intended him to get mildly ill to use as a plot. Marguerite is still helping him, although her increasing terror is making her more aware there’s no turning back. Constance and the doctor are arrested for poisoning Louis, and Rochefort executes the doctor right in front of her. Daaaaamn. I liked that guy. I think he was probably always meant to die, which is sad, but it was a fairly brutal moment. Poor Constance. The whole gang comes back, but Porthos is sent off on a near-suicide mission. He’s going to try and get the Spanish spy master, and have him turn on Rochefort so they can prove he’s a psycho all this time. Rochefort’s managed to expertly convince the paranoid Louis that they’re all out to get him. Anne et all come back to the palace after hearing Louis was poisoned, and while Marguerite tries to save Aramis, it doesn’t matter. He’s arrested, although the others are allowed to go, outside of the queen. At least they all know now that Marguerite’s not to be trusted; sad it had to go this way. I feel the weirdest blend of disgust and sympathy for her.

So this is a tense episode to build up to the finale. Aramis and Constance are arrested. Anne is being held for treason. The doctor is dead. Porthos is on a suicide mission. Rochefort’s both brilliant and completely insane so he’s very menacing. At this point I wouldn’t put anything past him. It was action packed, I didn’t realize how much happened in only one episode. I can’t believe they left Constance there; I understand the Dauphin needed to be watched over, but she was the easy scapegoat. They don’t have any evidence of Rochefort being evil except for the Spanish spy, and while I’m sure he’ll fix it, it’s still a pretty dire situation. Plus there’s the whole aspect that the dauphin isn’t Louis’ son and some of what Rochefort is telling him is 100% true. It’s a weird situation there, like I definitely want our people to survive, because they’re the heroes. But I’ve disliked this whole storyline from the get go and it’s sort of dishonorable/dishonest for the lie to continue. It’s not like they have any other choice. I’m just not a fan. Maybe they purposely made Louis the worst this season so you wouldn’t feel bad that they’re lying to him.

There’s a lot going on. Rochefort’s been a great bad guy, much better than I expected. But I really, really want him to die.



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