There will be spoilers in this review. Duh.

Porthos is the Musketeer that’s gotten the least amount of attention lately, so I was excited to have an episode all about him. Athos has the Milady drama, Aramis has taken spotlight due to the dauphin and Anne, and D’Artagnan has the Constance stuff. Porthos needs a good love interest apparently! His storyline where Treville’s hidden a secret from him was in the background this season, but Treville finally told him who his real father is. And this was Porthos’ chance to go meet him and find out the truth of what happened. Honestly, there were a lot of questions left by the end of the episode. They really weren’t very clear about what his father did in the past or present. So I’m not sure I feel like Porthos was given a storyline good enough to really get the most out of it. There’s also no long lasting consequences of it that I can see.

Porthos and Aramis go to confront Porthos’ father, Marquis Belgard. Yes, Porthos is of noble birth! And apparently legitimate, which brings up some interesting questions later on (that could be a good storyline buuut whatever). His father became a recluse and seems to be very bitter and unhappy. He hates Treville, stating that he stole Porthos and his mother a long time ago, and that it was his fault Belgard left the court in disgrace. Apparently he was there when the King was assassinated and partly blamed for it. He loved and married Porthos’ mother in secret, but she was taken from him by Treville and put in the gutter with Porthos. He claims he thought they were dead this whole time, which is likely true, despite the fact he’s kind of a dbag. Porthos also gets to meet his charming half-sister and her equally charming husband. Both you can tell are bad people right off the bat. It’s too bad, I would’ve liked the idea of Porthos having at least a sister he could get along with. None of them have family in the strictest sense; even if their father was a jerk, him establishing a relationship with her could have been nice. Ah well.

p02kqrzhAramis gets suspicious when two servants are accused of stealing and captured. One of them is murdered, and he follows them bringing the second girl into town. He believes Porthos’ sister is in charge of a shady operation that might be selling their servants for trade, and that’s exactly what they’re doing. Yuuuuuck. Athos and D’Artagnan buy in to the “auction” for the nobles, and they save all the girls there. Porthos confronted Treville earlier, suspicious thanks to his father that he hired Porthos for the Musketeers out of guilt instead of merit. He briefly quits the Musketeers, especially when Treville acknowledges he did take the two of them. It’s silly that Treville still refuses to give him the full story here, although he claims it’s because Porthos needs to figure it out on his own. Okay, but not giving him a full picture doesn’t really help him that much, man. Belgard insists that he knew nothing about their operation, but it seems fairly clear he did. I wish there was some reference to the fact this was basically a sex slave operation, and Belgard was once married to a former slave. Was he always this bad of a guy?

Apparently so! He said he would kill Porthos and his mother so he wouldn’t be disinherited, and Treville had a blood oath with him. He took the two of them because he promised to, but he felt guilty and went looking afterward. He swore that Porthos was in the Musketeers due to his skill and not due to his birth. I’m not ultimately certain that’s completely true. I do think Treville would never make someone a Musketeer unless they earned it, and Porthos has definitely earned it. But he might have come to Treville’s attention in the first place due to his background. It’s not like he hires every great warrior from the infantry, come on. But it shouldn’t make Porthos angry, because he is a great Musketeer and he’s where he should be. He turns against his father for his lies and goes back home where he belongs, but he has no interest in inheriting the property. Belgard is sort of left as a loose end? He’s not dead, I suppose they’ll arrest him and his family for selling the girls off.

It didn’t feel like a lot of closure. It also feels like a one-off, like we might not see any aftermath for Porthos. He deserves a full storyline, damnit. It was nice seeing all of the Musketeers fight together though and that their camaraderie hasn’t wavered. Their love and support for Porthos is lovely. It was an okay episode, but not a great one, and I hope he gets a meaty storyline one of these days. Oh man I almost forgot, Rochefort got super creepy/crazy at Anne and tried to rape her. So. I really should have put more time into that part, but it was the very end and I think the next ep deals a lot more with it so I’ll have more to say there.



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