There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I am so behind. This aired weeks ago. Facepalm. I’m in catch up mode, but this is the finale of season four of Suits, so it deserves recognition. I was amazed when I looked back at the whole season how much happened. USA Network deserves credit for making such a quality show and I don’t think people realize how good it is. The ratings are 2 million at most, and a lot of times when I mention Suits people look at me blankly. But the show has intense storylines, fantastic acting, and lovable characters. So previously on Suits, Jessica and Jeff broke up because she lied to him about Louis. Harvey had some shady background with super creep Charles Forstman, and they’re attempting to take him down. Harvey told Donna that he loved her after saving her from prosecution. Louis found out about Mike and was mad for awhile, but now he’s on good terms with everyone again.

We knew that Harvey got involved with Charles Forstman and regretted it, and now there’s some light shed on it. He tried to get money for his brother Marcus, who had a gambling problem that Harvey himself helped create. He made a deal, but Forstman used him to get secret info and then made a bunch of money off of it. In order to keep Harvey in his pocket, he invested part of Marcus’ money in the deal, so exposing him meant exposing the innocent Marcus. Harsh, but effective. Harvey’s avoided telling many people about this because he’s ashamed, and he has blinders on when it comes to the subject. He’s desperate to keep Marcus safe, especially since his brother now is successful and has a happy family. But Harvey does end up wearing a wire in order to trap Forstman, who was so arrogant he just openly talked about how he manipulated Harvey years ago. I’m surprised he didn’t even think about this. The rest of the episode was them trying to get one of his employees to flip on Forstman, but this was the way to do it in the end. It did expose Harvey’s flaws, but it got the job done. It seemed a little too neat, so I doubt this is the last we’ll hear about it. Forstman’s a powerful person with a lot of money. I am still fascinated by Harvey’s home life; I want more from Marcus and also about their mother.

xthe-brothers-specter-suits-s4e16.jpg.pagespeed.ic.8E5-a0WmfcRkX3vDxi9mMike and Rachel spend the episode trying to help Harvey, going so far as to use sensitive information against Eric Woodall so he’d flip. They feel bad about it, since they were using his loved one against him. Rachel’s also sad that Harvey has basically forgotten about her. Since Mike came back, Harvey has been relying on his BFF instead of on her. She was his point person before, and she feels left behind. Legit concern, and I’m glad they addressed it, although hopefully it’ll be more actively addressed with Harvey giving her more to do next season. Mike proposes to Rachel in the end, and it’s a very sweet scene. I’m glad they got through their issues, they’re cute, and I’m a firm believer that characters don’t get boring when they’re in relationships. There’s plenty left for them to delve into. There was also a good moment with Jessica where she can’t give Harvey good advice, because she’s not able to get in a good mindset herself. It’s too bad she doesn’t have anyone she can lean on, however. Jessica deserves a real friend. She’s always very aware of her own boundaries, and I respect that. I still want her to have better storylines with the whole group next season instead of being on the outskirts.

The major storyline is between Donna and Harvey too. After his confession, Donna is trying to figure out what he meant by his confession, and what that means to them. Their relationship has always had blurry lines, and I think she’s trying to decide if going for it is something she wants. Or if she just needs distance to get past it again. She helps Louis after his secretary dies and he’s devastated, and he begs her to work for him. In the end she chooses to do it, but only after telling Harvey she loves him too. I wonder if that’s the right choice if they do decide to be together, because she might not like working for him while that part of their relationship changes. There’s some great flashbacks with her and Harvey when they first met and how they established their back and forth. With them I do wonder if they’d lose some of their charm if they tried a relationship, but I also want to see it. If it becomes a disaster, so be it, but I like characters to grow and change and try things. I don’t know if they were clear what Donna really wanted from him; maybe him to be more clear about his feelings. Or for them to make some kind of decision together, even if it was that they didn’t want to try anything. Hard to say. I hope they clarify it? I’m not sure her leaving him is a big enough thing to end a season on, but c’est la vie. They got their big gasp ending with Louis finding out halfway through.

Overall this was a very packed season and a lot of great things happened. I respect how this show actively finds new stories and challenges for their characters. They are the people we loved from the beginning, but they’ve grown too. The flashbacks are handled so well too. Next season I want more Jessica. I want her working more actively with them. I really want to see her in the court room. I guess some resolution with Harvey and Donna will be nice. I’d love to see Harvey’s mother. What about Donna’s family? We don’t know enough about Donna. After four seasons this show is still excellent, and that’s impressive. Until summer time!


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