Dee Discusses: Scandal 4×15

Posted: March 22, 2015 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, scandal, Television
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Oh good, at least this is an episode I can comment on. The Ferguson one was just too difficult. I like Guillermo Diaz, but Huck’s schtick is getting a little old. I like to see this as character development for him, but his monologues can start to feel like the exact same after awhile. That could be said of anyone. This is an interesting continuation of Jake giving David all the B-613 files and telling him to get the bad guys. The fact he did that and is now grumpy about it being a possibility just makes me head scratch. I swear half of the problem with this show is how characters either occasionally go OOC to suit the storyline, or they just regress a lot for the same reason. This show. I’m back to hate-watching. Previously on Scandal, Olivia was kidnapped and sold to control Fitz and he started a war. This has left her PTSD ridden and terrified. The black woman across the hall was killed when she was kidnapped, and the team figured out what happened to her because another woman made noise and said something was wrong. That becomes important. Huck got back in touch with his family. Mellie wants to run for President.

Some of the episode revolves around the bumbling Susan Ross being made Vice President. They chose her because she would not be a competitor for when Mellie eventually ran. Okay. LOL. Whatever show. She announces her candidacy and does well at first, but then she loses it on camera in a humiliating way. They decide to call in fixer Leo, Abby’s current boyfriend, to try and make her better as a candidate. She goes on late night talk shows to laugh about her mistake and spin it. They teach her how to lie and pretend she’s more conservative than she is. Leo pushes her hard until she breaks and quits, leading Abby to fire him. Olivia does agree to come in and help them, telling Fitz he has to apologize to congress in order to get Susan passed. He declared war without their support and now they’re pissed. He tries to be his usual whiny dramatic self and say he did it all for her, but Olivia’s like apologize, man, so he does and it all works out. I’m just glad that she didn’t fall under his spell again, instead seeming to stick with her ‘you suck’ opinion. Yay. Let’s all stay on that side.

GUILLERMO DIAZ, SCOTT FOLEY, JOSHUA MALINAOlivia’s real storyline is connecting with the old woman who went looking for her friend when Olivia was captured. Now she’s faced with the knowledge her next door neighbor is dead and she was loved and her loved one can’t find her. I was touched by this storyline, and the actress who plays Rose really is what sold it. She and Lois (the neighbor) were actually in love with each other, although Lois married and had children separately. Olivia wants to set things right and gets her people to try and find the body at least. She wants Rose to have closure. In the end they find Lois’ body and she can be buried, and she tells Rose she died well and peacefully. I’m so glad they didn’t just drop that part of the story, and it’s nice to see Olivia trying to help people again. I doubt this gives her closure, especially since she feels responsible for Lois’ death in the first place.

The major storyline is that Huck’s ex-wife wants him to testify against B-613. She has proof and she wants him to tell David Rosen all about it. She has no idea that Rosen’s aware and hiding all of it. Quinn points out that telling about it will put Olivia in danger, will put all of them in danger, and that he has to stop her. While Huck almost does give up and disappoint his wife, knowing it would keep him away from his family permanently, he ends up getting triggered instead. And he confesses to all of it. David is forced to put his District Attorney power behind it, but he also seems to have a conscience, pointing out to Jake he gave him the files in the first place. So that’s definitely going to go terribly. I’d be happy to get the B-613 stuff out there, but on the other hand wouldn’t most of them go to jail? Hmmm. Overall it was an okay episode. Great performances all around, and it’s good to have continuity with these details.



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