Dee Discusses: Once Upon a Time 4×15

Posted: March 21, 2015 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Once Upon a Time, Recaps, Television
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Seriously. Let’s keep the villains. They’re marvelous. It was great to see the ladies back in action as a trio. I like the idea of them being close friends, because I feel like in the past villains have always been loners. It sort of feeds into the idea that villains have no one they care about/trust and that’s part of the problem. Whereas these three are loyal and close to one another, and I¬†wonder how that will play in to things later on. So previously on Once Upon a Time, Ursula and Cruella de Ville teamed up with Rumplestiltskin to come into Storybrooke. They want to find the author of the tale to get their happy endings. They managed to successfully resurrect Maleficent by using Snow White and Charming’s blood. They are the people who wronged her the most in life by being directly or indirectly responsible for the death of her child. I expect we’ll get more on that eventually. They have not told Emma yet what happened out of fear of her reaction. Emma found out that Hook has a dark past with Ursula but he won’t tell her more about it. They tried to get little Pinocchio to think of memories of August, but it didn’t work out. Snow asked Regina to go undercover with the villains and find out what they want.

Flashback first, because it slightly informs the general plot. It’s the first meeting of Regina and Maleficent. We know they were friends before Regina took her out. This is how it started. When Regina was still being trained by Rumple, she was curious about whether Maleficent was a better teacher. She went to her, but found Maleficent had given up on getting her revenge and was basically drunk in her house. Regina encouraged her to regain her power and evil spirit, and that is what led Maleficent to cursing Aurora and the whole kingdom. Afterward, Regina decided that Rumple was the right teacher for her after all and returned to him. I feel like some of these flashbacks are kind of unnecessary at this point, but I guess this is a good one to just set up the relationship between Regina and Maleficent.


Meanwhile in Storybrooke, Regina agreed to go undercover with the villains. They wisely point out that she’s on the side of good and don’t believe her, but they want to play with her a little first. They try to get her to do a little evil in town, but mostly what they do is be rowdy and destroy property. Snow and Charming are concerned that she won’t be able to pull it off, because she’ll go in too deep, but Regina is determined to figure out their secret. Rumple is in town and believes it’s possible she has turned evil again because of Robin Hood, but he doesn’t want his identity to be revealed yet. Instead he decides to be super creepy and pretend to be Hook so he can get close to Belle. He manipulates her into giving him the dagger again. Will there ever be an end to the manipulation he puts her through? It’s a little strange to see Belle dating someone else, but she seems to be using him to get past her feelings about Rumple. Too bad for Will Scarlet? Or maybe he doesn’t care. If I remember he was in love with someone on the Wonderland show, so maybe he’s doing the same thing. He’s really a pointless character, I’m not sure why he’s around. So Rumple has the dagger back.

The real point comes down to this: Regina and the villains want the same thing. They want the author so they can rewrite their stories. Again I’m really wondering what their happy endings would look like. If they would contradict each other. If it would just be like I have all the power and the people I don’t are dead. It’s hard to tell at this point if they even know what their ideal ending would be. In any case, Emma tries to talk Regina out of going along with them, because they’re going after Pinocchio. I was really hoping the sight of him last week wouldn’t be the last, but I didn’t expect them to bring August Booth back. A delightful surprise! Rumple reveals himself to Regina finally, and all of them watch as August is back. He might not have all the answers, but he probably has some of them, and they’re going to do whatever it takes to get it out of him. So will Regina be able to pull herself back in time? I think possibly, because last week she made it clear to Marco she knows she shouldn’t get the answer through evil means. But she can be very single minded. What about the author? Is it a brand new character? I hope it’s a woman!


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