Dee Discusses: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 2×13

Posted: March 21, 2015 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Marvel, Recaps, SHIELD, Television
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I really have to hand it to Marvel. I’m impressed with how they’ve managed to get around the concept of mutants, since they don’t own those rights or the X-Men. Daisy Johnson is a mutant in the comics, but she fits in seamlessly here as an Inhuman instead. They have super powered people created through science or accidents, but this is such a great way to build up the Inhuman mythos before the movie comes out. Slow clap. Kyle Maclachlan is just having the best time as Cal, so it’s fun to watch him on the screen. His character is so unhinged. Previously on SHIELD, Skye was revealed to have super powers. May and Coulson are determined to keep her safe instead of sending her to Asgard or someone else for holding. The team isn’t certain how they feel about it so far, and Simmons is no longer talking to Fitz because he kept the secret from her. Cal found out his daughter got super powers and he was determined to find her. Hunter confronted Mack about his secret plan with Bobbi, and so he knocked him out using a choke hold.

I am very intrigued by the Mack and Bobbi storyline, but I’ll get to that in a bit. First, Cal has decided to put together his own little supervillain team. What’s interesting about them is that you can partly feel sorry for them. Not a lot, since they’re not good people, but there is an aspect here where SHIELD took super powered people and locked them up. Is every person they locked up bad? It’s hard to know, they could have just been deemed dangerous. Skye is put on the Gifted Index, where SHIELD puts all of their super powered people. That’s the list Cal hacked into and he is recruiting people who he believes have been wronged by SHIELD. The plan is to get Coulson to come to him so he can get his revenge and maybe a location on his daughter. It should be noted that these characters are comic people. The guy with the screaming ability is David Angar, Angar the Screamer. Karla Faye Gideon, the woman with the claws, is a minor character in Daredevil without powers. Francis Noche and Wendell Levi seem to be MCU only, but people can correct me on that if I’m wrong.

Agents-of-SHIELD-22-970x545Skye feels that she’s in control of herself and has managed to keep the quakes to a minimum. They call in May’s ex-husband Dr. Andrew Garner, who is a shrink and has worked with SHIELD in the past. People on the Index have to be psych evaluated, and he agrees to help with Skye. While talking it through with her, May has to immediately move the plane to go help Coulson, which he isn’t too happy about. Skye insists on going down with them so she can distract her father. It does work, with Cal anxious after May points a gun at her, but he seems confident she won’t pull the trigger. A battle does happen with Cal’s team against the rest of them, but only after Cal himself is yoinked by the Inhuman teleporter. They’re all defeated and brought in. Skye passes out due to her powers, and wakes up to find out that she hasn’t been controlling them. Instead she’s been putting the waves inward and hurting herself greatly. So back to the drawing board. Andrew says he doesn’t think she should be with SHIELD at all, but he’s going to leave because SHIELD hasn’t changed in his opinion.

This goes in well with the Bobbi and Mack situation. Cal was taken and he is warned that he’s making too much noise. It looks like he’s about to deal with the Inhuman boss? Hard to say. Mack keeps Hunter alive and well with food, but eventually they decide to tell him what’s going on. Mack and Bobbi are a part of “the real SHIELD.” A faction that believes Fury screwed up big time and who don’t trust Coulson either. I love this twist. It seems perfectly logical; it’s not like Fury or Coulson have the best track record at this point. Bobbi and Mack have not been fond of Coulson’s decision making, and I think they have legit reason to question him and his appointment. It’s too bad it looks like SHIELD will have some in-fighting, but I think they’ll bring up good arguments. I look forward to where that is headed. Poor Skye, nearly killing herself by sending the pain inward. At least it looks like Simmons has some sympathy for her now, although she’s still on a gung ho kind of mission to eradicate the super powered. Not kill them, but she represents the mindset that they are too dangerous. I know that’s made fans turned off by her, but I think it makes sense from her point of view. Not all your heroes have to agree with your point of view. It’s not invalid, just like Bobbi and Mack’s side won’t be invalid. I love complicated arguments like that. Agents of SHIELD has been consistently fantastic this season. I’m so excited to see this new potential SHIELD leader!


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