Dee Discusses: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 2×12

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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Lady Sif! Yay! I love the continuity that she’s now built a relationship of sorts with the team. It’s fun to remember that Coulson was there when Thor fell to Earth, and that he was the first real SHIELD person to build a relationship with the Asgardians. They have really good chemistry. Previously on Agents of SHIELD, Skye was dosed with Terrigen Mist, leading her to develop super powers. She and Fitz have kept this quiet out of fear of what the others will do. Sif showed up in season one to track down a rogue Asgardian, and it looks like that might be a consistent job for her as one of their great warriors. This time she’s come to Earth to track down a rogue Kree instead. This build up is all setting the ground for the Inhumans, so it might be obvious information for us comic folk. But it’s still fun to watch.

Sif shows up in the very first scene coming out of the sea beaten up, and she has no memory of what she’s supposed to do there. Skye finds someone posted a video of her battling a man on the pier, and whatever he touched her with made her lose her memory. They track the man down to where Daniel Whitehall found the SSR, and where the Inhuman bars were before. He is neatly taken control of and brought in. Before this he is confronted by Bobbi and Skye; he beats up Bobbi, but Skye’s powers go out of control when she gets afraid. Earlier in the episode May and Skye are training and May emphasizes her ability to control herself. The Kree introduces himself as┬áVin-Tak and that they knew some superhero was set off so he was going down to destroy it. He first gives Sif back her memories, using his weapon a truncheon. A long time ago the Kree did experimentations on Earth to create super soldiers and weapons for themselves. Their powers would go off when hit by Terrigen Crystals/Mist, coming out of the Diviners. They abandoned Earth and their subjects once they became too powerful, but there were Diviners left behind. They’re all missing now. It was enough to build an army.

AgentsofSHIELD-212-02While all of this information is given, Skye’s fear is triggered, and she starts an earthquake. It doesn’t take long for them to all put it together. Vin-Tak wants to kill her, he sees her only as an abomination and weapon, Sif wants to take her to Asgard for safe keeping, and obviously the team wants to keep her there. Or Coulson, May, and Fitz do. The others seem less enthused. May takes Skye and flees with her to try and get her under control, while Vin-Tak dukes it out with the others. Sif isn’t idle either, she goes straight after Skye. This is probably the worst way that the rest of the team finds out about her powers, when she’s nearly killing them all with them. Skye decides to knock herself out rather than try and calm herself down. Sif sees this as a sign that she’s willing to put her team’s safety over herself, so she’ll allow her to stay. But she warns Coulson that the world around him is changing and he can’t stop it now. He takes Vin-Tak, who lost his memory thanks to Bobbi using his weapon against him. For now Skye has to accept her powers and that the people around her either are afraid of her or don’t trust her.

Side stories include Bobbi and Hunter getting back together, but Mack tells her that Hunter cannot be let in on their super secret plan. She’s supposed to push him away, but instead it makes him sure they’re just hiding something. He confronts Mack who puts him in a choke hold, and that’s the end. Eeeek. I’m not sure what to make of those two. I don’t think they’re evil, but they clearly aren’t working with Coulson for real. This was a good solid episode. Jaimie Alexander was having a great time being Sif without her memories, enjoying that high mannered Asardian speech while being a little more comedic here. She was fairly cryptic in her advice to Coulson. I appreciate that they want to handle Skye themselves, but I also wonder if it wouldn’t be good for her to go to Asgard. Yes, she’d be separated from them, but Asgardians all have super powers. It doesn’t sound like she’d be in a jail or anything. They could probably teach her how to control them better. But that wouldn’t really fit in with the narrative of what they’re doing now. At least it’s all out in the open. Poor Skye, you didn’t last long at all being secretive, did you?



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