There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

For most of this episode I kept eyerolling about Snow and Charming’s secret. Mostly because they were being so blatant and using that word over and over. I get you guys wanted to keep it a mystery until the end, but the audience is not stupid. We understand they’re scared about something being found out. You don’t need to club us over the head. But when the secret was actually said, I went ‘daaaaamn.’ I just hope it’s not a case of they’re feeling guilty over something that’s unreasonable, such as Snow thinking it was her fault Daniel died, despite her being a kid manipulated by Cora. If Snow is truly responsible for what happened with Maleficent … damn. It gives Maleficent great motivation, and darkens our heroes in a way that I am completely fine with. As usual I am enjoying the hell out of the villains. They’re completely hilarious and I find myself rooting for them, honestly. Or at least wanting to keep their magnificent snark around a little longer.

In the Enchanted Forest, we flash back to Charming and Snow after Regina says she’ll be cursing everyone. They find their kingdom is asleep, and it’s because the trio wants to talk about Regina’s curse. They know she has the ability to ruin all of their lives, not just the heroes, and they want to make a deal. There’s a wisdom tree that can tell them how to stop Regina, but they need two champions to get the message. Charming and Snow agree to work with them, although they abandon them quickly when they are too turned off by the ‘any means necessary’ mindset they have. When they get to the tree however, they find that it doesn’t work for them. It’s because Snow is pregnant with Emma, and this is the first she’s heard about it. Maleficent warns her that the child has the potential to be a great hero, but she also has the potential to be a great evil. We’re definitely going to have a battle for Emma’s soul here, although she hasn’t shown any real taste for evil so far. She had a lot of reason in the past to go to a dark place, but she’s come out a champion each time. So I’m not sure what would put her down a villain path. Anyway, the tree won’t talk to the two of them, but Maleficent comes to Snow later on privately. She tells her she’s pregnant and she doesn’t want her baby to be cursed, so she wants them to work together for real. Snow refuses, saying she’s not going to compromise with a villain and do dark things, not even to protect her child. She’ll make sure she turns into a champion. I hope that isn’t where it ends, that the curse destroys Maleficent’s child instead. It’s unlikely if she’s already pregnant around the time Snow is. So there’s more to that story coming, I expect.

Once-Upon-a-Time-4x14-Unforgiven-Cruellas-Dalmatian-Phone-CaseIn Storybrooke, Cruella and Ursula mess with Belle a little, but they’re there to steal an object from the shop. Charming and Snow are terrified the villains will mess with their family, so they’re intense about proving they’re evil and need watching. They want to toss them out of town. Charming might have recognized what was in the box when they were stopped in the car. He knows it’s Maleficent’s, and they decide the duo must be there to resurrect their friend. They lie to Emma and say they’re going camping, and it’s ridiculous she actually believes that. I get she says to Hook later that her parents never lie to her, but that’s not strictly true? Her instinct is saying that they’re lying, but she ignores it because she trusts them. Hook is also lying to her, or I should say that he’s not disclosing everything. He has a history with Ursula that he feels very guilty about. In the end Emma says that despite her distrust of people, she wants to give him a chance to tell her in his own time. And that she wants to see the best in him, regardless of his past. It’s a sweet little Captain Swan scene, although her parents feel guilty considering she used them as a good example of truth tellers. Way on the nose there, show.

Before that, Charming and Snow go down to find Maleficent’s body, and they’re hijacked by Rumplestiltskin. They didn’t see him though. Their blood is used to resurrect her, the blood of the people who wronged her the most, and now she’s back. And she intends to make them suffer. So the trio are back in power. They have two goals now: hurt Snow and Charming, and find the author. Charming and Snow resolve to tell Emma the truth, but Snow buckles when she hears Emma talking to Hook. Boooo, secrets always are bad, Snow, you should know this by now. She confesses to Regina that she is responsible for Maleficent’s baby dying, and the object they took from Belle’s shop was a pacifier. That was actually quite sad to see. They want Regina to go undercover with the villains and find out what they want in town. They don’t know yet about their bid for the author, the same thing Regina’s desperate to find. She confronts little Pinocchio, because she thinks that August might have answers about the author. He doesn’t remember anything from his former life, which is sad, because I love him. Anyway, she and Gepetto fight, but she apologizes later, and he softens. He gives her August’s former belongings and hopes she might find something in there that could help her. But now she’s going to the dark side, or at least pretending to, and that’s all kinds of bad. Also Belle’s started dating Will Scarlet, who has become a really random and uninteresting character on this show, and Rumple sees it. Uh oh.

The villains have a problem, and that’s they don’t get that doing bad things in order to find the author, or forcing a happy ending, isn’t … the way to go about things. Sigh. But that’s how they are. My question is what would their happy endings look like? Back in power? Maleficent’s baby back? I wonder what they really want out of it. What if their happy endings clash with each other? It’ll be interesting to see where this is going. It’s so good to have all the villains around, and I still hope they turn on Rumple for being a dick to them earlier.



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