There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

The Queens of Darkness? Can we keep them? Forever? Yes please. The sass game for this show is impressive, but they seem to keep up just find with Rumple and with Regina too. The villains are returning and they want their happy endings. It’s interesting that the happy endings keeps coming up. I understand that the show is a fairy tale in many ways, but I constantly have to head scratch they think the heroes are getting their happy endings. Sure they’re happy at the moment, but they were cursed for twenty-eight years, and disasters keep happening. Emma’s lost two of her love interests, Graham and Neal, and who knows if Hook will survive this show. I guess that’s almost part of it though. The villains are short sighted and they’re willing to do anything possible to win. And that means they’re not really capable of seeing that an easy fix-it is not really how the world works. Regina’s worked hard for her redemption, but at the same time, she can still be blind to the reality that sometimes things don’t work out. It’s unfair but true. I’m not sure where this storyline is going for the rest of the season, but I guess we’ll see.

The important part is that Rumple figured out a way to get Ursula and Cruella de Ville into Storybrooke. They are outside of the town for reasons unknown, but they are intrigued by his desire to find the author. In town they manage to free the fairies thanks to a spell Belle finds (which Rumple sends her as a fake professor, he’s still manipulating her even now), and it releases a demonic creature. Fans of Fantasia probably immediately yelled Chernabog. All this Fantasia stuff is really fun to see. In the flashbacks we see that Rumple used the trio (Ursula, Cruella, and Maleficent) in order to help prepare for the big spell that would get him to this world. In doing that he released the Chernabog and left them to care for themselves, but they worked together and became friends. Eventually we know they stole Belle to get back at him, but even that didn’t work out for them. They know the way to destroy the Chernabog in exchange for Regina and co. to let them into Storybrooke. They point out that she got her chance at redemption and they want the same.

once-upon-a-time-episode-12-7-1000x600Regina, Emma, and Henry are still working on their own to find the author, but with the entrance of Chernabog they have to worry about that more. It’s said to follow the person with the most potential for darkness, so Emma and Regina drive toward the town line. They manage to get it to track them and then cross the boundary, leading to it being destroyed because it’s made of magic and magic doesn’t work outside of Storybrooke. Smart! However, they think that Chernabog was following Regina and her dark heart, but it was actually following Emma. It looks like she’s going to have a challenging storyline this season, since she has a lot of power, and we know how dangerous power can be. I’m intrigued to see where that’s going. They decide to let the pair into town and give them a shot. Meanwhile Snow and Charming seem terrified that the two of them are there, and have some kind of secret they’re holding back. They don’t want them to come into town, but they can’t say as much without getting questioned. So that’s going to be an interesting storyline too, maybe. I hope it’s a more interesting secret than Snow getting Daniel killed by being an innocent child.

Cruella and Ursula let Rumple into town, and now things are about to get interesting. They want to get Maleficent back, although she’s dead. So that’ll be next on the list. It was a good intro back, although I didn’t expect him to get into town that fast. And he seems to have his magic as soon as he’s back there, why did I think he would stay magicless somehow? Silly me. I absolutely love Ursula and Cruella. The actresses are perfect and hilarious, and I can’t wait to see these ladies tear it up. Although I hope they eventually will turn on Rumple so he doesn’t get to betray them yet again. They’re too awesome for that. I’m definitely glad to have the show back, and I wonder where this author storyline is going. I kind of hope it leads to ‘make your own happy endings, yo.’


  1. Sahar says:

    I also love the Queens of Darkness. Their sassy mouths are bound to create waves this season. I also am looking forward to seeing what will happen to Emma and how she will have to most probably fight her dark side–and I loved the interactions between Regina and Emma. And I really want Regina to have a happy ending!


    • Dee says:

      They are so great. I had to rewind a few times because I laughed at a funny one-liner and kept missing the next one. I think it’s great they went funny on this one. The Snow Queen’s ending was very sad, so I kind of like the naughty wit they’re showing this season. I think Regina’s doing a great job, and I want her to be happy too, but I’m not sure she’s going to be until she realizes that an easy fix is never the answer.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sahar says:

        Maybe this is the lessons Regina will learn next, i.e. that it is not an easy fix. I love how she turned out to be the most complex and developed character in this show. I watch it mostly for her 😉


      • Dee says:

        I think it will be! I think she’s getting there honestly. I mean she is aware that she can’t immediately slip back into her old ways once she gets what she wants, or to get what she wants. So it’s a solid redemptive arc. It’s just like honey, you need to remember that Snow White, Charming, and Emma aren’t exactly backflipping in happiness.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sahar says:

        That’s actually an excellent point you make. Perhaps the moral simply is that happiness is a state of mind. The ‘heroes’ are happy because they are focused on what they have.


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