Dee Discusses: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 2×11

Posted: March 16, 2015 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Marvel, SHIELD, Television
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I planned on doing an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D part one review back when the winter finale happened, but I didn’t get around to it. I’ll admit I’m not on top of the show as much as I should be. The second part of season one was undeniably fantastic, and season two so far is very good as well. I don’t have the need to watch it immediately, but I’m enjoying it when I am watching. Previously on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, HYDRA was revealed to be part of S.H.I.E.L.D all along. In Captain America 2 it was dismantled and put public, and Nick Fury gave Coulson executive power over the fragile group. It was his job to try and put what few agents were still out there together, and still try to save the world and do the right thing. Coulson was also suffering from his resurrection, with alien lettering happening in his head and forcing him to write it everywhere. He was obsessed with finding this mysterious city underground that had answers to the alien code in his head. I think we’re all fairly agreed on this part that the blue alien was a Kree, and that’s tied in with the Inhumans, which are the official main story right now on the show. I think it’s marvelous how they prepared us for the Inhumans, since it’ll be a few years before that movie comes out and the building blocks are all here now. I might do a video at some point about the Inhumans.

The main storyline involved Skye finally meeting her psychotic father, who is Mr. Hyde from the comics, and learning about her super powered ageless mother. She was experimented on and killed by people getting to the secret of her powers. Skye was brought to a very special room at the end of the episode along with Raina. Trip also jumped in there, and the Terrigen Mist was released. Trip was killed and turned into dust by the mist because he couldn’t survive it, but Raina and Skye were both mutated and given powers. Skye was revealed to be a comic character named Daisy Johnson, a mutant with the ability to cause earthquakes. Since mutants cannot exist in the MCU, they are instead developing Inhumans and also other ways to create super powered people. I think that’s brilliant on their part. I was furious to see Trip die, since he was one of my favorite new characters, and a fan favorite in general. Plus I could rant forever about the black man dying trope, come on guys, but it seemed very unnecessary. Trip dies and Ward’s still alive, ughhhhhh. Also Fitz is having trouble thinking and speaking clearly after his ordeal thanks to Ward, and it’s causing him all kinds of stress and strain. Poor guy. Simmons briefly pretended to be with HYDRA and has gotten stronger, and they introed the super awesome character Bobbi Morse aka Mockingbird. We were all psyched to see her.  Her ex-husband Hunter is also a new character, and her companion Mack. Good additions, all of them. So far this season is excellent.


This episode picks up immediately after the finale. Skye is put into quarantine for the time being, and everyone’s grieving the loss of Trip. Also they’re anxious and scared about what this all means. Simmons has gone into slightly unstable mode, where she thinks that mutated people are a problem and it needs to end now. Ooookay. Calm down there. I think there was some minor implications that she and Trip had some flirty flirty going on, or she’s just really tired of all these messed up things happening around them. In any case, she freaks Skye out, because Skye is fairly certain she’s becoming one of the people that Simmons is talking about getting rid of. This culminates in Fitz figuring out that Skye was mutated by the mist and proving it through genetic analysis. She panics that he’ll tell everyone, but instead he gives them a fake scan of Skye and protects her. He thinks they all need time to adjust and Skye breaks down in his arms. He assures her that she’s just different, and it’s okay. It was a very touching scene and excellent character development on his part. He’s struggled with his own changes this season, and his compassion and trust of Skye is admirable.

The thing to know about the Terrigenesis, what happened to them with the Mist, it occasionally mutates people beyond recognition. Or it seriously harms them in the process, rather than gifting them. This is what happens to Raina. We see in flashbacks that Skye’s mother was worried about another Inhuman who seems incapable of controlling himself. But he shows up at the end of the episode to grab Raina and take her somewhere they can get her help. The Inhumans eventually tried to breed out people who would react poorly to the Mist, but it’s good to see she’ll get some help. Raina wanted the transformation, but she had no way of knowing it would cause her this amount of pain and anguish. It’s interesting to see her parallel with Skye. It reminds me of the difference in the X-Men between mutants like Beast and the others. He had to actively deal with looking different and the trauma that has, instead of being able to hide it the way others could. There were great storylines with that in the comics, so I liked getting a glimpse of it here with Raina. I hope that continues with her, but she’s now with at least some of the Inhumans. Mr. Hyde finds out his daughter lived and got powers, and he’s delighted. She’s not getting rid of him any time soon.


Meanwhile Coulson wants to deal with HYDRA and take them down, showing his grief in that way, and there’s a lot of anger and resentment going around the team. They infiltrate the upper echelon of HYDRA, sort of, by releasing a former member Bakshi and following him. He’s made to believe that the group is killed by Hunter, who is really pretending to be a mercenary. Which isn’t hard since he is a mercenary, typically. There’s a few name drops from HYDRA, like The Baroness, The Banker and The Sheikh. This is only brief because S.H.I.E.L.D is merciless this time around. They turn HYDRA against each other and they start taking out the others, thinking they’re compromised, and then Bobbi and Hunter come in to wipe out current leader Octavian Bloom. Bam. Harsh but awesome.

In the end they all bond over telling Trip stories, but things have definitely changed for them. And since Skye’s powers won’t be contained for long, there’s plenty more for the team to have thrown at them. Plus Ward is still out there, and while they took out some of HYDRA, it’s not all out. Overall this was a great continuation of the plotlines they set up in the finale. I’m still not a huge fan of Skye’s actress Chloe Bennet, but she’s doing a solid job. Apparently the Lady Sif is appearing, so that should be great.


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