There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

This was one of the best episodes of The Musketeers to date! It was a joy to watch from beginning to end. I really like that the show is becoming less procedural and more serialized. While there is a new case of the week, things that happen in earlier episodes still have lasting repercussions for the newer ones. The King was held hostage with his family last week, and it’s led him to be paranoid and afraid to leave his chambers. He also is completely done with Milady, despite the fact she came back for him with the Musketeers. Welcome to their situation, Milady. No matter how much good they do, the King’s a mercurial man, and he’s easy to sway. It was funny to see how quick that was; she’s used to having the upper hand. She was so confident in her position, but as usual, she’ll always find a way to land on her feet. Another thing I loved about this episode was that it addressed a very real truth about that time: it wasn’t that hard to pretend to be a royal when people never saw each other for decades! That reveal legitimately surprised me, and man do I enjoy being surprised. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Musketeers are escorting Princess Louise to Paris in preparation for her marriage to the King of Sweden. She’s not looking forward to her arranged marriage, but she’s attempting to make the most of it. They’re attacked on the road and nearly killed, leading them to bring her immediately to Paris. Another attempt is made on her life in church, killing the bishop instead, and yet again the Musketeers really are coming cross as incompetent. It’s not their fault that Rochefort is arranging all of this expertly, or that he’s manipulating the King so perfectly at the same time. It’s funny because Rochefort is flat out insane. Like his character is completely unstable and yet managing to balance this plan so well. I was iffy on the character before, but I enjoy waiting for him to eventually lose it and show his colors. It was a little frustrating to keep yelling at the screen “It’s obviously Rochefort you idiots!” They find out the first assassins had Spanish gold, okay. The weapon that was used to kill the bishop was apparently taken by the Red Guard. Ahem. He sends Treville on a mission, and Treville is shot in the back doing said mission. COME ON EVERYONE. My favorite moment of the episode was Milady watching the man shoot Treville and making zero move to help him. She may have tolerated him last week to save the King, but she has no allegiance to anyone but herself. That’s the way I like her.


It’s revealed that Princess Louise is not a princess at all! No one saw her all this time, so she’s just an assassin who took her place. It’s hilarious because yes, without portraits and people who can say with certainty they met said person, stealing identities was probably not that difficult. She was hired with her lover by Rochefort to help assassinate certain clergy members, all under the guise of people trying to kill her instead. Before that she does an exceptional job befriending the Musketeers, especially D’Artagnan. I was gleeful when she was revealed as a bad guy, and I really wish she managed to live, because seeing her as a regular villain would be fun. But there can only be one BAMF lady killer around here, and Milady doesn’t take well to competition. Too bad they couldn’t be friends. She only tells Milady the truth about Rochefort, and Milady kills her for it, so she’s the one who knows what’s going on. The Musketeers do seem to get that Rochefort is behind it, especially when he gets promoted due to all those people dying, but there’s nothing they can do without proof. How about that body he stuffed in a chest? Rochefort is so crazy that he just decided to murder someone in his room and no one questioned it. Come on! I swear this guy is going to lose it in a very public way one of these days.

One reason why? He gave Anne the crucifix necklace she gave Aramis. Oooooh maaaaaaan. He got the story from Aramis’ ex Marguerite, who has already come to the right conclusion about him and Anne. I feel bad for her, honestly, he used her to get to his kid. She might have made her own choices, but she thought they were in a mutually loving or emotional relationship. So I’m not particularly fond of Aramis’ behavior here. She wasn’t giving the necklace out of spite, not really, she’s being blackmailed, and as usual it sucks to be a woman in this time period. Aramis can sleep with whoever he wants; she doesn’t have that luxury. But Rochefort is maaaaaad. Oh also Constance tells her husband she wants to be with D’Artagnan and he hits her. When he comes by to demand she come home, he gets himself killed by the fake Louise. She was my hero for that alone. Her snark about not being fond of wife beaters made me cackle. Man I wish she lived. He curses D’Artagnan and Constance before dying, and I feel like this is going to lead to some forced angst for the two of them. That guy sucked. They should get married and be glad he’s dead, the end. I’m being a little harsh, but I don’t feel bad about it. I am curious about the fact that D’Artagnan sees him dying and for like ten seconds doesn’t go to help him. Wow! That was a morally ambiguous moment, and I appreciated it as each second passed. If that comes up as part of the forced angst, I’m okay with it, because that was definitely a questionable decision on his part. One I personally applaud, but I’m mean that way.

Also Treville got shot, I mentioned that above, and he was saved by that doctor they keep bringing into the show. There has to be something going on with him to keep being featured, I’m curious about it. It looks like Treville is finally going to tell Porthos the truth, and since next week is a Porthos episode, we’ll be getting more details into his father. Huzzah! This was just a great episode. It had action, adventure, a genuinely good mystery, and furthered all sorts of plots.


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