Dee Discusses: How To Get Away With Murder 1×14/15

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There are major spoilers in this for the finale of the show. Do not read unless you’ve seen it.

I thought about doing each episode, but honestly I can’t write about the first part without thinking about the second part, so there doesn’t seem to be a point. My review of one would inform the other, and really a lot of it was padding in order to get to the end result. Previously on HTGAWM: everything. A college girl named Lila was found dead in a sorority house water tower. It was revealed that the main character Annalise’s husband Sam was involved with her, impregnated her, and supposedly killed her. Annalise’s law students got into a scuffle with Sam, and he was killed by Wes after attempting to kill Rebecca. Rebecca was friends with Lila and determined to find out what Sam did to her. This part of the season has been the students covering up Sam’s murder with the help of Annalise, who then framed her lover Nate for it. It’s been a whirlwind of a season. The framing device of flashing forward in time was great all season, showing us the murder but all the months leading up to it as the students get to know each other and work with Annalise. This two-part finale did the opposite, flashing backward to show what really happened the night Lila died. In the last episode, Wes started to doubt that his girlfriend Rebecca was telling him everything, and he suspected she might have killed Lila after all. This would really be bad for the group, considering they already got Rebecca off for the murder by indicating Sam instead, and also because it would mean they killed an innocent man. Innocent in murder, not really in being a good guy.

So right off the bat they all think that Rebecca is the actual killer. The first episode is with Wes coming to suspect this because of Rudy, and he leans on Laurel while they investigate. The whole group loses their mind when they hear it, as you’d expect. Michaela is a break out in this finale for me. Not only does she show a lot of spine with Rebecca, aggressively getting into her face and demanding answers, but she meets with her fiance’s controlling mother and tells her off. While she was trying to be the perfect girl before, it seems this experience has led her to accept she’s not, and she’s looking out for herself now. That was good character development! Since they all decided that Rebecca was Lila’s murderer, I knew she couldn’t be. Too obvious. They wanted to save the murderer for the last scene, which is exactly what they did. I’ve suspected for awhile that Bonnie is, so I was sad to be wrong about that. I’m getting ahead of myself. I still think something is up with Bonnie and Annalise’s relationship. One thing I have to say is that the case in the first part was completely pointless. I barely even remember it and I watched it last night. A priest killed another priest, blah blah, who cares, let’s focus on the actual characters. I think this was a time where they really didn’t need a case going on, because we all were focused on the real story. The important part is that by the end of the first episode, the group have effectively kidnapped Rebecca. She is tied up and held in Annalise’s basement because they are certain she actually killed Lila.


So Rebecca is basically kidnapped now and tied up. Annalise comes back to them all being ridiculous, so she tries to interrogate Rebecca. She’s acting very, very guilty, and she’s fairly angry now that Wes turned on her and the others are using her. Annalise tells the students to prove that Rebecca killed Lila to her. We see in flashbacks that Lila wasn’t an angel, and she was kind of harsh to Rebecca, but that didn’t mean she deserved to die. In any case, Rebecca intentionally slept with Lila’s boyfriend in revenge, but part of why Lila wanted to sleep with him was to try and pretend the baby was his instead of Sam. Rebecca’s acting guilty because she was in a way; she knew Lila was dead in the water tower. She found the body and hid in the water tower when the sorority girls came up because she knew how suspicious it looked. She came across Rudy when she got back and realized he would remember it, so she gave him too much drugs and it led to him being in the mental institute. But she didn’t kill Lila. That would be Sam … and Frank. At this point they’re all panicking that Rebecca was really responsible, and Annalise is going over everything that Sam did or said before. Maybe he was innocent after all. But he wasn’t, and I’m glad he wasn’t, because that guy was awful. Rebecca apparently gets set free, and Wes curls up in Annalise’s lap where she tells him that Sam did it, and that’s what they both have to believe in order to keep sane. It was really sad/disturbing to see him practically a child in her arms, but it makes sense. It’s been rough for them.

Sam called Frank the night of, after telling Lila he was breaking up with Annalise, and said “you owe me.” Frank then strangled her and dropped the body up there. It does make sense that he’s always been super shady. He was very, very good at cleaning up Sam’s body and framing Nate. Too good. Earlier Laurel asks him if he’ll kill Rebecca to cover up for them, and he seemed insulted, asking if she thought he was a hit man. And he sort of it. There’s definitely back story there we need. Both Sam and Annalise seem to be aware of his unique set of skills, so I wonder what the deal is. I was so convinced it was Bonnie, and now I’m disappointed it wasn’t. But she did say her relationship with Annalise was complicated. At the end we see that Rebecca didn’t escape, she’s been murdered and stashed in the basement. Frank and Annalise say neither of them did it, although I don’t believe those lying liars. At this point I do think Frank would have admitted if he killed her, so the question is who else in the house did it. That might be next season’s mystery. RIP Rebecca. You and Lila both got the raw end of the deal. I’ve seen people seeming glad that the two of them died because they were mean, but uhhh they definitely didn’t deserve to die just because of that, in my opinion. Other small plots included Laurel giving Michaela the engagement ring, saying she had it all along. She thought Michaela would turn them in if she didn’t think the ring was lost with the body, and that was absolutely true. Still. Harsh. Also Connor and Oliver agree to get tested for STDs, and Connor’s afraid his promiscuity could land him with HIV. The surprise comes when it’s Oliver who has HIV instead. Yikes. I’m not sure how I feel about that. He’s basically the only decent person on the show. I think it’s great the show is approaching safe sex and STDs, especially for gay couples, but less great that the safe, cautious, smart Oliver is the one who will have to deal with this. Poor kid.

So that’s it for season one. I thought it was great all around. Tense, well acted, well written, great use of time lapses, and it kept me intrigued the whole way through. I think they should remember that they don’t need a case every single week. The episodes when they leaned more on the actual characters and less on the procedural aspect worked really well. I’m not sure what the plan is for next season, my guess is to see who killed Rebecca and what will happen to Nate, but what about from there? I’m in it to find out.


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