Dee Discusses: Scandal 4×13

Posted: February 26, 2015 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, scandal, Television
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There will be spoilers in this review. Duh.

Listen I’ll admit at this point my expectations are so low that little things manage to make me smile. Calling back to season one when I loved this show was an amazing way to do that. Remember when the show was awesome and the gladiators actually meant something? When Olivia had other people as clients and wasn’t constantly only caught up in White House nonsense? Oh and Fitz was the worst but they intentionally made him so? Those were good days. I did not expect to see Stephen again, and I am already weak for Henry Ian Cusick. LOST made him beloved to me, and I actually started the show because of him. I was heartbroken when he left, but I can see where the decision came from. He was too supportive of Olivia, he evened everything out, and she needed to be more on the line and vulnerable. Yuck. But true. Still I smiled big when I saw him, and since a Fitz take down was immediately after, I was smiling my way through the end of the episode. Previously on the show Olivia was kidnapped and she will be sold to the highest bidder. The team lost her bid and Huck lost it, freaking Quinn out in the process. Fitz thinks with his man parts so he went to war to get her back, and refuses to listen to anyone else. Mellie’s encouraging his crazy and wants to be President next.

So let’s see a few things. The Andrew storyline is mostly handled. He threatens to ruin Mellie, so she and Portia de Rossi’s character, with Huck’s help, takes care of him. A stroke is forced and he can’t seem to do much of anything after that, although Huck refuses to kill him. Quinn convinced him to try and go back into murder rehab. They think they have a chance this time to get Olivia back, but the sellers figure out quickly she wants to respond to her mother’s offer, so they want to hand her off somewhere else instead. First they mess up a buy when everyone gets paranoid the other is double crossing them, and Olivia manages to buy herself more time. Team Gladiator tries to pull out the stops, Jake even going to Papa Pope to beg him for help. Papa Pope is having none of it and is like naw I don’t have a daughter. I can’t say I’m surprised. Abby is furious that no one is telling her what’s going on and she’s scrambling to help Olivia too.


Cyrus decides he has to trade Oliva’s life for everyone else. There is an amazing dream sequence when he loses it at Fitz for being awful and weak, but he doesn’t say it out loud. Instead he agrees that taking out Olivia might be the safest option, and the other cabinet people agree. Abby figures it out, that they plan on just killing her if a deal is struck. Things almost turn out really blood before Cyrus manages to stop the hit in time. Because he recognizes Oliva’s buyer: her old BFF Stephen Finch. Stephen helped found the Gladiators in the first place. Abby got in touch with him, and he swooped in to save his partner. I wish this meant he was coming back full time, because he could probably put a lid on the crazy. Alas it was only for that. A lot of people couldn’t remember him; I remembered him so well, but I loved the actor. It was a nice nod to the past, and I understood why he was like LOL NO about coming back. I already miss you again Stephen.

So Olivia’s back and she has heightened security. But she wants to be alone to deal with her PTSD. Except Fitz shows up and she loses it at him. She’s angry he started a war and ruined his reputation for her behalf. She points out how much they’ve all sacrificed to make him President and keep him there, and he’s not supposed to trade that for her. It’s said earlier by Cyrus that one life isn’t worth everyone else. I agree with that. People are saying she’s ungrateful to Fitz, but I feel like she’s right. He shouldn’t have done that. She said she couldn’t rely on everyone and he didn’t save her, so it looks like they’ll be having a real break for awhile. If only it would be long term. She’ll be having weird uncomfortable “romantic” moments with him again soon, I just know it. I wonder if Mellie will become Vice President with Andrew gone? That would be interesting, but I’m fairly sure impossible? I guess we’ll see. Stephen coming back and yelling at Fitz made me like this episode more than I have for the whole season. I’m glad the kidnapping is done, and it looks like Olivia’s taking clients again next week.


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