Dee Discusses: Suits 4×13

Posted: February 16, 2015 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Suits, Television
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The show was having a problem, and that problem was resolving the Louis-Hates-Everyone situation before the fandom started to hate him. Louis quickly became a fan favorite, mostly because he always seems like that kicked puppy who annoyingly barks whenever he wants attention. I’m glad they resolved this quickly, because they probably understood that the fans would only hang on too long before they wanted to kick him in the face themselves. For good. But they also didn’t want to speed it up to the point where Louis didn’t let out his anger, and resolve it after a reasonable amount of time. He’s on iffy terms with everyone, but Mike is the real problem here, and therefore he’s the one that Louis needs to find a common ground. It’s with that in mind that Harvey brings them on a trip out of the city, hoping that a road trip will force them to get along.

The weird part is that this show decided to give us flashbacks a few years back. It was supposed to show the schism between Harvey and Louis, although I don’t know if we needed to see that? The schism between them was always there because their personalities are contrary to each other. The fact that Hardman is an ass is not anything new either. We’ve already seen plenty to understand where the break was, although I think it was meant to show that Louis’ position here comes from a similar one to when Harvey and him stopped getting along. Louis lets his emotions guide him, and feeling betrayed leads him to be vicious and overdo it. We know this! So I’m not sure this was necessary. It was still enjoyable to watch, and to see how far everyone came. Mike flashes back to the first time he lied to impress someone as a lawyer, and this time it was a girl. But he got caught there and learned the humiliation of knowing he really wasn’t amounting to anything. It’s from this same place that he admits to Louis he never finished school because since his parents died he never really followed through with things. Metaphorically he said it was because he didn’t learn how to drive a car, he couldn’t get behind the wheel. And really it’s that Mike had a problem of accepting things as they were and not pushing harder for himself. But now he does. And now, thankfully, Louis sees it too and they manage to connect again.

Excuse me and my feelings. We’ll just be over here sniffling.

The flashbacks also involved Trevor, which always makes me wince. I love his character in the sense that he is completely a douche I think we’ve all met at some point in our lives. There is just enough glimmer of redemption in him that you can see why Mike held on so long. And then he proves he’s the untrustworthy jackass that Mike’s grandmother warned him about. I do believe that Trevor meant it when he said he was trying to make it up to Mike that he screwed him over, but Gran was also right in that nothing could ever really make it right. Mike lost a chance at his future. Trevor sucks. The end. It was great to see all these guest stars again though. Even if I didn’t think the flashbacks were really needed, I enjoyed seeing Hardman, Trevor, and Gran. They do have a lot of excellent side characters on this show, and they use them in the right ways.

But now thankfully everyone seems to have mended their bridges as much as possible. The idea of Louis teaching Mike how to drive on the way back with Harvey’s car is just freaking adorable. The fact that Harvey was willing to let them drive his prized possession to make them happy is a huge sign of how far he’s come. It mattered to Harvey that Louis and Mike made up. It wasn’t required, but he wanted it all the same, and he managed it in a compassionate way. Good for him! Look at all the character development. The trailer for the next episode didn’t exactly give many clues as to where this is going. I’m not sure what is coming, and there’s only three episodes left!


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