Dee Discusses: Scandal 4×12

Posted: February 16, 2015 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, scandal, Television
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

There were several times this episode I had to facepalm. I’m always facepalming. The hate-watch continues. You know I will give this to the show. Despite the fact I often want to bang my head on a firm surface, the acting is very good. They might be in ridiculous situations and what they have to say is silly, but the actors really throw themselves into it and do their best. There are a few things I genuinely liked about this episode and I’ll get into it in a few minutes. I know Shonda went under fire because people were arguing that this is basically a slavery storyline. Whether Olivia instigated it or not, she is more or less being sold on the black market. I can’t say that occurred to me as I was watching, but when I read about it I thought about it, and yeah, that is a little shady. Mostly because slavery is a very real thing these days in other countries. There are still parts of the world where human beings are actively sold as property of some kind, and the women usually sold in these situations are a part of the slave trade. There are people who have written about it far better than I can, and I don’t feel I’m in a position where I can comment on that storyline. So if people were offended, I get it, if people weren’t, I get that too. Shonda seems to imply there’s more of the story coming, so I guess we’ll see how it pans out.

Anyway Olivia chose to manipulate Ian last week and sell herself to the highest bidder. She is the President’s weak spot so there have to be other powers that want her. It was mostly to put herself on the map so everyone can get her, or buy her back, but if she had just stayed in one place she would’ve been saved by now. That plan goes to hell very quickly when Ian gets his head blown off by Gus. Oooooh hell. That actually surprised me, so kudos. Gus hates Olivia because she killed his friend, so she is not going to end up in a good place because of it. She attempted to manipulate his other two workers, but once the bids were in the billion area, they were like ‘noooope.’ So she got sold to Iran. Yikes. Not exactly what you expected, was it, Liv? Anyone else expecting her father to show up any day now? I know he said he was done with her, and his ominous warning that she was vulnerable without him has proven to be correct.

With that in mind, her mother shows up this episode. Huck, Quinn, and Jake want to use her mother’s influence in shady organizations to find where the auction is. Huck has enough money to buy Liv back. She sends Huck on an assassination where he kills a lot of people in extremely brutal ways, and Jake is like daaaaaaaamn. So she keeps her end of the deal, but by the time they get to the auction, Olivia’s already sold. Huck loses it in that stilted way he talks when he’s really panicked. He basically tells them exactly how Olivia’s going to be treated and cut into pieces. Quinn loses it at him. Abby stopped by earlier because she realizes that Olivia’s gone, but none of them will tell her what happened. Because the team is keeping their distance from the White House, and Abby’s now part of the White House. Meanwhile at the White House, Fitz still caused a war to get Olivia back, and I am in no way okay with that. Gross. Still so gross. But Ian fleeing with Olivia means that Andrew’s leverage is now gone.


Andrew desperately tries to grasp at straws, saying that he will tell everyone Fitz went to war for his girlfriend. That doesn’t work because they get his cohort to turn against him. Then he threatens Mellie that he’ll destroy her reputation by talking about her affair. She asks Fitz to let Andrew off the hook so she can keep her reputation. Why? Because she wants to be President, and the public doesn’t forgive women for affairs. I think this is both dumb and a nice storyline at the same time. Because they could definitely just brush off the affair rumors if they wanted to. Paint Andrew as the liar he is, they already planned on sending him to jail. Who would believe him after that? Ah well. I do love that Fitz and Mellie have now officially gotten to a nice place where they’re friends who are married and nothing else. She shows no jealousy about Olivia anymore, and even joked that all three of them should be in bed together. Hey I always say OT3 it! I’ll be honest, I like the idea of Mellie running. Not because I think she’ll win or she should win, but lord knows Fitz definitely shouldn’t have won either. I just like seeing her attempt to have ambitions of her own and find her own storyline. I wonder how they’ll work out the divorce, since it’s clear she’s accepted he belongs with Olivia. But I like the two of them getting along, I’d really like to keep that going.

So now Olivia’s given to Iran. The White House’s directors refuse to try to rescue her. Hell they were talking about killing her potentially instead, since she’s a threat to national security. I’m with them. Don’t get me wrong I love Olivia, but in a purely logical stand point she’s a weak spot. And seriously now people know Fitz went to war for his mistress, and that is gross. He talks about how Mellie greets the planes of the dead soldiers, and that just upsets me to no end. Is that supposed to be gracious and honorable? YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS. Worst president ever, I swear. I don’t know what’s coming next. I liked Ian’s sudden death. I like that they didn’t manage to save Olivia, although I am already tired of this storyline at the same time. I like Huck losing it and Jake’s increasing fear of him. I like Mellie and Fitz getting along. I was psyched to see Olivia’s mother back. The Andrew wrap up is dumb. The corruption is infuriating. But as usual I just have to accept it and move on. SIGH.


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