Dee Discusses: Suits 4×12

Posted: February 14, 2015 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Suits, Television
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Another show that I’m doing a very quick catch up on. Whoooops. So this is going to go fast before I jump on the newest episode. You see nothing. Suits is difficult to watch when everyone is fighting, although honestly there’s always someone fighting. I just miss the humorous times. I was watching YouTube clips of their earlier seasons when there were a lot of cute and funny moments sprinkled in the drama. There isn’t enough comedy lately. So Louis now knows and he is complicit in the covering up. His rage is thrown everywhere like usual, because as Jessica pointed out a long time ago, he’s too emotional to be as good a lawyer as he wants to be. I like that this character trait remains the same, although it’s difficult to watch. They have to get him back to a level place soon, because I love his character, but they’re making it hard to keep loving him. I want to punch him a little. A lot. He has to realize that he’s not going to get the respect he wants by strong arming people. Although to be fair, I think Jessica telling him that he did exactly what Harvey would do in order to get his way was a good nod to it. The difference is that Harvey’s loyalty to everyone would’ve kept him from going this far.

Anyway Louis wants respect. Jessica asks him to lie to her boyfriend Jeff about why he got the position. She told him last episode that Louis caught her in covering up Hardman, but that was awhile back. She wants Harvey to make nice and give Louis one of his clients. Harvey almost does, but then Louis pisses him off. As usual. They do give Louis one of his clients, but it’s one that not even Harvey likes, so he was happy to get rid of. Still, Louis proves that he’s excellent at finding information … and terrible at looking at the big picture. Seriously. Worst at the big picture. He messes up big time with her by informing her board of something she didn’t want them to know, and she tells him to fix it already. He’s still being awful to Rachel, and she agrees to help him after standing up for herself. He’s still a bitch to her, but he feels bad after Donna tells him she got Katrina a job. Good. He needs to repair everything. The thing is that Louis is feeling a lot of pain, and if he could just communicate that in a way that isn’t relentlessly cruel, that would be awesome. But in the end he decides to help Jessica with Jeff and lies to him about it, even being an over the top jerk to sell it.


The Harvard ethics professor that Harvey is sensitive about comes back, Henry Gerard, and he wants Harvey’s help. He’s in trouble for appearing to have bribery money. Harvey’s twitchy about him because Henry never respected him, but Mike pushes him to take the case anyway. Because Harvey believes Henry didn’t do it, yet he didn’t want to help because of his own personal feelings. There’s a twist where Henry didn’t get his money from a poker match, and Mike catches him on the slip, and that he was accepting money from a student instead to fix his grade. Obviously people are like ETHICS PROFESSOR? COME ON. But everyone has their weak moments, and apparently this was his. He does figure out that Mike was not at Harvard. Pretty much everyone knows ever now, amirite? But they both agree to back each other. Harvey doesn’t tell Mike that Henry knows, because Mike’s been stressed and anxious about even more people using it as a weapon.

If I haven’t mentioned it lately, I love Harvey and Mike’s friendship. They are unbelievably close and it’s just so great to watch. I love the friendships of everyone on this show, and it’s part of why I think emotionally it works so well. These are people who are likable, but also they have complex and genuine relationships with each other. They don’t always agree or work well, but they care. I appreciate that. Now they just need to fix the Louis situation, although I have to wonder if they do that soon, what’s going to be the lead up to the finale? There’s only a few episodes left. Maybe something related to Rachel’s father. He was moved off screen too fast, I feel like it’s lying in wait there.


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