Dee Discusses: How To Get Away With Murder 1×11

Posted: February 14, 2015 by Dee in Dee, General Media, HTGAWM, Recaps, Television
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I’m behind on these because I always watch it last in a week, so I’ll be moving through it fast so I can get to the next episode. How To Get Away With Murder is such a fun concept, and I enjoy every episode, but since I don’t have much of an emotional connection, I don’t put it top of the list. I worry that one day the show itself will stop being interesting, or the cases won’t be as interesting, and then since the characters are not very likable it’ll matter more. But I suppose we’ll have to see. Previously on the show, Sam was killed by the students, Annalise knew about it and helped get it covered up. She provided sufficient evidence that Sam was responsible to get Rebecca off. Sam’s sister Hannah showed up at the end of the episode claiming there’s no way her brother did it.

This episode provided us with a good look at how everyone did at Christmas after the trauma they survived, and I like that. In flashbacks we saw what everyone ended up doing. Annalise drank by herself. Wes has been having nightmares and he is getting suspicious of the former guy who lived in his apartment. Meaning something was happening there he doesn’t understand. I doubt this is a red herring, so it’ll become relevant eventually. Laurel lost her temper at her family, stating that she is dating two guys at once and that she’s dealing with murder clients, and they have no idea what she does with her life. I found that interesting, since I didn’t know a huge amount about her before. Connor and Oliver are getting close again, and Connor told his sister about it. One of my favorite things about the murder was that Connor’s the one who lost his shit the most, since he started out as so self-possessed. Michaela got broken up with by her fiance because she was increasingly unstable. She pretends nothing at all is wrong though. So they’re all coping in their own way.


Everyone’s nervous about Hannah because she’s very intelligent and determined to protect her brother. It was so fun to see her faced off against Annalise. Annalise always has the power on this show, compared to the students, so to see someone make her nervous was great. I was intrigued by their dynamic and a little of the backstory there. That last scene with Hannah breaking down because Annalise wasn’t covering for her brother, that was great. Marcia Gay Harden is a talented actress and she can hold her own with Davis. She’s going to continue to be aggressive, especially since they found Sam’s body. Jeez kids. I knew this was going to happen. Because they’re not actual murderers so they don’t know how to do things right. I’m just saying if they had an incinerator things would’ve been easier. And I will keep saying over and over that they could have just confessed from the beginning, it was self-defense damnit. Siiiiiigh. They might be regretting that now.

Meanwhile the case is that a woman whose husband kidnapped two girls and had been holding them for years comes forward to Annalise. She confesses to it and says there’s a cycle of abuse, she was taken advantage of too, and she was too afraid to go against him. But one of the girls was pregnant again, and she wanted her to be safe. I thought it was interesting how Annalise firmly pointed out that that the client Jackie was also a victim of abuse. The girls confirm that she was never a part of the abuse itself and she was kind to them. Jackie’s problem however is that she stole the first baby and claimed it was dead, and had been secretly raising her elsewhere. So while she might have been a victim, she was a kidnapper, and it sort of makes you wonder how complicit was she really. Annalise tricks her in order to get the child and then doesn’t protect her from there. I think the show was pretty solid about acknowledging Jackie’s own experience with abuse, while not letting her off the hook. Still I kind of wish that hadn’t happened. I feel like the case would have been really interesting and good on its own without the kidnapping. Jackie’s ability to leave at any time and confess was suspect in a way on its own, and I feel like they had plenty of material to observe and contemplate on the situation. She was a victim too, does that excuse her helping him keep these girls? So the kidnapping just seemed like an easy way of making her a very obvious villain, instead of the gray zone she was in before that.

Overall, still an excellent show. The writing is great and I’m invested. I just don’t have it at the top of my list. Oh side thing. I wonder if Bonnie’s going to be the trouble maker at the end of the day. I still wonder if she’s the one who really did the murder. I also think she’s in love with Annalise and not Sam, but that’s just my idle speculation. She is so close to her, that’s all.


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