Dee Discusses: Scandal 4×11

Posted: February 7, 2015 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, scandal, Television
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Watch as my mind basically explodes.

Watch as my mind basically explodes.

There are spoilers in this review, duh.

There is a weekly tweet that comes out from me whenever I’m watching Scandal: Why am I still watching Scandal? I don’t have an answer for that yet, outside of the fact it’s still fun to hate-watch. A lot of shows are fun to hate-watch until it becomes too irritating and then it’s time to quit. I haven’t reached it yet, mostly because whenever I’m ready, something over the top happens and I find it funny instead of annoying. There has to be at least one thing on my list that I feel guilty about. So previously on Scandal, Olivia was kidnapped and didn’t figure out that her cell mate was the leader of the goons despite being smart enough to point out the leader was the only face she didn’t know. Ha ha ha okay. He fooled her and she pretty much gave up, after admitting that the President would do anything to get her back. Now he’s going to see for himself.

But Olivia can’t be right. There’s no way the President would start a war and get Americans killed just because his mistress is ahhahahahaha just kidding you know where this is going.

This episode opens in a very jarring way, and I thought I had somehow missed a few scenes first. But it starts out with Fitz being told by the Secret Service that VP Andrew is actually in charge. LOL WHAT. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. We’re just supposed to buy this? Andrew had zero power until now. It’s weird he went from that “he’s okay I guess” guy to “pure evil” guy in a very short amount of time. Fitz isn’t supposed to tell anyone that Olivia is taken, although he insists on proof of life. While holding up the paper she asks for water, and bad guy Ian just gives it to her without expecting she’s using it somehow. She does use it to get his reflection and Huck sees it. You know when it is that I stop finding these shows fun? When they go so far past the realm of reasonable that I can’t take it halfway seriously anymore. Cyrus is eventually read in, although not until after they declare war in West Angola. LOL WHAT THAT IS NOT HOW DECLARING IT WORKS. SCANDAL. YOU AREN’T EVEN TRYING ANYMORE. Fitz tells Mellie the truth after being his usual dbag self at her when she admits she slept with Andrew. He goes “oh but I definitely can’t screw over the country because of Olivia right.” And Mellie’s like “Sure you can, it’s proof you love her.” WHAT. LOL. MELLIE’S PRIORITY IS THE PRESIDENCY, NOT FITZ BEING AN IDIOT ABOUT OLIVIA YET AGAIN.

I need an extra glass of wine to get through this.


Huck, Quinn, and Jake manage to get a break in the case when this old lady shows up at the office and asks”Where’s the black lady?” That is the title of the episode, by the way. She is the friend of Olivia’s neighbor who was killed, so they figure out finally that Olivia was taken there first when she was kidnapped. They think they almost have her, but nope, they’re out of options again. Until Mellie sleeps with Andrew and steals his phone so they can trace it. The go between is Elizabeth, the Republican lady who was partnered with Andrew, but she thinks this is too far. Plus Huck tortures her and keeps threatening her family. Yiiiikes. Too bad he can’t do that to Andrew. Again she’s of the “Andrew how did this escalate so fast” mindset, and I’m with her. Why doesn’t he just wait until Fitz leaves and become the President? Or subtly kill him and take over? This is a really stupid and unnecessarily reckless plan. They do manage to find Olivia, but by the time they get there, it’s too late.

Why? Because Olivia convinced Ian that he doesn’t want to keep her prisoner for years and should just sell her for himself on the Black Market. As the President’s weak link, so anyone can use her. Because she has lost her goddamn mind. She thinks it’ll make it more likely they can find her, since she’ll be out in the public more, but it definitely runs the risk of her just getting into worse hands. Also it was seriously this easy for Ian to flip on Andrew? He seemed to be following him out of loyalty, not just money. Also did I miss the part where it was explained why it was so important to go to war? Probably money reasons? Should I care? Also there are Americans dead because Fitz is obsessed with Olivia Pope. He is the worst President of all time. Every time I think he can’t possibly get worse, he does. And I feel like the show thinks if he says out loud “that’s a bad idea right” about betraying his country, but decides to do it anyway, it’s okay because at least he hesitated.

You know this show was actually great. The first season was excellent. The Gladiators kicked ass and took names and they were ruthless and brilliant. The second season was also good. There were some weird moments, yeah, or over dramatic moments, but it wasn’t near this bad in terms of ridiculousness or sensationalism. Am I supposed to be glad that Olivia “saved herself”? I just. No. What. Why. What’s infuriating is this show has excellent actors, and they did write characters that on the whole were interesting and unique. Even Fitz, who I hate, is three dimensional and fully realized. A fully realized weakling, yes, but not boring. So you have great actors and good characters, and it’s just the plot that’s nonsense at this point.

I’ll see you next week for the newest chapter of why am I watching Scandal. At least Mama Pope is back. I love her brand of crazy.


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