Dee Discusses: How to Get Away With Murder 1×10

Posted: February 7, 2015 by Dee in Dee, General Media, HTGAWM, Recaps, Television
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I talked a little about my Shonda Rhimes’ problem, in that I tend to love her shows for a little while, and eventually they fall apart for me. Scandal is already something of a headache, but How To Get Away With Murder is an example of how amazing her shows are in the beginning. It’s one of the most popular shows on TV right now, and that’s because it has a great gimmick. A group of law students are introduced and vie for the attention of their badass professor Annalise Keating, played by Viola Davis. She is both a teacher and an active criminal defense attorney, willing to do whatever it takes to win her case. The show jumps between the regular timeline where the students meet, start working for her, get involved in a case about a fellow student who was murdered, and then it flashes forward to months later when they are all involved in the murder of Annalise’s husband Sam. Whaaaaat! So we’re watching people commit a murder, and now that it’s done, we have to wonder how they can get away with it.

I’m going to assume people reading this have already seen it, because everything is a spoiler otherwise. But at the winter finale we finally saw the group kill Sam, or Wes kill Sam after they all fought with him, and then they set their stories. And we saw that Annalise did find her husband and helped Wes cover it up. In the beginning of this episode, Wes is the only one who knows that Annalise is aware. The others think she’s in the dark. She wants this to keep up since it’ll complicate how they act, and she wants Wes to keep them all in line.  Her primary problem now was to get Rebecca off, and she decides the best way to do this is pin her husband for the murder. And he is most likely the murderer, although how crazy would it be if he wasn’t after all of this? She is pushing the DA and provides enough evidence that they decide to let Rebecca off. There is proof that Lila’s baby was Sam’s, which probably relieves Annalise in the way that she knows he really was the rat bastard she thought he was.

I think Bonnie really loves Annalise, just saying.

I think Bonnie really loves Annalise, just saying.

The next problem is the fact that they made it look like Sam fled. They know Sam is never going to get caught because he’s dead, so how long are they going to be afraid of this open case? Probably forever. I wonder how this show is going to last another season. Are they just going to murder someone new next season? The real problem is that the others start to break down. Connor and Michaela decide to give up to the police and explain what happened. I still think they should have done this in the first place. The initial “murder” of Sam was completely accidental, and even the second version had plenty of reason for it. He was attempting to murder Rebecca! In front of them! Yes they would have gotten in trouble, but covering it up will definitely land them jail time if they get caught down the road.  I wish Sam’s death hadn’t been so clearly a case of self-defense, honestly. If it was a more questionable murder, I would understand this cover up, but as is, it seems like their issues would be solved if they had admitted to the truth immediately.

Annnnyway Connor and Michaela are betrayed by Laurel who agrees to turn herself in with them, but really called Wes and Annalise. They wanted to simply tell the truth and pin it on Wes, who did the murder himself. I expect there will be some tension between Wes and the others over it, but eh. It’s not like you’re all BFFs. Annalise tells them that she knows and she reassures them she will find a way to save them. They seem to accept it and back down … for now. The question will be how long she’ll be able to keep them all under control. I still find this show really interesting to watch. It’s hard because I don’t find any of the characters actually sympathetic. I’m not sure we’re supposed to. It’s mentally engaging, but not very emotionally engaging. So how are they going to pin it on Sam without the police ever finding him? Did Sam actually kill Lila? Hmmm. I like when Annalise is such a BAMF in public, but those quiet moments when she breaks down privately really gives her more depth. Her walking out and confronting the women in the bathroom when they’re talking about how heartless she is, without saying a word, was excellent. To be fair, if Sam was alive, I don’t know that it was heartless to pin it on him. If he killed Lila, and she definitely thinks he did, it would be her duty to turn him in or to find the real murderer. So haters gonna hate.


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