Dee Discusses: Scandal 4×10

Posted: February 2, 2015 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, scandal, Television
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Spoilers for the episode, duh.

Welcome to the show I have a serious love/hate relationship with. Our relationship status would be “It’s Complicated” at best. I absolutely loved the first season, and I enjoyed it through season two as well. I binged it on Netflix, but I expected I might lose interest as time goes on, because Shonda Rhimes’ past two shows Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice were great in my mind until they started sucking. I quit both of those after a few seasons, so when quality for Scandal started to go down in season three, I just sighed. I expect How To Get Away With Murder might go the same route, but for now I’m still with them both. That being said, all the qualities that attract me from her shows remain the same: I like the cast. I like the complicated characters. I like the ‘found family’ aspect. So what bothers me? Shipping. It’s always shipping. In the sense that I get sick of a ship going back and forth forever, or them simply ship hopping until everyone in the cast has slept together. Oh and over dramatic nonsense. At least on Scandal though it really suits the show; this is clearly an over dramatic world, where the President can spend all of his free time obsessing over his mistress. Anyway, Scandal is about Olivia Pope, a brilliant and powerful black woman who runs her own team of problem solvers. They used to be, at least. They would be hired to handle big profile political scandals and smooth it all over. They called themselves Gladiators and they were fierce and independent. And then the show became all about Olivia’s terrible relationship/affair with the President of the United States, Fitz Grant. My hatred for his character is a long running joke now with people who know I watch the show. I haven’t hated a fictional character like this in a long time.

I’m going to assume anyone who reads from here knows the show. I can’t even say I’d recommend the show, but it’s on Netflix if you are interested. If you like these sensational types of shows, and love Grey’s Anatomy, you probably will have a great time! I haven’t been able to quit it yet, not even now. So. Previously on Scandal, Olivia, Fitz, and Jake realized that Olivia’s father was responsible for the Fitz’s son dying, even though he tried to pin it on Jake. Olivia ran away with Jake for a little while, which upset Fitz, because he’s a clingy, controlling ass. You’re going to read a lot of hate for him, just fyi. Jake’s not without his flaws, considering he’s a killer himself, but at least he’s pretty up front about being terrible. Olivia came back because one of her gladiators Harrison was killed, by her father too, although again it was blamed on Jake. Quinn and Huck, two other gladiators, are working from the office now, and Abby, her BFF and right hand woman, started working at the White House. Honestly none of the side characters really matter for this episode. At the very end of the winter break, Olivia claimed she was choosing herself for once, and started to dance, inviting Jake to dance with her. Then she was kidnapped.

This episode started out immediately after, with us seeing the dance and her starting to have sex with Jake, and then she’s yoinked right out of the room. Jake flies out into the street in his boxers (thank you, show), and thinks he has the license plate numbers for the kidnappers. You know, as a killer, you would think he might not be this easy to fool. I’m just saying. Instead they merely yoinked her across the hall where a whole team is there to take her hostage. This is a pretty impressive plan, so these guys are organized and smart. The one who has Olivia herself didn’t take off his mask, which meant that it was fairly easy to figure out who he was later on. Sigh. Anyway. Olivia is thrown into a dark room with one other guy, Ian McLoed, who claimed to be a journalist. They were given really terrible food, only a few bathroom breaks, and generally left there to go slowly mad. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Ian was the leader, considering he’s the only face she hasn’t seen, and he was not-too-subtly trying to get information from her. But she falls for it and promises him that the President will do anything to save her, and they were going to get out of there. Liv, you were smart enough to realize their leader hid his face, that didn’t throw up any red flags for you? Okay.


About halfway through Olivia nearly manages to break out through the window, or so it would seem, and in punishment they “killed” Ian since they couldn’t hurt her. This was clearly because he wasn’t getting any new information from her, and it was time for him to go back to his other plans. Eventually she fantasizes about being saved by Jake and moving to Vermont with Fitz and having a really boring life. It was super gross. Not so much her living peacefully with Fitz, although I roll my eyes, but she was what, making JAM? OLIVIA POPE MAKING JAM? Ha. She’d never be able to be that boring. I guess in her fantasy she wanted to be though. Abby shows up in her hallucination and snaps her out of it, saying no one was going to save her, she has to save herself. That at least is a message I can get behind, even if when she does flee, she’s revealed to be in a bigger trap than she knew. She killed one of the guards, I think he’s dead, although since it was a controlled environment they could’ve been using fake bullets. Ian is revealed to be the bad guy, and he had her trapped inside of a building on top of the building she thought she was actually in. He’s going to use her, and he wanted to break her spirit first, so she would do what he said.

It feels like he’s going the terrorist route, or at least will seem like he is. It’s almost an Iron Man 3 plot there, where maybe the terrorism part is just a red herring for something else going on underneath. She’ll be the distraction. I guess we’ll see more of that later. My question is why he didn’t know Fitz would do anything for her before? Didn’t they do their research on her? What was the point of snatching her up if they weren’t already aware of who she was? Was her information to Ian really all that surprising? Hmmm. This reminded me of V for Vendetta too, in the sense she thought she was captive somewhere, when she was really in a controlled place the whole time. Sorry, Liv. Either way, she’s given up for now, and she’ll be used to try and get something out of Fitz. It wasn’t a bad episode. Very well acted by Kerry Washington, who always knocks it out of the park, but I feel like we’ve seen this sort of story enough times recently that it was fairly easy to zone out. Plus Ian was so obvious I was just waiting for that to pan out. I’m interested to see what his grand plan is though, and why he went after Olivia. Her father said his protection was gone and she would find out what that meant. Here it is. So what’s going to happen? I’m still hooked enough to want to find out.


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