Dee Discusses: The Flash 1×10

Posted: January 23, 2015 by Dee in DC, Flash, Television
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I was excited to get The Flash back, but not excited enough to watch it live, whoops. Maybe next week. It was great to see the two guest stars this week, because the Prison Break fan in me wanted to scream about Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell being on the screen together again. The long list of Flash rogues is well known, and they are some of the more colorful villains in the DC universe. Miller showed up as Captain Cold already, but this was the appearance of Heat Wave, and it’s likely they will have the rogues team up again from here. It’s not over! But previously on The Flash, Barry was confronted by the man who killed his mother, now referred to as the Reverse-Flash. The Reverse-Flash was far faster than Barry, which was difficult to swallow for him since he can’t call himself the Fastest Man Alive now. And amusingly, in the intro he even says that. Ha! He did not beat his nemesis, so he knows the Reverse-Flash is still out there. It was revealed that Doctor Wells as the Reverse-Flash suit in his secret lair area, but I’m reserving judgment on that until the rest of the season happens. I feel like he’s not the only Reverse-Flash, and I think he might be a red herring; or he’s a villain but there’s another one coming too. There’s a lot of questions going on there.

Caitlin’s fiance Ronnie showed up again with super abilities, but he can’t remember who he was before, and then he flew off. I also laughed when she specifically said “he flew away!” Barry told Iris he loved her, but she chose to still move in with Eddie. It is important to note Cisco had a personal stake in this episode, because he was the one who created the ice gun that Captain Cold uses. It was nice to be reminded of that, and the show gives him a chance to redeem himself here. So Captain Cold is back in town with a friend, Heat Wave, who is a psychopathic pyro. He wants to find and kill the Flash so they can have full power over the city. Cold is a very smart man and I enjoy that about the character; he’s far from a brute, he’s clever. He sees the Flash as his nemesis of sorts, and he enjoyed going up against him again here, and even liked getting beaten by him. Heat Wave was basic here, unfortunately, but I guess not all bad guys need to be layered. Anyway Wells persuades Barry at first to leave the duo alone and let the police take care of it. Instead he should be focused on becoming a faster superhero, so he can defeat the Reverse-Flash. It’s interesting to see where Wells is taking this, since we know now he has the costume and his plans are nefarious somewhere. He clearly wants Barry to get to a certain level of speed and skill, and will do anything to make it happen.


Cisco is loaned out to the police, having made these special shields to protect them from Cold. He’s very proud of them and wants to make up for what happened with the gun. However they weren’t expecting Heat Wave, so that goes badly. Barry feels terrible about putting his own needs first, and decides to take them on. Another thing I appreciate about the character is this: when Wells says “I feel responsible for convincing you,” Barry says that he’s an adult and made his own choices. That’s important in my eyes. Barry is very conscious of his decision making, and while someone is capable of manipulating him, it’s still on his shoulders no matter what. He’s not going to play the blame game. They come up with the idea to force the two guns to cross streams, even nod toward the Ghostbusters with the line, and Barry uses his superior speed in order to get them to do it. They both shoot the fire and ice at him, and he moves out of the way so bam, they’re done. Eddie also stepped in and nearly died protecting the Flash. Good for him! That was very brave.

So the duo is put in jail and Cisco got the guns back. Iris moves out of the house and in with Eddie. Wait, has she always been living with her father? Hmmm. Things are still weird with Barry this episode, and I like that while he tells Joe and Caitlin about his confession to Iris, neither of them blame her for not returning his feelings. I know this seems obvious, but at the same time a lot of media would be like ‘damnit Iris, why won’t you be with Barry, he deserves it.’ Instead the show respects her decision, and Barry does too, even joking that in the future he knows they’ll be happy together, and Barry will get over it and get back to them being best friends. Thumbs up. Barry moves in with Joe. In the last scene, Cold and Heat Wave are being transported, and they are rescued by Cold’s sister Lisa. The actress playing her is Peyton List, and I completely missed that she was cast on the show, so I was surprised by this. Thumbs up. She was the Golden Glider in the comics, so they’re really filling out the rogues. I can’t wait to see what’s coming ahead. A good solid start to the second half of the season!


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