Dee Discusses: Gilmore Girls Season 5

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RIP Edward Herrmann, aka Richard Gilmore. He died on the 31st at age 71. He had an eclectic background and was in many different shows, but this is obviously the one I knew him best for. I’ll think of him fondly as I think about this season and his excellent work, since Richard has good storylines and acting ahead of him. Previously on Gilmore Girls, Lorelai and Luke finally got together after several seasons of sexual tension. They kissed at the opening of the Dragonfly Inn, which Sookie and Lorelai opened to their friends and family to test out. I forgot to mention in the last review that Emily and Richard separated after the drama with Jason. Lorelai tried to force them together at the Inn. Rory made a huge, huge, huge, huge mistake by losing her virginity to the very much married Dean. She and Lorelai had a gigantic fight over it, and that leads to a strained relationship between the two of them. In general I liked a little conflict with them, since they got along too perfectly. On the other hand, it was painful to see them so angry at each other.

Rory runs off to Europe with Emily and flat out avoids her mother and Dean. Smart idea, Rory, avoid all your problems. When she returns Dean is angry about her leaving, and a letter Rory sent him explaining herself gets into his wife’s hands. She makes a very public scene about it and they get divorced. Rory and Dean decide to resume dating, but it doesn’t last long. A few episodes later he sees Rory with all these eligible bachelors her grandparents try to set her up with, and decides he doesn’t fit into her world. Rory grows closer to fellow Yale student Logan, but he’s sort of a cocky douche. She finds that appealing in a guy. I will say that Logan slightly grew on me, he didn’t bother me quite as much as Jess, but his entitled rich boy attitude was irritating.┬áMarty was much better for you, Rory. She does attempt a non-exclusive relationship with him, friends with benefits, but he decides to try out a relationship with her. This gets dramatic when Logan’s successful journalist father tells Rory she doesn’t have what it takes, and she decides the mature response is to steal a yacht. Oooookay. She is not great at decision making at the end of seasons. She and Lorelai fight yet again, because she chooses to take a year off of Yale to figure out her life, and moves in with her grandparents. Ouch.

Ebell 1

Lorelai and Luke start dating for real, although they try to keep it quiet at first. They are completely adorable. Luke admits that he’s been into her for a long time and he’s “all-in.” The town complains that they worry the two will break up and everyone will need to take sides. This becomes a reality when they do break up halfway through the season, albeit briefly. He goes to Emily and Richard’s second wedding, and Christopher gets drunk and declares he belongs with Lorelai. Emily went to him and told him to shape up and fight for Lorelai. His wife left him alone with his daughter, and Rory told him to stay away from her mother, who seemed happy for once. Luke decides he can’t handle all the pressure, and Lorelai won’t give him much time to think. She cuts Emily out of her life for interfering and hurting her relationship. Emily eventually gives in and goes to Luke, saying he should be with Lorelai and she gave up on it. He decides to do so, but Lorelai is still on the rocks with her mother. At the end of the season Lorelai proposes to Luke.

The rest of the cast doesn’t have a huge amount to do this season. Too much drama with the Gilmores. Sookie and Jackson have a second child. The Dragonfly Inn does well, although it struggles here and there with breaking even. I was very fond of this season because of Luke and Lorelai. I still love the zodiac paper he saved from their first meeting. I appreciate the insecurities in Luke when it comes to Lorelai, because it seems realistic. And he’s so set in his ways and has trouble letting people in. Lorelai genuinely throws herself into the relationship. Like Rory, I wanted Christopher to get awaaaaaay. I dislike that man and his entitled attitude, which reminds me of Logan, ick. I was pretty bored by Rory and Dean’s attempt, and I think everyone was, so it was good he left to join Supernatural. Logan and Rory at least are more interesting to watch. I was getting a little sick of Rory’s terrible decision making. Like last season, I didn’t think it was out of character, she’s used to being good at everything and getting praise for it. So Logan’s father putting her down would make her lash out. But it was making it difficult to like her when I wanted to shake her. Now as an adult it’s particularly frustrating, but I get it was all about her process and growing up. But ugh. Stop fighting with your mother. Make good decisions. You’re smarter than this! Oh well.

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